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Discover Your Power Chakra According To Your Zodiac Sign

Did you know that everyone has a dominant Chakra in their body? Discover what your power Chakra is in the following article!

The 7 colours of Chakra with Buda in the middle
Discover Your Power Chakra According To Your Zodiac Sign

Spirituality is an extremely satisfying discipline that is mapped out on a very complex structure. Without hard work, it's impossible to achieve success, and the truth is that learning to live under the halo of mysticism will require enormous willpower and large doses of patience. 

There may be many moments of doubt and uncertainty, that make us wonder whether so much effort will be worth it, but Magic Horoscope guarantees that it will be worth it. Diving into the world of the psyche and the immaterial is one of the most useful and brilliant things we can do throughout our lives.

One of the most essential pillars of spirituality are the different energy vortices that extend along our spine, popularly known as Chakras. For those who are not very clear what they are, these are points that receive, transform and distribute energy from the depths of our being, making us radiate an aura that varies depending on the nature of those energetic forces.

In this article, we will analyze what your central or dominant Chakra is, something that will help us discover the key to the inner workings of our being, that which governs our personality and which, consequently, will mark all the decisions that we make and the actions that we take. 

The 7 Chakras

To begin with, we must be clear that each of these energy 'discs' are connected to us not only spiritually, but also physically, emotionally and mentally. How do they function? Well, according to the Hindu tradition,  their purpose is to stabilize our emotions, and thus guarantee optimal physical health and unparalleled mental clairvoyance. 

All human beings have a total of 7 Chakras distributed throughout the body  and joined to different organs, each with its meaning, as well as its colors and their respective stones. To delve a little deeper into this aspect, here is a summary of each of them:

  1. Sahasrara (also known as the Crown Chakra): we can find the last disc of energy in our head, and it will also influence everything related to the mind, such as knowledge or understanding.


  2. Ajna (the Third Eye Chakra): the point of energy that is located on the forehead is closely linked to clairvoyance and intuition, in addition to imagination and perfection, so it is the material expression of what we know to be the Sixth Sense.


  3. Vishuddha (also the Throat Chakra): this energy catalyst is at the center of our neck, its unique abilities are communication and creativity and the element to which it belongs is Ether.


  4. Anahata  (or the Heart Chakra): located in the center of the chest and relative to the element Air, the fourth Chakra focuses on the purest love, that which sustains compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.


  5. Manipura  (renamed the Solar Plexus Chakra): this disc is located in our abdomen and governs personal power, willpower and the sense of transformation, as well as being integrated into the Fire element.


  6. Svadhishthana  (also called the Sacral Chakra): the second energetic focus that our body contains belongs to the Water element and is located in the belly; it influences both the emotions that we feel and the sexuality that we experience.


  7. Muladhara  (also known as Root Chakra): located in the perineum and linked to the element Earth, this energy catalyst is closely related to our survival instinct and the economic power we have.

Your power Chakra according to your zodiac sign 

The time has come to explore what your central or dominant Chakra is according to your zodiac sign. Your personality will be vital in determining which Chakra is your most powerful one. Here we go!

aries logoARIES: Solar Plexus Chakra 

Fire is the ruling element of Aries, and it is precisely this fire that will play a key role when it comes to knowing which is your main Chakra. The ram cannot conceive life without passion and freedom so  its energetic spirit fits perfectly with one of the energy points that exist in our body: the Manipura, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Thus, the dominant Chakra for Aries natives is that related to the ego, the transmission of consciousness and the conversion of feelings and emotions into ideas, configuring itself as the best source of existing inspiration. Although it should also be noted that this Chakra serves to dominate the will and to calm the anger, something in which the ram is quite inexperienced. The color of this Chakra is yellow, a chromatic hue with as much intensity as the native Aries. The ideal stones for the Solar Plexus Chakra are Citrine, Yellow tigers eye, and Sunstone.

taurus logoTAURUS: Root Chakra 

Taurus is one of the fundamental signs of the zodiac, and this feature will not go unnoticed when it comes to defining which is your dominant Chakra. After all, we are facing the king of everything conservative, because the bull is usually extremely inflexible and unlikely to change. The importance of these characteristics is so great that Taurus' adoration for pleasure and sex are subjugated and have almost no relevance in this matter.

