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What Is Your Child Like According to Their Zodiac Sign?

Find out more about your baby's personality: 12 zodiac signs, 12 types of baby

A baby
The ruling planet under which your baby's sign was born gives them very specific traits.

The zodiac sign sets the traits of someone's personality, and this usually gets much more intense on the first stages of development. We'll help you find out what potential offers the ruling planet under which your baby was born, and how it will help them turn out. Here's more on what your child is like according to their zodiac sign.

What is your child like according to their zodiac sign?

Each sign offers potential advantages and risks, and we'll try to sum it up in two words for each. Find your baby's sign and see for yourself what they're like according to the magic of the stars. Find it out!

aries logoARIES: Leadership and volatility

You've definitely given birth to a true champion, touched by the stars' blessing with the gifts of leadership and success. If you're wondering what your child is like according to their zodiac sign and they were born an Aries, you should know they have the traits of a true warrior: great, driven, relentless and brave. Self-confident and bright, they'll be listened to and admired by others, so they were born to lead packs. Make sure they exercise, and always remind them of how important it is to be humble. Still, pay close attention to their weakness: their inability to be persistent and constant at work.

taurus logoTAURUS: Strong and slow

Taurean babies are born with a sense of innate strength that you can empower if you link them with nature since they're little. In the midst of nature, Taurean babies will be able to grow with the full potential that the stars have blessed them with. Venus, the bull's ruling planet, also gives them plenty of sensitivity, because they'll need you to cuddle them up all day long; they're especially likely to enjoy childish meals and pleasures. But watch out, because if you're wondering what your child is like according to their zodiac sign and they were born a Taurus, be aware of the fact that they're a little slower than other children, so it wouldn't be too bad an idea to be right there and wake them up a little.

gemini logoGEMINI: Intelligent and vague

The minds of Gemini children work much faster than any other's. Born under an air sign, intelligence is part of their mental structure; but aside from that, their sign, Gemini, and ruling planet Mercury give them extreme speed in calculus or language learning. Therefore, they'll become the top students of their class. Your duty as a mom is to boost the development of their abilities, among which stand out their adaptation and communicative skills. But be careful, they'll have a hard time at growing up and making choices.

cancer logo

CANCER: Sensitive and vulnerable

If you gave birth to a Cancer child, you should know your baby is the most sensitive in the whole horoscope, which is an advantage and a risk. To raise children born under the Moon's ruling, you need to create a safe home with plenty of love and cuddles; don't try to keep them tight under strict discipline or take them from one place to another doing activities all the time. They'll be happy just watching a movie with their parents or enjoying a family day. But watch out, all this sensitivity makes them vulnerable. Protect them, but teach them about the dangers of life.

leo logoLEO: Enthusiastic and proud

If your baby was born under the sign of the Sun, they'll be very enthusiastic and lively, happy children always ready to play. Watch out! If you're wondering what your child is like according to their zodiac sign and they're a Leo, you should know that they can be a little naughty sometimes and make their parents worry more than once, although there's nothing but kindness deep down in their heart. Besides, they're the most faithful children, and as long as you give them affection and tell them how cute they are and how well they're doing, they'll be right there without a second thought. Still, you need to control their pride and vanity, because they could turn out to have a difficult personality.

virgo logoVIRGO: Tidy and nervous

Since they're little, Virgoan children can show a tendency to be tidy, clean and disciplined, and especially talented at being demanding, constant and perfect. They'll barely even need tough love, and they'll have a bright, promising path on their studies and future career. Your role as a mom is all about reminding them that not everything needs to be perfect, that they should let their expectations fall down a bit to avoid frustration. As a negative trait they could turn out to be very nervous, so you need to help them control that. 

libra logoLIBRA: Loving and indecisive

Whenever there's conflict around the house, your baby will be a shelter of peace, always ready to let calmness and love be king and queen. Since the very beginning, your baby, because of the influence of their ruling planet Venus, will feel lots of love for calm spaces, a talent for beauty and a tendency to stay balanced. By empowering all those areas in their everyday life, you'll make them happy, balanced little human beings. Help them understand that there's no need to always agree on everything, that it's important to be flexible. Their biggest issue could be an inability to make choices.

scorpio logoSCORPIO: Mysterious and reserved

If you're wondering what your child is like according to their zodiac sign and they were born under Scorpio, you're standing in front of such an emotionally deep person that they'll become a wave of hard-to-manage sensations and feelings. That's why they'll be likely to turn out mysterious and not even you as parents will be able to read through them; but they'll also offer highly positive traits, such as emotional intensity, passion and affection. However, they need you to create a solid foundation and a steady relationship. Their biggest issue could be to become reserved, introverted children.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS: Adventurous and excessive

The adventurous spirit that Jupiter offers Sagittariuses is also one of the most visible traits for children born under this sign. That's why you should stimulate their desire to be free by traveling and experiencing wonderful adventures with them. Another of their most interesting potential traits is their willingness to learn and know more, always trying to connect with the spiritual world. However, Sagittarian children could run the risk of missing out on boldness, responsibility and reality, and that's where you come in to guide them along the way. 

capricorn logoCAPRICORN: Successful and strict

Do you know what your child is like according to their zodiac sign when you have a Capricorn? They're like early adults, because they can develop certain traits that belong more in the adult world, rather than their childish world. In that sense, you will be pleasantly surprised about the fact that, aside from being very active, they've taken on the responsibility of certain chores since they're very young. They're also heavy on planning with perfect organisation and lots of pragmatics. They might turn down childish games and develop a taste for adult chores, even more so if there's a reward waiting at the end. Show them how important it is to be flexible.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS: Creative and rebellious

As air-sign natives, Aquarian children have great intelligence that they need to develop at a very young age. Make sure their upbringing is filled to the brim with books. Besides, as soon as they start knowing more about the world and using their great intelligence, you'll see them treading down quite an uncommon path: they're likely to find their own way away from conventionalisms. Their most attractive traits are great originality and an endless creative flow. Give them room to create and they'll surprise you. But watch out, they can be very rebellious.

pisces logoPISCES: Generous and surreal

Piscean babies have an uncontrollable ability to get into fantasy worlds, and that makes them owners of a child's true features: what should a baby do other than fill their daily world with fantasy? Besides, Piscean children will develop a sense of generosity since an early age, because they're naturally inclined to sharing and they don't really know about the idea of ownership. But watch out, Piscean children are highly vulnerable because they run the risk of growing up inside a safe bubble, and when it bursts open in contact with harsh reality, there can be drama.