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Christmas Gift Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign

Let astrology help you surprise your loved ones with the perfect Christmas gift based on their star sign

Christmas Gift
Christmas Gift Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign | iSTOCK

When the Christmas festivities come, so does the moment when you break your back looking for the perfect detail to surprise your partner, a family member or a friend. Let yourself be guided by the stars and discover the best Christmas gifts for each sign of the zodiac: because their personality and their way of being are the secrets to getting it right.


The zodiac and the best gifts for each sign

Astrology generally explains the personality traits of the individual according to the disposition of the stars at birth. Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac corresponds to characteristics that determine, in turn, the way of relating to others and their tastes, hobbies and preferences.

Therefore, the zodiac is a good guide when it comes to knowing what a person is like and what his vocations and hobbies are. To get the Christmas gift right, one option that never fails is to be guided by the stars: discover the sign of the zodiac of this person, the traits of his personality and the hobbies that correspond to them.

For signs of fire, for example, you'll need to think of helpful, physical activity-related gifts. For air signs, however, you should opt for objects that stimulate your intellect. For their part, Christmas gifts for air signs should touch their emotional side. Each sign, however, has its nuances.

12 signs and 12 Christmas gifts

As carols and on television bombards with perfume and toy ads, you can’t stop wondering what detail is ideal for that loved one. Do not think about it anymore and  discover the best Christmas gifts according to the sign of the zodiac.

Aries (21 March - 20 April)

Aries is one of the most daring and impetuous signs of the zodiac. Their adventurous spirit leads them to live life to the limit without thinking about the consequences of their actions. They have an enviable physique and are number one in sports activities.


Aries love to compete and have a privileged physique, so most of them play some sport. When Christmas comes, what better than to help you renovate the wardrobe: Surprise them with sportswear! For a woman, maybe tights of very striking colour, and for a man, perhaps a pair of sneakers.

A risky activity

Releasing adrenaline always makes an Aries happy, so a good option to surprise them with is an original detail like an invitation to do some risky activity. Do you want to jump off a plane? The variant will already depend on you, but remember that the more exciting and daring, the better.

Sex toys

Aries is undoubtedly among the most sexual signs of the zodiac. Besides, it's pure fire, so it has no boundaries or boundaries. They are open-minded, and they like to experiment with new things. It is best that you enter a sex shop and explore with peace of mind all the possibilities: you will suddenly find the ideal toy for him or her.

Taurus (21 April - 20 May)

Sensitivity and pragmatism combine harmoniously in the spirit of Taurus. The regency of Venus makes it an erotic and feminine sign, and the symbol of the bull takes root to the mainland. Little risk-loving, it loves the pleasures of life instead.

A bottle of wine

This sign of the zodiac has a special inclination for taste pleasures and also connect a lot with nature. Wine is among one of its great hobbies, so you'd be right to gift them a bottle of wine (which you can accompany with an elegant book about the secrets of oenology).

A romantic dinner

Taurus are rational and pragmatic people, but you can reach into them through the senses. One of their great passions is gastronomy, so you can surprise them with an invitation to a romantic dinner, and if there is enough confidence, to a tasting in a restaurant of modern cuisine.

A ticket to a concert or theatre

Another way to awaken Taurus' senses is by inviting him to an artistic activity.  This is one of the signs with a talent most developed by the arts, and especially are very fond of music. But beware, because they tend to be traditional and refined: No weird plays or transgressive music concerts!

Gemini (21 May - 24 June)

Gemini is a dual sign. People born under the ego of Mercury are governed by logic and communication is their great virtue. A sign of a great social inclination, it is also frivolous and with a somewhat childish mentality. It loves games, and its natives are very smart.

A game of mental activity

As a sign of air,  Gemini is endowed with great intelligence and processes things in a logical way. Puzzles and mind skill games are ideal for their entertainment, so if you find one attractive enough for them, you've hit the nail on the nail. The more complicated the better!

Tickets for a theme park

Their intelligence makes them look like very serious and responsible people, but deep down Gemini has the soul of a child. When they open the envelope and see the theme park tickets their eyes will shine, and the world's most sincere smile will be drawn on their face. Maybe one of their big dreams is exploring Disneyland!

A computer and PlayStation game

Geminis see life as a game, and love to entertain themselves in their spare time. It is very likely that the Gemini you want to surprise with a Christmas gift will love video games. A computer game or a PlayStation will be ideal for them: just inform yourself of their tastes and then leave them jaw dropped.

Cancer (25 June - 22 July)

Cancer is arguably the most emotional sign of the zodiac. The influence of the Moon makes its inner world a roller coaster, and feelings always dominate at its rational side. They are affectionate, somewhat melancholy, and memory is their greatest virtue.

