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Dark Zodiac: Meet the dark side of your star sign

All of us have a dark side we would like to hide. Find out about those secrets now.

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Dark Zodiac: the 12 dark sides of star signs

We all have a dark and light side to our personality. We already boost our virtues enough to make them represent ourselves. However, no one is what they seem, because there's still a dark side in our moon. This is why we bring your Dark Zodiac: to find out the dark side of each star sign.

Dark Zodiac: the 12 dark sides of star signs

We spend our whole lives trying to show our best side, but the reality behind it is that we're kind of afraid of showing our full personality. Here's the dark side of each star sign, so that it doesn't get you off-guard.

1. Aries

Our first Dark Zodiac sign is Aries, a sign of fire with both an intense and a dark side, which involves bursts of anger at the slightest chance, with no previous warning to anyone falling victim to them.

Any time can be an occasion for Arians to turn a spark into a flame, an external mistake into tremendous drama, or a misplaced word into the trigger of a heated argument.

Also, those born under the Aries sign are very competitive, and what's worse, sore losers. They're not good at dealing with failure, and they're hard to bear with when they're angry about losing.

2. Taurus

Tauruses are well-known for its perseverance, which can turn out to be a great virtue when fighting for what they believe in. The problem comes when that perseverance makes an alliance with the dark side, and that's when it becomes part of this sign's Dark Zodiac traits.

Thus, we encounter people ready to put their foot down against any idea, which can hinder the progress of a project or the choice of a specific option when trying to make the right decision.

Another trait in Tauruses' dark side is its most controlling version, when they mistrust the ability of others in whatever task they're carrying out, in an attempt to keep what seems the appropriate order or path of things.

3. Gemini

Regarding the darkest side of this air sign, we can start by talking about their instability. Normally, Geminis have this classic trait, but it is perceived as one that gives them an adorable side, because they seem to be all about indecisiveness, contradiction and duality.

But obvious as it is, dealing with such a person on a daily basis can be exhausting. Not being clear about their intentions doesn't only make our Geminis unstable, but they bring out one of the Dark Zodiac traits for this sign: their ability to bring down people around them, which makes it hard for others to live together with Geminis.

If you add into the mix that they can be devastating when talking to people in their time of instability, we find that all that glitters isn't gold about them. But it's also true that everyone else, without exception, has a darker side as well.

4. Cancer

Gentle Cancers can turn out to be not so gentle when we encounter the clearest trait of their Dark Zodiac: they move from being just as fearful as anyone else, to being extremely coward. That is, as soon as things take a turn for the worse, they don't just fear the resolution like any average person. In their case, they disappear within their shell and they run away, leaving everyone behind.

The problem is, from their safe haven, they watch everyone's misery and they can feel a certain happiness about what others are experiencing, as if there were some morbid feeling feeding on their perverse fun.

5. Leo

The darkest side of this fire sign is its arrogance when treating others, in those times where our Leos think they're so perfect, they are above everyone else.

The other part is their extreme vanity: they are used to being the center of attention, so they show their most self-centred, narcissistic side when their self-esteem goes too far through the roof.

6. Virgo

The Dark Zodiac for Virgo shows us people whose perfectionist nature is so intense, it's almost sickly. Insecurities devour them and they're tremendously inflexible to themselves; feeling unable to handle that lack of flexibility, they can only attempt to polish over and over what they consider unforgivable imperfections... when they're actually flaws that make them more human.

But when the dark side of Virgos comes out, they don't just torture themselves, they even hold prejudice against anyone else, considering only their first impression (even if it's wrong) and they don't give second chances.

7. Libra

The natural duality of the scales also has a dark side, because its eternal ambivalence leads to playing the field, rather than choosing just one option. And this side of the Dark Zodiac for Libras is easy to transfer into any area of life, no matter if it's work or more personal areas like friendships or romance.

But the dark side of this sign doesn't end here, because their close bond to their tremendous sense of justice makes them behave with a thirst for revenge if they are attacked in any way.

8. Scorpio

When we meet the most negative side of this sign -which can also turn out to be quite the charmer-, we encounter manipulation at its best. Its incredible intellectual capacity, when left at the service of bad vibes (which sometimes comes up when emotions are too intense), brings a personality bordering on evil. Of course, Scorpios aren't always this way, certainly not. But when their well-known jealousy goes to its full limit, they trigger the character of Scorpios' Dark Zodiac.

9. Sagittarius

Usually the natural challenger -especially with themselves-, Sagittariuses are prone to surpassing an acceptable limit, and even the boundaries they set themselves. Because their intensity experiencing circumstances around them brings them so much desire, they lose the balance they need to avoid trespassing the boundaries of what's acceptable.

When the Dark Zodiac living within a Sagittarius comes under the spotlight, they assume extreme risks not without an adventurous spirit, but with the heart of a true kamikaze.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns have a unique way to keep composure, but when insecurities that make them cover things up reach exaggerate lengths, this earth sign crosses the border and brings them from light into darkness. And when this happens, they will manage to cover things up, because no one's better than them at trying hard to do something, but they'll also reveal their fakest version with which to cheat on anyone it takes to keep up their façade.

11. Aquarius

This air sign with an assumed eccentricity loses all sight of how things should normally go when their darkest side emerges, and here they can only exaggerate their quirks even more, assuming perfectly the social outcast role with the utmost conviction.

12. Pisces

The Dark Zodiac of Pisces adopts the shape of a tremendous lack of responsibility, and when this happens… due to their elementary eternal excuse of "letting go with the flow", they justify their behaviour by saying they let things slide. And if it weren't enough, their constant mood swings don't just break their own self down, but also those around them, who come to encounter Pisces' most indifferent, unstable side.