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Diamond: Its Significance, Healing Properties and Uses in Gem Therapy

Discover diamond's healing properties and its uses in gem therapy

Diamond: Its Significance, Healing Properties and Uses in Gem Therapy

Out of all the fascinating and mysterious healing stones that humans have adored and studied, there is one gem which we seem to be especially attracted to, diamonds. Known as the love gem due to its hardness, it symbolizes an unbreakable and pure love. It also has a wide array of benefits and is considered to be a very powerful stone, read on to find out why!

Diamond: its significance in gemmology

A diamond is a mineral made up of carbon in a cubic crystal system, meaning that each cell is in the shape of a cube. As we mentioned before, it's the hardest material nature forms. Its name comes from the Greek language and means something along the line of indomitable, inflexible or immovable.

We discovered diamonds a few centuries before the birth of Christ, and we can find quite a few types of diamond, some with different colours due to different chemical compositions. That said, when we think of diamonds we usually picture the clear, pure and shiny diamond in the picture above and to be fair, that is the most common type of diamond.

Some of the variations of the typical diamond are yellow, green, pink, blue, smoky and some have darker tones.  The green diamond (also the most expensive one) is said to represent our masculine side, while the pink diamond represents our feminine side.

Although nowadays we mainly use diamonds to make earrings, pendants, bracelets and all types of accessories, in ancient times it was converted to dust and used as makeup, and some people would even put some in their drink in order to become more beautiful.

Diamond is formed in volcanic magma when carbon is subjected to high pressures and heat over 5000 degrees. The main deposits are found in African countries in the southern hemisphere (Botswana, Congo, South Africa, etc) although it has also been found in other places such as Brazil, China, Australia, India and Canada.

Buddha mentioned diamond's spirit, referring to it as pure and seeing it as a perfect representation of the inner beauty humans should aspire to achieve. In Indian alchemy, it was associated with immortality and thought of as a philosophical stone.


Diamond's healing properties and its uses in gem therapy

Gem therapy is a branch of alternative medicine which uses the power of healing stones to positively affect our health, both mental and physical. In diamond's case, it is believed to promote healing and stimulate coagulation in our blood. It is also believed to alleviate fevers and dementia crises, protect us from venomous bites and be beneficial for our eyes, especially when combating problems such as cataracts, visual disturbances, or retinal detachment.

On a psychological level, diamonds purify our ideas and our thoughts, help us to focus and realize what we really want out of life, and act as a shield against negative and harmful energies, not only from others but also from the ones we produce and emit.

We previously mentioned that  diamonds are considered to be the love stone, and are used more and more frequently as a proposal ring because of their beauty as they symbolize eternal love, rectitude, compromise and augur an auspicious union. In the Middle Ages, placing a diamond on a sleeping woman was a popular tradition, if she woke up it meant she had been unfaithful.

Nowadays,  many Hollywood stars use diamonds in beauty treatments, such as in exfoliating massages as dust usually mixed with iron. Those who can afford this pricey treatment report saying that it reduces tension in their bodies and recharges their vital energies.

How to clean diamonds

A diamond is an energy amplifier which doesn't need to be recharged nor purified frequently, unlike other healing stones. In diamond's case, it absorbs everything around it and destroys negative energies. As it is a high energy stone, it allows us to intensify energies which are favourable for our aura.

If we want to clean it, all we have to do is submerge it in salt water and then leave it in the sun, this is something that we should do if we inherit one of these stones and want to get rid of its past.

Remember that diamonds exist for us, it integrates itself easily in our lives giving us energy, mental clarity and a sense of purpose. It also boosts confidence and creativity.

Diamond and our chakras

The colourless diamond is the master stone of meditation, wisdom and clairvoyance. It's an excellent stone for regenerating our soul and spirit. If we focus on our chakras, the energy points in our body, we can see its power especially in the fifth chakra (the throat chakra), the fourth chakra (the heart chakra) in which it harmonizes, eliminates obstructions and negative energies; the sixth chakra (the third eye chakra), and in the second chakra which is the chakra dominating our gender, love and partners.

What zodiac signs do diamonds compliment best?

Each zodiac sign has a series of healing gems which work best with their sign and can be used as a talisman or as a protective amulet. In diamond's case, it is linked to Aries, a sign full of youthfulness, impulsivity and energy. Although it also mixes well with Leo and Taurus and promotes love and understanding to all who bear it.

This is true if we refer to occidental astrology, because according to the Chinese horoscope, diamonds are linked to sign of the pig, which is considered to be diplomatic and delicate, yet prosperous and wealthy.

Curious facts about diamond

We know of some exceptional diamonds, one of the most well-known being the Regent, which is kept safe and sound in the Louvre. It weighs 28.1 grams and is thought to be the purest diamond known to man. The Cullinan I diamond (also known as the Star of Africa) is kept in the Tower of London and is the biggest diamond in the world, when found in a mine in South Africa it weighed more than 620 grams!

Even though diamonds are considered to be a beneficial stone, there are some seemingly cursed diamonds, such as the Orlov diamond. This diamond was cursed when a monk removed it from the figure of an Indian goddess and is linked to the death of two Russian princesses and a merchant, all who committed suicide shortly after buying this precious stones.