A pet

If you want to make the best Christmas gift to a Cancer remember that they are very sensitive.  That's why they connect very well with animals, especially those tender pets with which they can interact better, like puppies. Choose a small, very tender breed, from those that are very kissable, and make their inner world melt.

A record by their favourite artist

In order to get the gift right to such a sensitive person, you must try to touch their emotional side. Find out what their favourite artist is, and give them a record with the best songs (a special edition would be ideal!). If you don't know their favourite singer, you can always try a selection of well-romantic ballads or a romantic pop song record.

A collage with photos from their whole life

We have already said that Cancer's connection with the past and memory is one of its great virtues. Set a frame with a selection of photos from your past where your friends and family will reach your heart. With this gift, they will be able to relive their experiences with great nostalgia, something that makes them always feel especially good.

Leo (23 July - 22 August)

The sign of the Sun takes on a dominant position and is, of the whole zodiac, the most self-centred. They love to be flattered, although they are also generous and kind. As a sign of fire they are very active, and in addition to being very competitive is smug: They love to stand out!

A very daring garment

Leo love to always go to the last and be the centre of attention. Plus, they don't settle for anything: They have a taste of the most refined! A piece of clothing is the best choice for a Christmas gift for Leo but beware. When you enter the store, take your time, and choose that most striking garment with which it can shine.

A mirror

In the world of Leos, they are always the centre of gravitation around which everything else revolves. Therefore, even if they do not realize it, they always need a mirror nearby to look at and admire each other. Give them a large and beautiful mirror decorated in an elegant way, and you will manage to awaken inside a spontaneous reaction of thanks.

A weekend in a distinguished hotel

This is an ideal option to get the best Christmas gift for Leo. As a sign of fire, they are a person inclined to pleasures and in this case has a hedonistic nature: they love to relax in a luxurious atmosphere. How about a relaxing night in a spa or a weekend in an elegant and distinguished hotel?

Virgo (23 August - 22 September)

Order and discipline are Virgo's best cover letter, which instead has a bad reputation for being very demanding. They are natural critics! It is a feminine sign of great beauty and distinction, very pragmatic and very homely.

An agenda or a scheduler for work

Considering that Virgos love to have everything under control, an agenda making sure that no detail is missed is always a safe option. You can find a more complex planner that incorporates a section for your notes, a calendar and a phone book. With this gift, besides making him happy you will be giving him something very useful.

A watch

This is one of the classic ideas that come to mind when we think of a Christmas present. Virgo is an ideal sign to give this gift to, because they are very responsible people who are constantly keeping an eye on the time: They are very punctual! Give Virgo a watch for Christmas and I'm sure you'll be right, because they'll take it everywhere.

A gym subscription

Virgo is a very responsible and hard-working sign, and they are usually up and down all day engaged in their daily tasks. However, these OFF-roaders always try to get some time for one of their favourite hobbies: getting their body ready. A gym subscription is a perfect gift for someone who cares about their body so much.

Libra (23 September - 22 October)

Libra is a sign characterized by elegance and diplomacy. Although they are very undecided, they actually have a great intelligent and a high sense of fashion and aesthetics. They are guided by ideals and seek balance and harmony in everything.

Body creams and aesthetic products

Although endowed with great intelligence and spiritual depth, appearance is very important for Libra. They love to always be well dressed and look on point. Help them by giving away a set of cosmetic products and creams for the body and hair: You will see how it will be very useful!

A very elegant gem

Another characteristic feature is distinction. They are not proud at all nor do they relish being better than others, it’s just that elegance is in their nature. However, they are very demanding and if you are going to give them a jewel, you must make sure it is beautiful and bright: They love luxury! A bracelet or necklace are the safest options to satisfy them.

A book by your favourite writer

Libra is an air sign, so its governing system is intellect and logic. Literature is among the favourite hobbies of this sign, so a traditional gift that they will like a lot is a classic book. They will spend many hours firmly attached to the book with which you can dedicate a short note.

Scorpio (23 October - 21 November)

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are characterized by being introverted and enigmatic. In addition, they give off a great attraction and are one of the most energetic signs of the zodiac. They are excellent explorers because they are endowed with great boldness and intuition.

An entry for an Escape Room session

Escape Rooms has been in vogue for a long time. Yes, those tests in which a group of friends have to find the exit of an enclosed space by solving several clues. Scorpio is a lynx and loves all those challenges where you have to solve unknowns: you will love putting yourself in the shoes of the detective you have always wanted to be.