So, once we discard the Sacral Chakra, we find that the main Chakra of Taurus is the Muladhara, located in the perineum and also known as the Root Chakra. In this sense, the first energetic focus is linked to the cellular structure and the adrenal glands, as well as to the skeletal, lower digestive and blood systems. As for gems, the ideal stones for this Chakra are ruby, red coral, garnet and red jasper.

gemini logoGEMINI: Throat Chakra 

Gemini is next on our list,  an Air sign that always has its head in the clouds.  However, on this occasion, your inner child will not be the protagonist nor will it define what your main Chakra is. Instead, it will be that uncontrollable verbiage that sometimes takes control of your body and turns you into a "chatty Cathy" with too much desire to express everything that goes through your quick mind. 

Therefore, Gemini,  your dominant Chakra is Vissudha, located in the throat and renamed, precisely, with that same name. What do you believe your focus of action is? Expression, knowledge, and communication, simply put, these are your strengths! Also, it allows you to transmit all your ideas with honesty, kindness, insight, and wisdom. What more could you ask for? The Throat Chakra color is blue, the stone is turquoise, and it has a close relationship with the sense of hearing.

cancer logoCANCER: Sacral Chakra 

Cancer, do you want to know which is the main Chakra that dominates your body? Your power Chakra has a strong relationship with creative forces and sexual energies. There is no need to try and deceive anyone because a being as loving and familiar as you will always supports their life on these two pillars. After all, to deal with family obligations without forgetting to live, however, it is necessary to be imaginative in planning to alleviate tensions by having a satisfactory sexual life.  

Therefore, Svadhisthana is your dominant energy. In other words, the Sacral Chakra is the main protagonist of your body, and it indirectly involves your genital glands, as well as the reproductive and renal systems. The Sacral Chakra is linked to the element of Water, it was to be expected of the crab, and the only thing that can surprise is the color with which it is related: one as sparkling and striking as orange. The stones associated with this Chakra are carnelian and picasso jasper. 

leo logoLEO:  Solar Plexus Chakra 

The intensity of the zodiac king will determine to a large extent what the dominant Chakra will be for Leos. The torrential force that keeps the lion connected with the deepest part of its being gives more than obvious clues of what kind of energy catalyst it will need. Leos will struggle to balance their big egos and the titanic need to shine like any Fire sign. Without further ado, you should know that your main Chakra is the Manipura, also called the Solar Plexus Chakra.

This energy point is related to the color yellow and affects organs such as the pancreas and the spleen, but also your upper digestive system. The type of stones that will help you control your excesses are citrine quartz and tiger's eye.

virgo logoVIRGO: Throat Chakra

 Discovering the main Chakra for Virgos can be a somewhat confusing task because  their modesty and introversion tend to give off an aura of cluelessness. This makes identifying their Chakra a difficult guessing game. Few people would say that Vissudha, the Throat Chakra, would be configured as the Virgo's dominant energy point, but the truth is that this Earth sign is extremely intelligent and fun, and possesses great doses of kindness. 

Thus,  the Throat Chakra is related to many different parts of the body and covers much of it, from the hands to the arms, mouth, teeth, jaw, ears, voice, vertebrae and cervix, in addition to the respiratory system. Furthermore, it has a multitude of possibilities as far as magic stones are concerned and react to turquoise, angel, chalcedony and blue topaz.

libra logoLIBRA: Heart Chakra

Libra's love of peace will be a fundamental piece when choosing which is the dominant Chakra. Libra is a particularly romantic and civilized being, configuring themselves as  a genuinely exceptional source of goodness in our world. Therefore, and quite predictably so,  the dominant Chakra for Libras is Anahata, which is located in the center of the chest and it's also called the Heart Chakra. 

