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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Being Chased

Find out the meaning of being chased in a dream as a liberating message

A girl being chased by a boy
What does it mean when we dream about someone chasing us?

This is one of the most recurring and distressing dreams. However, chasing dreams have a liberating meaning,  which requires all your attention to this dream experience so that you draw the appropriate conclusions. If you think about it, you will find interesting messages. What does it mean to dream about being chased? Find it out in our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Chased?

Sometimes we do not remember what we dream and other times, we only think about that nightmare we had. The dreams about being chased make us so anxious that we wake up drenched in sweat and unable to think about anything else but that disturbing dream. Our natural reaction is to try to forget it as soon as possible.  However, if we pay attention to its meaning, we will reach very interesting conclusions.

In the land of dreams, everything takes on a symbolic and metaphorical dimension, and distressing nightmares often mirror our mood in the face of personal challenges. In this case, it may be helpful to wonder about the meaning of being chased in a dream, since it represents personal freedom.

Usually, dreams have two levels of interpretation: your mood and your challenges. The dreams of being chased convey the idea of fear and threat, so it reflects a shaken mood. You are probably going through a turbulent stage in your life. When it comes to challenges, these chasing dreams are giving you very useful information: you need great changes in your life.

Dream interpretation experts claim that getting away from someone in your dream is a good sign that predicts fortune and positive changes  because in dreams the feelings of anguish and danger often turn into good omens. Moreover, the dreams about being chased are some of the most varied ones, so pay attention to each and every meaning.

Dreaming about Being Chased: Different Types of This Dream

The dreams of being chased evoke a feeling of threat  because it is expected to have a terrible ending. However, depending on the many different variations of this type of dream, it has a positive meaning. Find out the liberating message of dreaming about being chased according to the variations of this type of dream.


Dreaming about Being Chased

Most of the times, you just dream about being constantly chased, and your dream has no beginning or end. You just run away from a pursuer feeling anxious all the time. In this case, you are scared of great changes, but you move successfully towards them.  You have to take the risk of changing your life in order to achieve complete happiness.

Dreaming about Being Chased and Caught

An even more disturbing variation of dreams about being chased is that in which you end up being caught. When this happens, you wake up terrified and incapable of forgetting your nightmare. This is an encouragement to face the obstacles to your happiness more determinedly. For some reason, you cannot find a way to solve your problems, and these may end up trapping you. 

Dreaming about Being Chased and Managing to Escape

When you dream about being chased but you manage to escape is very positive, since it predicts great challenges, problems that may trouble you. However, thanks to your determination, you manage to solve them  and make the necessary changes to rebuild your life. Dreaming about finding shelter is a sign of safety and comfort, but it is also a symbol of the fact that you run away from your problems.

Dreaming about Being Chased to Be Killed

Sometimes it is important to focus on the intention. The dreams about being chased to be killed express the extent of your problems, which in your subconscious mind acquires a sense of threat. If you fear for your life in your dreams, it suggests a loss of safety in your real life.  In this case, getting away from them is a good omen: by facing a renewal stage, you can find the solution to your worries.  

Dreaming about Being Chased by Someone You Know

It is more common to dream about an unknown pursuer, but sometimes your subconscious manages to evoke the image of somebody you know. Even though your first reaction is to think that this person poses a threat to you, nothing could be farther from the truth. Dreaming about being chased by someone you know means that this person will have an important role in the changes you make in your life, that this person will become major support.

Dreaming about Being Chased by a Man

Just like dreaming about being chased by a man  suggests a natural fear, his counterpart in real life implies a positive change. There is no doubt that you are going through a turbulent stage in your life, in which you are very worried and scared. However, everything that you want to change in your work environment or your private sphere will be successfully carried out so that you will become happier.

Dreaming about Being Chased by Dogs

Still, sometimes, you are not being chased by a man, but by dogs. This is as unpleasant as disturbing a dream since it leaves you restless and unable to make out its meaning. However, this is something positive. Dream interpretation experts claim that dreaming of being chased by dogs  predicts positive changes of your body and improvement of your health. It suggests physical and mental strength.

Dreaming about Being Chased by Wolves

In the symbolic world of dreams, wolves are the representation of leadership. Dreaming of being chased by wolves combines the concept of change with that of success, which means that you will make important changes in your work environment that will lead you to success,  leadership and authority. This is a sign of a promotion, a change for the better of your job, or the fulfilment of ambition. 

Dreaming about Being Chased and Feeling Paralysed

This is undoubtedly one of the most common dreams, and also one of the most disturbing. Your pursuer is getting closer and you are paralysed, unable to move. You feel terribly afraid. In this case, the dream is an expression of a feeling, a mood: your problems are building up and you are unable to find a way out. You must make some radical changes if you do not want to end up defeated.

Dreaming about Being Chased by Monsters

Monsters are symbolic representations of the unknown and what you consider to be a threat. Somehow, you are in a stage of confusion, in which you feel dominated and chased by problems that are stronger than you. You have to be bolder and braver in order to deal with those troubles that are nothing but monsters in your head.


Dreaming about being chased has a much simpler interpretation than you think. You are overwhelmed by several problems that stop you from being happy, but the path to happiness means that you have to change everything that stops you from facing those problems. The dreams of being chased have a liberating message that encourages you to change your life so that you can find what you are looking for.

Your dream holds the key to what you really need to change. If you are being chased by wolves, you have to look for professional success, but if you are being chased by dogs, the changes focus on your physical and mental state. When you are chased by an unknown man, you must unreservedly face a renewal stage in your life. If you get away from him, the changes will be successful. If you get caught, you must show more determination.

Sometimes, you are paralysed with fear, and this happens when you dream about being almost caught by your pursuer, so you feel that you cannot move. However, sometimes, this dream implies a nice message: when you are chased by someone you know, this person will become someone very special in your life.