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9 Capricorn Celebrities

Find out about the celebrities who are from this sign and how the horoscope affects their career

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama | GTRES

Are you from the Capricorn sign? According to the stars, the natives of this earth and cardinal sign are temperate and moderate,  because of the influence of Saturn, their ruling planet. 

In this article, you'll find celebrities from the world of music, sports, politics and the film industry that are also Capricorn, and we will analyze their personality through their career.

9 Capricorn Celebrities

Do you admire any of them?

Ricky Martin

Let's start this list of 9 Capricorn celebrities with the Puerto Rican singer, who has also begun in the interpretation industry. Ricky is a homosexual, but he kept his secret for decades, and that can be a reflection of how the goat natives are individuals who find it difficult to express their deepest and most authentic feelings.

Paz Vega

Paz is a Spanish actress who has worked past her borders and with a lot of success. In her sentimental life, we can see that she has been with her husband, Orson Salazar, for many years, and that is because in love, the Capricorn woman doesn't cheat: she looks for a stable relationship and a reliable lover.  Congratulations, because you've found him!

Jared Leto

Can you imagine this actor who starred the Joker in "Batman" as someone a bit pessimistic and stubborn? Jared Leto is also one of the chosen ones for this list of 9 Capricorn celebrities because apart from these features he  is also someone confident and tenacious.

Carolina Herrera

The fashion designer is a clear example within this selection of 9 Capricorn celebrities regarding work. Carolina is very scrupulous at work, she doesn't mind starting from the bottom,  but she is clear that her goal is power and glory.

Nicolas Cage

Born in a saga of artists, Nicolas Cage opted for interpretation as a mean of living. For him, Capricorn gives a practical sense, which allows him to know his defects and knows what he needs to be stronger in this society, which doesn't always inspire confidence.

Michael Schumacher

What do the stars say about this Formula 1 driver? As a Capricorn celebrity, astrology points out that he is serious, direct and disciplined;  he is not the kind of person that laughs with any joke (something that makes other signs blame him for not being very dreamy)

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is the stage name of the musician and actor Brian Hugh Warner, whose seriousness can make him taciturn, he doesn't try to be kind, and he might feel resentful. These virtues are associated with those born in the Capricorn era.

Michelle Obama

She is a lawyer, but Michelle Obama is known for being the First Lady of the United States. This Capricorn celebrity is, according to the stars,  demanding with her entourage and doesn't hesitate in marking a certain pressure around her, which destabilizes the people around her, especially at first. Her fight against overweight and her dissemination of the values of healthy living stands out from this successful woman.

Mel Gibson

Director and actor, this former film lover is marked by his sign Capricorn by the need for security, stability, and fear of times of shortage, this makes him think about things in advance. This leads him to save money or check his accounts on a regular basis.

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