What does this Chakra mean? This catalyst is responsible for directing and channelling our good emotions, such as joy, generosity, acceptance, or forgiveness. Also, it is related to the colors green and pink (which usually correspond to the feelings of hope and love) and belongs to the element Air. The stone associated with this Chakra is the agate. 

scorpio logoSCORPIO: Third Eye Chakra 

A word of warning, here , as we are facing one of the most spiritual signs. Scorpio is an especially complex being, and among all its characteristics there is a certain admiration for mysticism and everything that is supernatural. One of the main features of their personality is their excellent imagination and intuition, and that is why Ajna is Scorpio's dominant Chakra, the one that governs and manages their energetic side. 

Related to the pituitary and hormonal systems, as well as part of the digestive system,  the Third Eye Chakra accentuates knowledge, perception, control, and intuition, characteristics that are part of the daily life of any Scorpio. This is why it is known as the Sixth Sense Chakra, and its correspondent stones are lapis lazuli, sodalite, iolite and sapphire, while the colors associated with  this energetic focus are indigo and violet.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS: Sacral Chakra 

Sagittarius is an overly impetuous and passionate being in absolutely every aspect of their life. This means that, when it comes to identifying the main Chakra, the guidelines are very well defined, especially considering that these Fire signs are guided by impulses. So,  does Svadhisthana ring any bells to you, the Sacral Chakra? This is the Chakra in charge of nurturing your spiritual side, Sagittarius! 

Svadhisthana literally means "one's own home", and is related to the sense of taste and  focuses on reproduction and sexuality. It also attracts harmony and acceptance to our lives, and manages to establish a perfect balance between creative instincts and sexual impulses. The Sacral Chakra is also in charge of the creative reproduction of the essence, and the color that governs it is orange.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN: Root Chakra 

As a good Earth sign,  Capricorn is ruled by Muladhara, also known as the Root Chakra. Something that fits perfectly with your most hardworking and professional side, and can help you survive and even excel in any situation that presents some kind of difficulty or complication. It is located at the base of the spine,  it represents the starting point for the other Chakras and it allows the main energy channels of our bodies to emerge and manifest themselves.  

The dominant Chakra of your body is linked to many of the activities and basic actions that every person on the planet performs daily. Specifically,  this focus of energy is connected to eating, drinking and sleeping, and it can also be related to the balance and anchors of the body. The colors that represent it are significantly intense and penetrating: red and black, and it's stone is red jasper. 

aquarius logoAQUARIUS: Heart Chakra 

Aquarius is one of the Zodiac's most open-minded signs, as well as being the most humanitarian one. The way Aquarians shine transcends borders, and the extraordinary mixture of positive feelings that they exude is precisely the determining factor that sets  the main Chakra: Anahata, also named the Heart Chakra. 

This energetic channel,  located in the very center of our chest, is connected to various systems across our bodies. This is the case with the immune, cardiopulmonary, circulatory and integumentary systems. Not only that, it is also linked to the thymus, a small, irregular-shaped gland in the top part of the chest. As for gems, the emerald, the prehnite, the green quartz and the olivine are the ideal choices for the Heart Chakra. 

pisces logoPISCIS: Crown Chakra 

Finally, we have reached the last zodiac sign, which paradoxically is also the most spiritual of all. Pisces has such a great mystic power  and a complex psyche that guessing their dominant Chakra becomes an extremely simple task. Obviously, your main Chakra, Pisces, is Sahasrara, also named the Crown Chakra, and it is located at the highest point of our head. 

This Chakra, which is energetically linked to the epiphysis, the brain, our cranial cage and our spirituality,  acts as a bridge between our physical and spiritual world, enlightening our thinking. Represented by the colors purple, white and gold, you can have more control of it if you use precious stones such as the amethyst, the diamond or the rock crystal quartz.