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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Dogs

Dreaming about dogs: a symbol of man's best friend

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about dogs

People say that dogs are our best friends, companions that watch over our safety in and outside of our homes. In a certain way, dogs protect our dreams as well, and many dogs sleep at their owner's feet. 

Sometimes dogs pop up in our dreams and become active participants; they could be either our pets or some random dog we've never seen before. 

The following article aims to clarify what dreaming about dogs represents. 

Dream dictionary: What it means to dream about dogs

The same way that dogs are a common animal in our lives, it's just as common to dream about them, both in women and men's cases. 

When it appears in our sleep, dogs can take on many shapes such as a two-headed dog or borrow features from other animals. They could also have different colours:  white is usually the predominant colour, a sign of prosperity and happiness, or black as a symbol of betrayal. Either way, dreaming about dogs represents the subconscious mind's way of telling you to settle down. 

Dogs are also a representation of feelings of loyalty and protection, and we could dream about a friend of ours that takes the shape of a dog. The dream dictionary is suggesting that if the dog you see has an average size, then your friendship with that person is solid. 

These fluffy canines are our guardians, they protect our homes and have a special place in our hearts. If you own a dog you probably already know that you also share an important part of yourself with your them and even some of their instincts. 

Dreaming about dogs: different types of canine dreams

In the following article,  we plan on explaining the most common versions of dog dreams and how they reflect our personality or how they impact our near future. 

Dreaming that our dog is fighting with other dogs

As mentioned earlier, dogs  are a symbol of friendship. If you dream about dogfighting with other dogs, then you might get into an argument with a loved one. 

Dreaming about an angry dog

If we dream about an aggressive dog, then our dream dictionary suggests that something sinister might take place (except for when you escape the angry dog). Barking is a sign that you should be on guard. 

Dreaming about a black dog following you 

We've spoken about black dogs as symbols of deception. If you find yourself being followed by a black dog in your dreams, it might be because someone is trying to provoke you but you won't be able to deal with it. 

Dreaming about petting a dog

Not everyone likes dogs, as difficult as it may be to believe. If you're not a fan of this animal but you  dream about petting or hugging one, it means that you are ready to connect with your intuition, your most primaeval instinct. This type of dream is extremely positive. 

Dreaming about getting bitten by a dog

According to the dream dictionary, this is a sign of pain and betrayal. If you are betrayed by man's best friend, then a close friend could also do it. Keep your eyes peeled! This dream could also mean conflict in your workplace or studies. 

Dreaming about biting a dog 

A dog biting a human is nothing new, but a man biting a dog sure is! If you dream about using your teeth against these cute animals then you are being warned about potentially serious problems, perhaps you'll be the one getting attacked by a rival or dangerous enemy. 

Dreaming about playing with a dog 

It looks like a pleasant dream but the significance is that you'll indulge in certain extravagant behaviour. If someone else's dog licks your face you need to be careful with fake friends: someone  is  trying to deceive you. 


Dreaming about a lost dog 

If you're currently working on a project, it could mean that you won't be that successful and that failure is more likely to happen. 

Dreaming about a dead dog 

More than anything, this will feel like a nightmare. Our sixth sense is warning us about potential  danger and imminent failures in the future. If you've been having these types of dreams, you need to take action and free yourself of any threat. 

If the dog is still alive but he is extremely thin, then pay close attention to your friends as one of them might need your help. 

Dog dreams with sexual connotations

Dogs can also have a negative significance and they are associated with a rebel libido. If we dream about lewd dogs, it could mean that  our sexual impulses are too strong and we might lose control over them. This could result in strange behaviours that are not in your nature and you might end up offending others. 


Considering all the possible meanings of dog dreams, it should be clear by now that dreaming about these furry animals is a sign of courage and friendship. 

The dream dictionary also offers a guide to help the ones that most need our assistance, even if in our daily interaction with them it might not be apparent how much they need help. We are also given warning signs about fake friends that we should keep at arms' length. 

To conclude, it's worth mentioning that dogs have a protective role especially if we dream about a dog we used to know when we were growing up. So you have no reasons to worry, as you have a friend watching over your well being.