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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Death

Discover the meaning of dreaming about death and the importance of its symbolism.

Certificate of death
Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about death?

Dreaming about death, a concept with such massive significance in our culture can represent a terrifying nightmare  from which we awake feeling worried and anxious.  It's only natural that after dreaming about your death, that of a family member or a loved one, you ask yourself what it all meant. If you want to know what dreaming about death symbolizes, continue reading our dream dictionary.

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about death?

As frightening as it may be to dream about our death or that of someone we know, it's important to remember that it's only  a symbolic connection that our subconscious mind makes with the concept of renewal  and change. Death, in this case, becomes transformative, it marks the end of a stage and the beginning of a new one. 

Dreaming about death and its significance as bringing about change is intrinsically foretelling, but in this case,  the Oracle doesn't have to be ominous: it doesn't advertise upcoming tragedies, and we most definitely shouldn't interpret death in its literal meaning. The effects of impending change are solidified through death, but they can also have a definite meaning, one of regeneration and productive transformation. 

This is why depending on what dreams we have we can find different meanings. Generally speaking, however, dreaming about death indicates a new job, an emotional change related to your family or yourself, the beginning of a new stage in your love life or a boost in your finances.  

Provided that we look at dreams as allegorical expressions of our wants and needs, to give each one its most appropriate meaning we must interpret the entire context of the dream. The terrifying nightmare of death can offer positive messages that benefit our lives. 

Dreaming about death: The different types 

Our general mood determines the way we dream, and we could even experience foretelling dreams. Depending on the kind of death dream we can interpret a change in various ways. Pay close attention. 

Dreaming about your death

The meaning of this dream has a direct link to an inner change that we are about to experience: we will release ourselves from the shackles of the past and move forward with hope and new objectives. Dreaming about our death, our own dead  body  indicates a harmonious and steady  transformation while a sudden or accidental death introduces unexpected changes. 

Dreaming about the death of a family member

Dreaming of this is usually a sign of being afraid of losing an essential member of your family, or fear of growing distant from them. Seeing how the family represents a safe space, dreaming about the death of a family member can indicate an upcoming period of anxiety and insecurities.  Dreaming about the death of your mother or father means fear of losing your role-models. 

Dreaming about the death of your significant other

Even if dreaming with losing your partner could seem worrying, it's actually a great source of valuable information: it forecasts important changes in your relationship, letting go of unhealthy behaviors and introducing a  new attitude that promotes communication.  The death of your significant other is not the end, but the beginning of a new stage. 

Dreaming about the death of a friend

This dream tends to represent anxiety over changes that involve a friend or a colleague, and your desire to keep them safe. Don't worry, when you dream about death and your friends, it only represents good things for them in the shape of abundance and prosperity.  Having this dream can also symbolize your desire to rekindle a particular friendship. 


Dreaming about the death of your child

Dreams also act as a defence mechanism and in this case, dreaming about the passing of your child, as painful as it may sound, can help you cope with a difficult situation. Your child is going through personal changes and dreaming about them lets you know that you need to put on your parenting hat and tend to their needs. This type of dream also indicates a distance from your child and expresses your need to reconnect. 

Dreaming about the death of your pet

If your pet appears in your dreams it's a strong indicator of companionship and loyalty, because as the dream dictionary states, the death of your animal best friend represents fear of being alone. Some people tend to give this a fatal significance, but in reality, it's only a defence mechanism that's warning us about  personal  difficulty such as losing a vital support system. 

Dreaming about the death of someone who's already dead

Dreaming about someone who has already died is a common type of death dream. It's a clear case of an emotional subconscious whose fears translate into everyday life:  the heavy burden of loss and missing someone who is no longer with us. 

Dreaming about the death of many people

Another horrifying dream that leaves you shaking. You must get past the initial shock: lots of people dying in your dreams represents a multitude of challenges you will be faced with to complete your personal development. You're going through a stage of positive change, and  your spirit is still trying to make sense out of the contradicting elements, which much to your distress, manifests itself in your dreams. 

Dreaming about coming across a dead person

In this case, dreaming of death is a foretelling sign, an Oracle that introduces a job promotion, or a significant boost in your finances. It can also mean that you have an exacerbated fear of death that follows you into your subconscious. 

Dreaming of coffins

A world of unknown transformations that awaits your arrival, good things that are about to happen, upcoming changes that you need to cope with, these are all elements represented by the allegorical image of the coffin, an expression of all things past and new beginnings. If you dream of coffins, which is quite common, try not to worry and, instead, think of all the things that you want to change for the better. 


As we have discovered, when we dream about death we need to stay away from its literal meaning and focus on what it truly represents: an expression of our desires, needs, and fears. 

Dreaming of the death of someone we know signifies the fear of losing someone, but can also mean essential changes that are about to happen in our lives, be it in love or our professional and financial  life.  When we dream of our significant other passing, it generally means that we need to focus on changes in our love life and when we are the ones dying, those changes will happen within ourselves. 

It is also very common to dream of someone who has already died and that nostalgically returns in our sleep. Several dream experts claim that our loved ones revisit us so they can give us advice about our day to day life or perhaps they are asking us to pray for their souls.