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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility for the 12 Signs

Find out what signs you're compatible with according to the Chinese zodiac compatibility

According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of birth has a cosmic influence on people's personality. This is how the zodiac signs are defined, which are always represented by an animal. There are 12 animals: Rat, Ox (or buffalo), Tiger, Rabbit (or cat), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig (or boar). In this article, we will list each of these zodiac animals, and we will explain how well they are suited for each other according to the Chinese zodiac compatibility. 

Chinese zodiac compatibility

In the Chinese zodiac the month is not decisive, what marks the change from one sign to another is the full moon, so the signs are based on the years. In addition, each sign can be determined by an element that explains their personality: there are five elements (metal, water, wood, fire, and earth).

The theory behind the Chinese zodiac compatibility depends on the personality of each animal and its ability to handle differences and create solid, stable and harmonious bonds.

Find out the compatibility of the Chinese zodiac signs below. 


Rat compatibility

Those born in the year of the Rat are competitive and dynamic, and they will find the perfect match next to the Monkey, the Dragon, and the Ox. On the other hand, the relationship finds too many blockages when it comes to the Tiger, the Horse, and the Rooster.

This is because the Rat and the Monkey share cleverness and intelligence, and also, the Monkey offers the Rat a blinding attraction, and the Rat, in return, offers the Monkey some ambition. They both find pleasure and success in business. 

The Dragon's cunning and talent combined with the Rat's strength and courage, giving rise to a caring and effective union. They don't waste energies on unfair competition, and the only danger is that the vanity of the Dragon ends up winning.

The generosity and the understanding of the Ox tame the Rat and submit it to a state of calm for the attainment of its projects in the long term.

Ox (or buffalo) compatibility

The Snake, the Rooster, and the Dragon are the most compatible animals with the calm, tenacious and conscientious character of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac.

The Snake knows how to submit to the control and discipline of the Ox, trying not to disobey at the risk of enervating the nerves of the buffalo. The Snake seduces the Ox, and it offers it cleverness and wisdom. Moreover, it awakens love passion in this animal. 

The Ox (or buffalo) and the Rooster make a conservative couple which will succeed, especially, in business. Their realistic and pragmatic vision will take them very far, and they will both know how to maintain order and stability.

The union between the Ox and the Dragon can seem unnatural: the conservative Ox clashes with the ambitious Dragon. But they both give importance to their independence, so they know how to respect and complement each other in the interest of a common goal. 

Be careful, because the personality of the Ox is not compatible with the Tiger, the Dog, and the Monkey.

Tiger compatibility

The charismatic and impulsive Tiger is compatible with the Pig, the Dog, and the Horse, but has problems agreeing with the Monkey, the Snake, and the Rooster.

Although it is impulsive, the Tiger is generous, and the Pig admires that ability, and it will feel attracted to the Tiger's vitality and idealism. Its sensibility and its sensual and passionate character provoke long and satisfactory bonds with many moments of pleasure.

When the Tiger gets together with the Dog an attractive and generous couple is created. The Dog's cleverness and intelligence know how to contain the reckless impulses of the Tiger, and know how to complement its traits to find the balance with respect and independence.

With the Horse, those born in the year of the Tiger find adventure and freedom. Their union tends to look for happiness through action. In addition, they are very communicative signs, which will favor the relationship. 

Rabbit (or Cat) compatibility

The sign of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac marked by elegance and diplomacy agrees with another Rabbit, but also with the Pig and the Ox. Its incompatibilities are with the Rooster, the Monkey, and the Tiger.

The Rabbit (or Cat) will find in another Rabbit understanding towards a character often tricky to handle. Nobody but another Rabbit will understand the Rabbit's haughty and arrogant nature, as well as its taste for the refined and high culture, often far from the common.

The Pig is generous and understanding and shall render obedience to the Rabbit, which will give it tenderness, affection, and dedication. The secret of their relationship, which can be long-lasting, is mutual respect.

Within the spectrum of the animals of the Chinese zodiac, the tranquility of the Ox is the best to give space and understanding to the personality of the Rabbit. In addition, the vision and perspective of both can provide interesting projections to their projects which makes these two signs have the highest Chinese zodiac compatibility.

Dragon compatibility

The sign of power and money is compatible with the Rooster, the Rat, and the Snake, and they don't get on well with the Rabbit, the Dog, and the Goat. 

Even though it is temperamental, the Dragon can find in the Rooster a lucid and smart partner so they can discover the shortest path to success and wealth together. Their materialism is tempered by the honesty and nobility of both.

The Rat offers it fidelity, optimism, and intelligence, which the Dragon uses very astutely to achieve its goals. Affection, tenderness, and understanding bridge the differences between the homely Rat and the adventurous Dragon.

Although some Chinese astrologers warn of the abyss that separated the ambitious and success-minded Dragon from the moderate, homely Goat (or Sheep), beneath these apparent incompatibilities lies an unwavering love.

Snake compatibility

As stated by the Chinese zodiac compatibility rules, the intuition and wisdom of the Snake find compatibility with the Rat, the Ox, and the Rooster.

