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Carnation: Benefits of the Magic Plant of Strength

Discover everything about this magical plant that is popular worldwide since Roman times

A red carnation
Carnation: Benefits of the Magic Plant of Strength

Carnations have intensely colored flowers and are very popular all over the world, even though they are of Mediterranean origin. This flower has a lot of hidden symbolism and thanks to its perfume, it helps us fulfill all kinds of fantasies.

It was very popular in Roman times to make crowns and perfumes, and in the following article, we will discover all the secrets about the properties of carnation as a magic plant.


Carnation, the plant of strength

Carnation symbolizes passion, desire, and romance. If we analyze the history of art we will see how many Renaissance painters of the Middle Ages placed carnations in love scenes they represented on canvas.

Since then little or nothing has changed in this respect: carnation is an ideal flower to give away if you want to express passionate love, but it is also a magic plant linked to the recovery of forces and healing. It is also used in many rituals and spells.

There are many types of carnations, with varied petals; some have rounded edges, others are sawn, or with fringes.

Continuing with art, carnation is also regularly depicted in religious paintings, as a symbol of the Virgin Mary and the suffering of Christ; in fact, many Christian images are often worshipped with carnations on their sides.

If we go to the origin of the name of this plant, we will verify that in botany it is known as Dianthus, name derived from the Greek words God (God) and anthos (flower), so without a doubt, we can affirm that carnation is a divine flower.

Health and magic properties of carnation

The carnation flower contains a multitude of active and inert components that interact with each other. Next, we will break down the properties of carnation according to its use in magic and its medicinal use.

Magical properties of carnation

The properties of carnation in magic and protection are many and ancestral, and for a long time, it was considered a protective magic plant. It is believed that red carnations (not planted in our garden) will repel our house from bad vibrations.

Witches were so sure of this flower's power that they used this magical plant to prevent death at stake, and they also used it in many rituals and spells, something that continues to be done today.

Its properties in white magic also included recovery of strength, healing, and was used in sacred rituals.

To ensure the magic power of carnation, it must be planted during the first quarter of the moon, placed in Libra, to obtain the most powerful flowers. 

Carnation health benefits

Carnation is also a good sweater and a cough reliever; it is recommended against the flu, fights asthenia, fatigue and other signs linked to the flu. Pliny the Elder said that the properties of this flower allowed this magic plant to cure nervous disorders, migraine, vertigo, and palpitations.

In old pharmacies, the most popular product was carnation milk; it was obtained by distillation. In France, it was very popular to treat eye problems such as tired eyes among others.

In ancient times, carnation was also used to fight stroke, vertigo, epilepsy, and other nerve and head disorders.

However, everything in this article is for information purposes about the properties of carnation as a magic plant, and before you decide to use it to improve your health it would be interesting to consult with your doctor.

Carnation uses

Discover how to use carnation tea, essential oil, and incense.

1 Carnation tea

As we have already explained, carnation helps to combat coughs and chest problems. A small flower can be used to make a pitcher of tea, or half a flower if it is a large one.

The properties of the carnation flower give its leaves a spicy flavor and in the Middle Ages was a star ingredient in many dishes.

2 Carnation essential oil

Obtained by pressure,  carnation essential oil is used to massage paralyzed areas of the body, as well as to combat rheumatic and muscular pains and ailments linked to sciatica.

3 Carnation incense

Incense is often used to perfume our homes, but it also allows us to receive many benefits if we know how to use it wisely. If you light carnation incense on sticks or cones, you can improve your healing and help increase your strength. 

Carnation spell for love

It is one of the simplest and most popular rituals, and it is effective to attract your loved one. With this spell you will get their attention, and you only need a white envelope, a piece of paper and a pencil, a red ribbon, a red candle, matches, and red carnation petals.

Concentrate on the object of your love, and place all the elements in front of you. Light the candle with matches. Write the name of the person you love on the paper, put it in the envelope next to the carnation petals, wrap it in the ribbon until a small package is left. While you tie the package, look at the flame and formulate three times the following words: "Flame of Venus, flame of love. You and I are here, where are you? Come to me, you and I are already here.

Keep this package with you for seven days, and then throw it somewhere where the water runs. Love will not be long in coming.