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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Bats

Find out what it means to dream about bats according to our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Bats.

The fact that we dream about bats might seem a little puzzling at first because of the foul reputation these animals have. They're usually linked to the dark and the night, despite them being harmless mammals feeding on insects (very few are hematophagous, that is, able to drink blood from cattle).

There's no doubt that part of our thoughts about the bat as a nasty creature clashes with the myth of vampires, those magical creatures that live through human blood, who can turn into bats to escape if they ever needed to.

Bats are nearly-blind animals with a peculiar appearance (this is a flying mammal we're talking about, which is quite exceptional), and when we dream about bats, our mind might be sending us very specific messages that we'll analyse in the article coming up next.

Dream dictionary: what does it mean to dream about bats?

When we receive Morpheus' visit and see these animals, we can state that bats represent our mind moving in every direction under darkness, spinning in circles around our past habits and experiences.

The beautiful yet puzzling bat dream brings out its essence from darkness, in the same way, that it becomes trapped in the shadows because it is afraid of the light. Clashing with the previous vampire tradition, dreaming about bats might also be a warning that there's someone feeding on our energy, as well as a possible case of depersonalisation.

However, a bat's flight might also be connected to a promotion, to a promise of change (which can be more or less obvious) that could be about to happen. In this sense, the presence of these insect-eaters points to new perspectives, an evolution where barriers will come down, and there might even be new truths coming out into the light, or a foul situation getting better under the light of day.


Dreaming about bats: dream variations

Are you scared of these flying animals? Fascinated because of their mysterious aura, or disgusted because of it? Was it a nightmare, not a pleasant dream? You should know that dream interpretations are unique and personal. Coming next, the dream variations for dreaming about bats, to get a more accurate meaning from what you remember having experienced.

Dreaming about bats and having a nightmare

When you woke up, did you get the feeling of having had a really bad time during the dream? Was it a real nightmare? Dreaming about bats and having that make you nervous points to insecurities like there's something breaking your confidence. This could be an issue coming from your past which comes back into your present life after some time lurking in the darkness.

Dreaming about bats and being just fine

The dream dictionary reveals that, if the bat just left you alone in your dream, you're an adventurous yet intelligent person, and that allows you to get ready for incoming life events with an air of calmness, with no drama about it.

Dreaming about a bat biting you

The dream dictionary reads a negative sense here because the universe is telling us that we could be betrayed. Thus, it's time to stay alert, keep your guard up, and of course, not give up. You might already be suspecting who it is, right? On the other hand, we should also point out that dreaming about bats biting could be a representation of your inner fear of death and illness.

Dreaming about lots of bats in a cave

If these flying creatures are all huddled up in a cave, there are  great changes taking place around you. There's a new stage that's already begun which could even represent rebirth.

Dreaming about white bats

These animals are usually black, which is why it could be curious to dream about a white bat. In this case, its message is connected to death,  to the fear of losing a close relative. But it's not a negative meaning, it just encourages us to fight the fear of death.

Dreaming about escaping from a bat

That means you're fighting to sort out your current issues, and if you get free or kill a bat, it all points out that you'll sort out your disturbing issues. 

Dreaming about bats under the light of day

Bats are nocturnal creatures and used to being around darkness, as we've said, but it could also happen that we dream about seeing them under the light of day. That's when our psyche wants some light to open up to other forms of intelligence, to see life under a new, more realistic perspective.


We've already said that dreaming about bats represents a part of impurity and inner demons, but also the changes that could occur around us.

And of course, you need to give importance to your current issues, the shadows that, just like bats, fly around your mind in fear of coming out into the light. However, it's more important that you stay aware of the face of change and rebirth that's also connected to dreams about this animal.

If something's evolving around you, you should be fully aware of it to use whatever chances you get and to avoid making your potential underdeveloped. Open up your eyes and ears to gather the information you need to express your opinions.

Perhaps you might have to sit down and do some thinking on everything that's happening to you. You might be flying down the wrong path and you'll have to flap your way out of it, into a new direction where there's more safety and comfort.