Connected by love based on passion, the Snake and the Rat share the same vision of success, based on ambition and profit. They know how to be practical and brave to get where they want to go.

With the Ox, they get an active social life while keeping the warmth and comfort of home to feel safe.

The Snake-Rooster couple is also very enviable, since they know how to share their virtues intelligently and practically. Their union can be pure fire in sexual relations and very successful at the professional level.

The Snake's personality doesn't agree with the Pig, the Tiger, and the Horse.

Horse compatibility

The sign of adventure and freedom is not always easy to handle. However, the signs of the Tiger, the Dog, and the Goat are very compatible with it, although it will collide with the Snake, the Rabbit (or Cat), and the Rat.

The Tiger and the Horse offer each other ambition and freedom, passion and adventure, and from the chemistry between both of them a unique explosion of happiness, satisfaction, and pure life can emerge. They both know how to overcome any difficulty with optimism.

The Dog gives the Horse vitality and dynamism, as they both love traveling and doing different activities. In addition, they will both feel very proud of each other and will try to base their union on sincerity and honesty. Chinese zodiac compatibility at its finest!

The Goat offers it some tenderness and understanding that the Horse really needs when it gets tired of its adventures. Thanks to the Goat it has its feet on the ground and it nuances its optimism with moderation and pragmatism.

Goat (or Sheep) compatibility

The Goat coincides with many aspects of the personality of the Rabbit, the Pig, and the Rooster. Goats don't get on well with Rats, Oxen, and Dogs.

The tenderness of the Rabbit will succeed in conquering the Goat, always in need of pampering and care. Its shelter offers it the best space to develop its talents.

With the Pig (or Boar) they find a harmonious bond brimming with understanding and support, just what they both need to achieve their goals. In addition, they both have a great need for affection, and they are very generous signs.

When the Goat needs some activity and optimism, the Rooster will give it the spark it needs to get out of the boring comfort of everyday life. The professional union can be slow but constant and effective.

Monkey compatibility

The curious and elusive Monkey demands extraordinary personalities: the one of the Dragon, the Rat, and the Rabbit. On the other hand, the Snake, the Goat, and the Tiger are signs that are incompatible with the Monkey.

The ambition and power of the Dragon dazzle the ambitious Monkey, who always wants to know and explore new territories. The intelligence of the Monkey combines with the passion and daring of the Dragon, who won't give in to its partner's whims.

The personality of the Rat and the Monkey are very similar: they are both nervous, moved and explorers, they like to try and know everything, they have an explosive and unpredictable personality. They both know how to maintain their autonomy with respect.

The Rabbit and the Monkey share their sensuality and their taste for pleasures, and they know how to understand each other's complicated character. Its partner will create a bond based on intellect and culture which boils down to an ideal Chinese zodiac compatibility.

Rooster compatibility

The pride and boastful character of the Rooster is compatible with the Dragon, the Ox, and the Snake. However, it isn't compatible with the Rooster, the Dog, and the Goat (or Sheep).

The union of the Rooster with the Dragon puts two powerful, insubmissive, ambitious, and proud characters in the same ring. However, they are intelligent enough to put their interests at the service of their goals.

The Ox and the Rooster have a very strong passionate connection that combines seduction and harmony and makes the fantasy of the Rooster compatible with the realism of the Ox.

The sensuality of the Snake, its cunning and wisdom complement the intrepidity and vivacity of the Rooster. 

Dog compatibility

The astute and loyal Dog is compatible with the Horse, Rabbit (or Cat), and Tiger, but doesn’t get along well with the Rooster, Dragon or Goat.

This sign shares a love of adventure and open spaces with the Horse, which means that these two could have a stable union based on fun. Besides, the Horse is upbeat and optimistic when the Dog is feeling blue.

The Dog and the Rabbit (or Cat) are an intelligent and enthusiastic couple that always have a great outlook thanks to their common communicative talent and sociability. The materialist Dog knows how to satisfy the needs of the refined Rabbit.

The Tiger’s rebellious spirit complements the Dog’s talents to research and analyze, which is what makes this professional relationship foolproof. As far as romantic relationships go, the Tiger’s impulsiveness balances the Dog’s understanding ways.

Pig (or boar) compatibility

The sign of goodness and beauty, the Pig is the perfect pair for a Rabbit, Goat, and Tiger, and has a hard time getting along with the Horse, Monkey, and Snake.

With the Rabbit, the Boar’s intellectual needs are satisfied. Both have a high concept of beauty, and a refined taste and desire to enjoy all of life’s pleasures.

The Pig and the Goat are a harmonious and peaceful couple that works thanks to all of the love and tenderness that they have to offer. They always talk things out and handle conflicts peacefully, resolving any problems that life puts on their path.

Like the Boar, the Tiger is a tireless worker that knows how to focus on material goals and works hard to make their dreams come true.  The Pig’s excellent mood and elegance complement the Tiger’s impulse and passion and make them two of the highest scoring signs on the Chinese zodiac compatibility scale