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How to define the true mediumship and what are the signs?

Mediumship is, overall, the ability that certain people to be able to communicate with spirits.

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How to define the true mediumship and what are the signs? | Unknown

Does reading your palm make sense for you? If so, you’re on the right page to know about mediumship. Mediumship is, overall, the ability that certain people to be able to communicate with spirits. Spirits are immaterial beings, having a faculty of thinking. It is indeed admitted that Man is endowed with a body, but also with a spirit, and that these two entities are separable, especially at the time of the death of the body. The mind, which brings together all our mental faculties, namely thought, judgment or even perception, is therefore incorporeal.

Mediums are therefore people who have a sharper sensitivity than most human beings, and who can thus come into contact with the incorporeal spirit of a deceased person. These are often signs which are not perceptible by our five so-called classical senses and which require clairvoyance which many do not have.

Where does the term medium come from?

Mediumship is a phenomenon that can somehow reach anyone, but the notion as such only appeared in France in the second half of the 19th century, notably thanks to the book by Allan Kardec entitled The Books of mediums. However, the ability or talent to speak to spirits has always been present over the centuries: in the 17th century, the word sleepwalker was used to describe people who are hypersensitive. However, people who call themselves psychics or sleepwalkers are often seen as charlatans, since this ability has also given rise to numerous frauds and impostures.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, mediumship is not seen as nonsense, quite the contrary. It is in France that the phenomenon attracts many suspicions; this is why several scientists conducted studies during the 19th and 20th centuries in order to discern the true from the false. The results often call for sham or lack of data. However, many ethnologists have observed what they call altered states of consciousness in other exotic countries, especially in Africa or Latin America with shamans. The practice was taboo in Europe for a long time.

Over the years, and as the practice of telepathy became popular in Europe, clairvoyants, mediums or hypersensitive beings bear witness to similar signs and feelings: human beings endowed with the gift of mediumship have often had traumatic experiences or moments in their lives, such as the loss of a loved one or a serious bodily accident that caused them to come close to death. Indeed, a person who was in contact with life after death often has more sensitivity at this level.

False psychics who take advantage of gullible people Psychics have always been part of our daily lives. It is not uncommon to have a clairvoyance consultation to find an answer to a specific problem or simply to reassure yourself. The clairvoyance world and its main actors have become a commonplace thing, and many people calling themselves true medium do not hesitate to say what gullible people want to hear, and all this for a purely lucrative aim.

The trivialization makes us forget that real mediums exist

Unfortunately the consequences can be unfortunate, especially if they are frail people. This trivialization makes us forget that true mediums exist. Being a medium implies heightened sensitivity, premonitory dreams or point-in-time visions. The person concerned by these events has no control over them. Whether for happy or dramatic moments, the emotions that are felt during these extraordinary events are extremely strong and very disturbing.

A true medium is at the mercy of a destabilizing life

If the visions translate into dreams, the medium is at the mercy of things he does not understand and which are destabilizing. The consequences on his daily life are difficult to manage. To manage to live a daily stress due to these events, talking about a difficult experience because of a donation is not easy. We have to find who to talk to. A person with an open mind who can listen without being judgmental. You can find the figure in Kasamba’s psychics.

A true medium is above all a victim

It is true that someone confessing to be a medium to the first comer will be mocked in a more or less unpleasant way. This is probably why a medium can be considered a victim. He has no control at all and can end up suffering.

A true medium is a lonely being

He is closed in on himself and wary of the people around him. a true medium will even avoid rubbing shoulders with anyone for fear of feeling or seeing painful things. Being unable to reveal anything to the people concerned is a difficult choice, and loneliness seems to be the ideal solution. The medium therefore finds himself alone in the face of dreams and emotions that do not belong to him and that make his life hell.

Real mediums see disturbing things

In summary, if we say the word clairvoyant or medium to the majority of people, some will smile, others will say that it would be good if they had this gift. But the truth is quite different. Real psychics see things they can't talk about, feel terrible emotions, and are seen as charlatans and liars, because you have to admit that people who want to know the future or the past don't want to listen to unpleasant things. True mediums are against their will, and would no doubt prefer to have a normal life without occult complications in any form whatsoever. It can be very difficult to believe in something that we cannot see or perhaps fully understand. In addition, there is a lot of ingrained fear or "negativity" surrounding the subject.

Many have learned that psychics are in the wrong. It’s just not true. We have all received different spiritual gifts (and true mediumistic ability is only a development of intuition). We have all received this gift. These do not necessarily make a seer. However, it is time for us to accept the truth that we are all spiritual beings with a natural and healthy connection to the Source. Modern scientists know that the future is already here and that time is just an illusion. In any metaphysical field one should always use what is called "discernment of spirits". It may be important to also note that any true seer will know exactly which spirits they are communicating with and whether they are in the light or not, because most true mediums have gone through great spiritual trials in the process of acceptance of their psychic gifts. They learned discernment of spirits in the form of tests. Some of them even learned with the help of magic plants.

What are the warning signs of mediumship?

Intuition or feeling is the main warning sign. Mediums or hypersensitive people indeed have the feeling regularly, when entering a place for the first time, of having already been there; other people have premonitory dreams or have dreams that are akin to very real situations. Sometimes the intuition is so strong that a medium can detect a strong feeling in a person close to him physically, such as fear, anger or sadness. And in many cases, helping to solve crimes is quite possible.

With regard to dreams, mediums often wake up with little rest because these premonitory dreams require a lot of energy. The visions of beings or entities that only they can observe is obviously another sign of medium people. Often, this faculty to observe apparitions is felt during the childhood of the medium; growing, this gift tends to disappear because the human spirit becomes more and more Cartesian, down to earth, and less imaginative than in his childhood.

Sometimes it may not be visions but rather a feeling: the most likely is that it happens during the night. A medium can sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with the intense feeling of not being alone in the room. His hypersensitivity indeed makes him feel surrounding wandering spirits.

Another precursor to this gift is agoraphobia: as explained above, a medium tends to capture the inner feelings of people around. So, being in the heart of a crowd, for a medium, amounts to feeling opposite sensations of rare intensity at the same time. This is due to the empathy of the mediums, because it is a very hard faculty to manage and repress.

Finally, people who tend to be medium or sighted sometimes feel that they have to do something; this is linked to the extreme empathy they show.