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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Bees

Discover how dreaming about bees relates to your work and social life.

Bee on a flower
Dreaming about bees represents fertility, prosperity, and hard work.

Despite the bad reputation that these insects have, dreaming about bees is a symbol of work, fertility, and prosperity. Sometimes it can also mean fear of something of a threat, but generally speaking, bees have a positive significance. What exactly does it mean to dream about bees? Check our dream dictionary. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about bees?

The first thing we have to mention is that bees are the best symbol of  determination and collective work: they are the hardest workers in the animal kingdom. Although some people are afraid of these peaceful insects, their significance goes beyond the preconceived idea that bees are dangerous and reinforces the concepts of ambition, abundance, fertility, and social life. 

Above all things, bees are associated with work and should you dream about them it's probably because your subconscious is trying to tell you something related to your work. Aside from a few exceptions, the conclusion is always positive: success, confidence, perseverance. 

The second meaning of this type of dream is related to the bees' gregarious nature: the image of a beehive tends to be a manifestation of our need to belong in a period that we might be feeling alone, or it stresses  the fact that you have a full social life. 

Bees are incredibly beneficial for animals and humans alike because of their skill to transform pollen into valuable honey: this gives them a high  significance of fertility and fecundity. According to our dream dictionary, this type of dream represents abundance and wealth. 

A negative meaning of this dream could be the fear of getting stung and infected, which is ultimately an expression of threat and danger. These two concepts are so deep-rooted within our minds that they surface as dreams. 


Dreaming about bees: different types of dreams

Bees are animals that carry a positive meaning when they appear in our dreams, but each occurrence must be analyzed carefully. 

Dreaming about flying bees

It expresses the idea of freedom in connection to your work projects: you're still following your dreams, and that is incredibly positive. It also indicates that you have a satisfying social life as well as an emotional one. Bees foretell a period of material abundance as well as predicting your general wellbeing. 

Dreaming about a beehive

This is our brain's way of reminding us of our social life, companionship, and collaboration. Personally speaking, if you dream about a hive, it represents your need for belonging, of not being isolated anymore. Professionally, this dream symbolizes the need to work in a team or perhaps it foretells productive cooperation. 

Dreaming about a bee attack 

Sometimes the positive meaning that bees have in dreams changes into a nightmare. Many people associate bees with something dangerous and menacing, and considering the practical nature of bees, dreaming of a bee attack could symbolize an imbalance in your workplace, perhaps conflicts or betrayals. It could also represent a tear in your social life. 

Dreaming about a bee sting

Getting stung by a bee has a similar significance to getting shot or bitten by an animal: an imminent and real threat. The sensation tends to be incredibly vivid, and you wake up shaking. This means that you feel threatened by something or that you are under an immense amount of pressure. You need to deal with this situation as soon as possible. 

Dreaming about bees making honey

Symbol of abundance, fertility, fecundity, success, achievements, pleasure, and satisfaction. The image of bees producing honey will always have a positive meaning. Fecundity can express a full life rich with happiness or a reflection of our professional dreams. It tends to foretell good luck and wealth. 

Dreaming about killing bees 

The fact that you are defending yourself from this insect, or maybe from more, means that you see it as a threat. When you kill a bee in your dream, it represents you conquering your problems, a difficult obstacle or a threat. It carries a message of triumph over any adversities. 

Dreaming about bees in your house

Dreaming about a swarm of bees invading your home doesn't always have to mean something terrible. Our subconscious mind constructs dreams in a less rational way than our brains work. It could make you feel anxious and threatened, but this dream has a positive symbolism: your home will be blessed with riches, you will receive an inheritance or a property. 

Dreaming about bees on your body

In this case, the dream has a negative meaning. When you dream about being attacked by bees, your whole body is covered by them, your subconscious mind is trying to warn you about a much bigger fear.  Defeating the bees means overcoming your problems and not being able to do so represents dependency. 

Dreaming about dead bees

Any dream that features dying or agonizing animals has an ominous significance; it foretells calamities and illnesses. If you dream about dead bees  you might be feeling unsuccessful in a particular project, perhaps you feel like you're missing out on opportunities, you are approaching an impending financial crisis or might lose your job. 

Dreaming about a bee war

Beehives are the symbol of conflict, crises, war. When we talk about dreams,  dreaming of warrior bees represents the idea of disputes in your workplace and arguments surrounding your projects. It can also warn you about tense situations that you might encounter in your social and personal life. 


Bees are hardworking animals, extremely gregarious and  beneficial for the entire food chain and nature. For humans and our dreams, they represent the idea of steadiness, fertility and wealth. 

However, because of their painful stings and the fear they induce in a lot of people, our subconscious tends to give them a negative meaning in our sleep, such as that of a threat or a primal fear.  This type of dream is an open invitation to overcome specific  phobias, but it also warns you about difficulties in your workplace and interpersonal relationships. 

Most of the time, dreaming about bees can have a calming and satisfying effect. Even in more troubling dreams, such as a swarm of bees entering your house, the meaning is positive;  in this case  wealth and a potential inheritance or property. 

Generally speaking, dreaming of bees has a positive meaning, and  it represents a prosperous moment for you and your financial state or a great moment to expand your circle of friends.