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Cinnamon: Benefits of this Magic Spice

Find out the magic and health benefits of cinnamon, the magic plant that has aphrodisiac effects

Cinnamon is known for having many health and magic properties.


Among all the magical plants, herbs, and spices, there is one that outstands by the great properties and benefits that it presents: cinnamon. Since many centuries ago, this spice is present in rituals and spells and is used by doctors and healers. Discover below the benefits of cinnamon, the magic plant of passion.


Cinnamon: the magic plant of passion

Cinnamon is known for being a popular spice, which we use to provide our dishes with great taste. It comes from the Cinnamomum verum, which is an evergreen tree, 10 to 15 meters high, of Sri Lankan origin, grown in warm, humid areas.

The most important part of this tree is its bark, which is gray and with a stem of woody consistency that produces oval leaves and bright green on the top. The flowers are white or greenish-yellow.

The bark of this tree, cultivated as a shrub indoors, is a sweet and aromatic wood from which the ground spice known as cinnamon is obtained by rubbing and peeling the branches. And that is the true use of this tree because many centuries ago human beings discovered its numerous culinary, magical and medicinal properties.

The power of cinnamon

Throughout the history of humankind,  cinnamon has been present in many important events, such as the discovery of America by Columbus: the Genoese was looking for a safe route for the trade of several spices, among which cinnamon had a great role.

Its aroma, its flavour and the medicinal and magical powers that have been attributed to it since ancient times made it a famous spice that, during the conquest of Peru, motivated the discovery of the great Amazon River. It is also known that during the funeral of his wife, Nero burned a large amount of cinnamon.

Formerly, in fact, the Bible cites cinnamon as a perfume and symbol of wisdom, and it is known that the Greeks used it as medicine to fight fevers. Cinnamon was part of the religious ceremonies of the Hebrews and was a basic condiment of the mummification process of the Egyptians.

Ancient peoples discovered the culinary function of cinnamon, but they also used it to make a cinnamon essential oil that was used in religious ceremonies, and in rituals and spells to renew sexual energy and attract passion.

Health benefits of cinnamon

One of the first curative uses that the ancients gave to cinnamon was to fight colds and flu, and in fact, in many American towns, cinnamon tea is still used as a palliative for the symptoms of these viral processes. What gives this power to cinnamon is its antibacterial property.

Cinnamon is also widely used as a stomach remedy, as it reduces and relieves gas and bloating and has antispasmodic properties that help overcome intestinal problems and relieve ailments such as heartburn and nausea.

For its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and for its expectorant action, cinnamon is used in poultices and remedies prepared to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory diseases, relaxing the muscles and opening the airways to facilitate the entry of oxygen, and also reducing fever and increased sweating.

In the circulatory system, cinnamon is also beneficial for the prevention of thrombus. As an anti-sclerotic and anti-aggregating element, it is recommended in remedies to favour the functioning of the peripheral circulation.

But one of the oldest and most popular cinnamon uses that has overflowed the medical field and moved to its magical dimension is its ability to increase sex drive and libido. In ancient times magicians and healers applied cinnamon to the male genitals to promote erection, in addition to being a natural aphrodisiac.

Magic properties of cinnamon

According to ancient beliefs, cinnamon is associated with the element fire and is ruled by the Sun, and among the main qualities of this species is its ability to cloud understanding and encourage the emergence of instincts and passion.

This is why it has been used since long ago as an aphrodisiac to increase libido, but also in rituals and spells to attract another person's passion or improve sexual potency  and end up with erection problems or premature ejaculation. That is why we could say that it is the queen of herbs for the amatory arts.

In general, protection and healing are considered to be the main esoteric properties of cinnamon. For example, it is one of the complements for rituals of cleaning the home, cleansing the aura or to combat the evil eye and scare away evil spirits. It is also found in rituals to attract good health.

One of its virtues is its potential to increase energy vibrations, which makes it a natural complement to rituals to attract love, health or money, by increasing the effectiveness of other herbs predominant in the spell. To these effects, it is also widely used in incense to promote meditative states.

Cinnamon rituals and spells

Cinnamon has been part of rituals and spells for many centuries, and while it is not usually the main element, it does help the elemental ingredients to release their powers and make the ritual effective.

1. Cinnamon bath to cleanse the aura

Prepare a cinnamon tea with parsley and rosemary, to which you can add rue and honey. Add it to your bathtub with salts and add the tea. For half an hour, the salts will help the herbs impregnate your skin and filter through your pores, and the cinnamon will act as the activating principle of the herbs that will cleanse your spirit.

You can surround the bathtub with candles: green helps the attraction, while gold is the symbol of abundance. You can also combine them with white candles, which is the sign of purity. Incense will help you relax.

Once the bath is finished, you can sit on your bed relaxed and with the candles lit make some wishes and thank the herbs for their help. 

2. Love spell with cinnamon, candles and a picture

On an altar, light three candles forming a triangle: a green one, a golden one and a red one, the latter being the last one you will light and the last one you will extinguish. In the center of the triangle, light some dry rue leaves and let the smoke spread, while you pray for the help of the angels.

With a picture of the person you like or a piece of paper with their name written on it, you will repeat their name and ask that the passion unite you. In the meantime, recite this prayer and drop the cinnamon in the burnt rue, letting the smell of both invade the room. Burn the photograph or the name and keep the ashes of the rue, the cinnamon and the photo in an envelope.

Seal the envelope with a red thread and keep it in a safe place. Thank the angels for their help, while you visualize the person and reproduce the passion waiting for the candles to extinguish.

3. Cinnamon spell for money

This is a very popular ritual because it helps attract money quickly: put cinnamon, orange peel and a liter of water to boil, and let it rest and cool. With this infusion, you will fill a sprinkler, or you can also sprinkle it with branches of the money plant, rosemary or basil.

Light a green candle in your living room or kitchen, and sprinkle the room as you repeat a prayer calling for the arrival of abundance and money. Finally, leave the candle burning for an hour. This ritual should be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays, after 6 p.m., so that it concentrates as much efficiency as possible.