Sexy underwear or sex toys

Scorpio has a reputation for being one of the most sexual signs of the zodiac and, to tell the truth, has earned a pulse: under their shell, they hide quite a few secrets that give them away as a passionate, passionate lover. Although at first, they may seem untouched, deep down you will awaken in that person an irresistible desire to play, which they will appreciate.

An astral chart

Among Scorpio's hobbies is the exploration of the enigmatic, those dark places from which ordinary people want to stay away. They believe a lot in astrology, so a very original Christmas gift they will love is their own astral chart: collect their personal data and the date and time of your birth, and consult an expert to do so.

Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December)

The natives of Sagittarius are adventurous and very active. The element of fire makes them passionate and daring, and Jupiter's regency makes them fond of travel and abstract ideas, such as religion and philosophy.

A book of philosophy or religion

Sagittarius is usually a daring and very active person who easily forgets the emotional side. However, out of all the signs of fire they are the most intelligent and love to explore abstract knowledge: any book that deals with philosophical, religious and curiosities of thought issues will be very suggestive.

A camera

Sagittarius loves to travel, and also likes to do it to strange places where you can live the experience of an adventure. But don't break your back looking for a destination that may not appeal to you too much afterwards. Instead, why don't you give them a good camera with which to immortalize those unforgettable moments of their travels?

A voucher to practice a risky sport

Like the Aries, the Sagittarius are happy when they can release adrenaline and feel risk. Therefore, giving them a well-run activity in which they feel free and in contact with nature will be the best option. They are not attached to the material, so an ephemeral gift like this will be much better valued.

Capricorn (22 December - 19 January)

The character of Capricorn is marked by pragmatism and self-denial at work. They are very responsible people whose obsession in life is working hard to achieve their goals. They are specialists in saving and accumulating wealth. 

A decorative element for the office

Work is an essential part of a Capricorn's life and when you think of a Christmas gift for one of them you have to make sure it's something pragmatic. Capricorns are very saving orientated, so you can give them an elegant and traditional wallet, but you can also opt for an element with which they can decorate their workplace.

A vase or decorative element for the home

Capricorn's other great passion is home. They are little given to adventure, and always seek a refuge to feel safe. That's why their house is very important to them. Look for a decorative element that works with your traditional tastes. Did you know they love gardening? A vase for the living room or gardening elements will be ideal.

A personally motivated or self-help book

Success is among Capricorn's main goals in life. They are not very competitive, but instead, they are very demanding with themselves and always seek professional realization by working hard and selflessly. You can give them one of those personally motivated or self-help books that guide them to get rich or achieve professional success.

Aquarius (20 January - 18 February)

The natives of Aquarius are usually optimistic and with great humility, in addition to possessing a very spiritual sense. They are usually very modern in their style, and with a very marked personality. They love to discover the world, mental challenges and esoteric themes.

The latest in technology

If there is a word that defines the spirit of the Aquarius, it is avant-garde. They like to always follow the latest trends, and when a tech industry brings out a product they are the first to queue up. Well, if you want to surprise them with the best Christmas gift for an Aquarius, buy them a cell phone, a laptop or a tablet. Whatever, but the latest one!

A trip to some exotic place

Another of their hobbies is travel, for in their inner world there is always the need to discover new things. Of course, typical trips can be somewhat monotonous and unattractive. Paris? Rome? London? Berlin? No! How about a Latin American or Southeast Asian country? The strangest destination will be the one they will value the most.

A set of esoteric products

In Aquarius, we have another of the signs fond of dark and esoteric themes. In this case, they are especially gullible with some parapsychology tendencies, so go into a santeria or a similar shop and discover what can make them happier. How about a set of products to clean the house or do rituals?

Pisces (19 February-20 March)

The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, symbolizes the transition between what dies and what is born, and therefore treasure a magical spirit very tending to favour change. They are very abstract, they like to fantasize and love meditation and artistic activities.

A romantic-themed film or book

If the Pisces person you want to give a special Christmas gift to is fond of movies or music, you can look for a title that reaches the soul: drama and romances are their favourite genre. Don't forget that Pisces belongs to the water element, so you must connect with them through emotions.

A book on the interpretation of dreams

The Pisces do not live in our world but in the world of dreams. If you keep it in mind, you'll probably get the gift right. As an idea, we propose an interesting and enjoyable book about the interpretation of dreams or the practice of meditation. With this guide, you will be helping them to deepen that world where they can fantasize with full happiness.

A meditation course or a guided meditation session

The Pisces are people with great spiritual depth, and many of them are interested in the transcendental things of the soul. Give them a yoga or reiki course, or any meditation-related activity, and you'll make them especially happy. Helping them enrich their inner world will be the best Christmas gift for a Pisces.  How about an astral journey?