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What Is the Capricorn Woman Like in Love?

If the Scorpio woman wants to find someone really special to be with all her life, she will wait whatever it takes.

All those who think that because it is an earth sign, the Capricorn woman in love has little to offer because she is considered cold and manipulative, they can start taking it out of their heads. Inside the shell, she protects herself with, we find a sensitive woman with a whole world to offer who conquers her. It won't be easy to get to the Capricorn woman's heart, because only those who are capable of proving an authentic value will deserve the key to her soul.

What is the Capricorn woman like in love?

A very nice, shy, careful, discreet creature... this is what the Capricorn woman is like in love, but, is she always like that? Not at all, that is only at the beginning; when before the first approaches the fears of feeling and getting emotionally involved, of loving and not being reciprocated, of becoming disillusioned or betrayed... mark her beginnings, but not her endings.

Those who wish to know what she is really like should give her the opportunity to continue discovering it since very few people can detect everything they have to offer in the first contact. And it's a lot, although her particular discretion doesn't allow it to be perceived from the beginning.

Her charm is something that she doesn't show straight away; it's a treasure reserved for those who know how to detect signs of a compelling enough personality in the Capricorn woman in love to want to continue getting to know her (and of course, that she also wants to let herself be further discovered).

When it comes to falling in love,  her first reaction is to try to get a bit of distance to cool the situation down a little  and think about it as well as possible.

Capricorn woman in a relationship

As an earth sign, the Capricorn woman in love prioritizes stability, so she doesn't allow herself to feel intense emotions, which could take a toll on her because of unbalancing her natural temperance. 

But, would this mean that she would never allow it to herself? This incredible woman is not reluctant to romantic adventures, but it's necessary to say that she's very selective; whoever she opens the door to her heart to must be sufficiently respectful with her inner world and her emotions as not to regret having shared them with him.

In fact, she has a remarkable capacity to love, but she doesn't like games. That is the reason why she only bets on people who could get to be someone essential for them, because if not she feels as though she has been wasting her time and her energies. The truth is that the Capricorn woman in love devotes herself entirely and she knows how to make her partner happy. 

In the same way, she has that self-esteem when facing the discovery of betrayal by her partner: If he were ever unfaithful, perhaps she could manage the situation in a way that seems to have really forgiven them, so it doesn't affect her social and family life. But that person can say goodbye to having neither her credibility nor her support or unconditional love.

True loyalty is something significant for the Capricorn woman in love, as she deeply values the fact that she can count on someone to build the most important projects of her life, and between them, so is her relationship as a couple.

What should he be like?

One of the most typical features of this woman in love is something that is typical of her in other aspects of her life: she is ambitious. 

What is wrong with that? It's easy to think wrong when reading this word, so... don't misunderstand it! It's not some kind of pejorative label, but rather a symptom of a healthy non-conformity also led to the ever-complex land of emotions. Who likes anyone playing with your feelings? Of course no one, and in that sense, the Capricorn woman in love shows an incredible emotional intelligence.

She might not have a long list of love adventures as other people have because  she has a tempered way of waiting for the right moment and the right person, but she will definitely keep her heart protected from those who don't care and intimate with her and then just disappear. 

This doesn't mean she believes in fairy tales, or in princes that come to rescue her to change her life... The Capricorn woman is someone who doesn't need to find her better half to feel complete. But she does believe in LOVE in capital letters, that one day someone can appear with the same ability to surrender as hers and to love so that together they add up more than two. And she knows that it's worth to wait for someone like that. 

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