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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Blood

Discover the meaning of dreaming about blood as a sign of bad things to come

Dreaming about blood represents a sign of impending danger.

If you've been dreaming about blood, pay close attention because this element has always had a premonitory characteristic. Ever since the beginning of time,  blood has represented danger and catastrophes. On our bodies, blood is seen as a warning sign, and in our subconscious minds, it is described as a bad omen. So what does dreaming about blood mean? 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about blood?

Our subconscious associates blood with pain and danger and  reflects it in our dreams as both a warning and a representation of suffering. In this case, the threat you dream of depends on the exact context of your vision which is always particular to each person, but it usually indicates problems in your life. 

Simply speaking, blood trickles down from an open wound which in our sleep represents inner pain. This is why dreaming about blood is connected to emotional issues. These problems could range from an imminent separation from your spouse, a painful betrayal from a friend or issues in your workplace. 

In ancient times, oracles used to interpret the presence of blood as a catastrophic premonition, a bad omen that attracted plagues, famine, and death.

Nowadays, however, there are various nuances to this type of dream: blood is no longer associated strictly to pain and danger, but it also has the role of a defence mechanism. From this perspective, dreaming about blood acts as a warning sign of impending danger and urges us to take immediate action. 

Dreaming about blood: different types of blood dreams

For many people, the sight of blood is cause for repulsion and concern. It could, however, be seen as a source of life, a symbol of love, either platonic or romantic. Therefore, we have to look at the meaning of these dreams depending on their respective contexts. 

Dreaming about a nosebleed

Nosebleeds are the most common manifestation of blood in our dreams, and it's a warning sign that we have to act bravely and urgently to solve our problems. Although love tends to be a common denominator, when we dream about nosebleeds it tends to be related to everyday problems, work or financial issues. The message here is that you are running low on time. 

Dreaming about a bleeding head injury 

Usually, these dreams are connected to a heavy conscience: you're likely being haunted by the  questionable things that you've done and now regret. During sleep, the human brain projects our problems as dreams that in this case are represented by blood (something negative, remorse in this case) and come to life in your head, the symbol of your conscience. 

Dreaming about blood on your hands

This is a clear omen that acts as a warning sign. The image of your bloody hands cautions you about regaining control of your life and preparing for the rough patch ahead. If the dream becomes more of a nightmare, it could be because you're feeling guilty for some mistakes you have made. 

Dreaming about a bleeding wound

This is also a frequent dream, a manifestation of emotional suffering: something is on your mind, and your subconscious is projecting this as a bleeding wound, symbol of your heart and the pain you're feeling. It also refers to a situation from the past that has yet to be solved. In some cases, a bleeding wound is also a sign of illness, and the size of the injury will determine the severity of the ailment. 

Dreaming about blood on your clothes

This is a sign of betrayal. Our clothes are the symbol of our security, the shield that protects our body from the outside world: sometimes, this security is represented by our house, but in this case, it could be symbolized by our clothes. Having blood stains on your clothes is a clear message that someone in your immediate circle is trying to take advantage of you, and will use betrayal to do so. Be wary of anyone ill-intentioned. 

Dreaming about peeing blood 

A metaphor for health problems, a warning to take better care of yourself. Dreaming about peeing blood not only indicates discomfort and pain but also your difficulties in overcoming these physical issues.  The message your brain is trying to send is that your body is weak and you need to take urgent measures to counteract it. 

Dreaming about blood around you 

This is a terrifying experience which resembles a nightmare more than a dream. If you can keep a level head and analyze your dream correctly, you might learn valuable lessons seeing how blood all around you represents changes in your inner circle. It could signal the fact that  your life is chaotic and that you're putting yourself at risk, or it could warn you that your loved ones are facing difficulties. Try and check in with them more often!

Dreaming about blood on the wall

A variation of the previous dream, seeing blood on a wall is connected to your professional and financial life and it represents conflict and betrayal in the workplace (someone might be trying to sabotage you). This dream is also synonymous with difficult financial situations that you'll have to overcome with determination. 

Dreaming about drinking blood 

A strange and unsettling dream that carries a message of security and power:  you're facing your problems head-on which gives you an extra boost of confidence and guarantees the success of your endeavours. It is undoubtedly one of the few dreams where blood has a positive significance because it depicts us ingesting the source of life which, much like ancient warriors, endows us with energy and ambition.  

Dreaming about rivers of blood

Our subconscious brain processes the stream as a symbol of passing life, while the blood is pain, danger, and forewarning. Therefore, dreaming about a river of blood could reflect the current state of your life, that flows along your many problems, or as a  warning sign for the future: a terrible event or the beginning of a challenging  stage in your life. 



Blood is part of our life. It is our life and as such our subconscious mind reproduces the image of blood quite frequently, so if you dream about blood you should see it as something natural.

Although many people see blood as something negative and that in the past oracles would associate it with death and misery,  nowadays we've learned to look at these types of dreams as positive lessons that we can learn using our dreams. 

Blood is the liquid matter that runs through our veins and takes oxygen and nutrients to our cells, and it also powers our heartbeats. It, therefore, symbolizes life and hope, and its metaphorical meaning is a sign of  relationships, brotherhood, and romantic engagements.    

Although blood dreams can represent danger, suffering or catastrophes, the significance acts just like our blood: it's a defence mechanism against potential threats, and  it heals wounds by coagulation and scarring. It, therefore, represents an invitation to solve our problems.