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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Fire

Discover the meaning of fire as a symbol of inner renewal

Purifying flames represent the concept of renewal.

Having dreams about a fire is quite frequent and unsettling. What do the flames mean? Is it negative or positive? As usual, we have to look at the context of the dream and how it relates to the dreamer in question. Fire, as a symbol, has come to represent purification and renovation, the end of one stage and beginning of another. So, what does it mean to dream about fire? Discover all the possible interpretations in our dream dictionary. 


Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about fire?

Fire is a symbol of change via purification: out with the old and in with the new. Your brain projects fire as a symbol of light in the face of change, it processes your sense of spiritual growth through the purifying flames and ultimately expresses anger toward new situations that trouble you. 

There is also a negative aspect to it:  when you dream of a destructive fire, you're dealing with a warning that you must pay more attention in your life. The burning fire in this dream will likely turn it into a nightmare which represents a bad omen. 

If you've been wondering what your troubling fire dream means, you may rest assured: fire tends to have a positive meaning of inner renewal. These dreams are rarely used as oracles, but when they do foretell the future, it's usually in a negative way. 

Dreaming about fire reflects your anxious state of mind: your hopes and dreams that propel you toward your objectives, changes related to a relationship or professional expectations. You're leaving behind an erratic stage of your life and entering a new one full of hope and possibility. 

You do have to consult our dream dictionary when it comes to the exact meaning of each dream. Depending on where you are in it and how exactly you see the fire, you'll be able to better decipher its meaning. 

Dreaming about fire: different types of fire dreams

Dreaming about fire has various meanings that depend on the context of the dream and our positioning in connection to the conflagration. These are the most common versions of this type of dream: 

Dreaming about a controlled fire

This is the most positive version of this dream: when the fire appears to be controlled and its flames branch out evenly, we are witnessing a symbol of renewal, purification, change, passion, and hope. Gather all your strength to cope with a new stage in your life and trust yourself on this path of inner growth. 

Dreaming about a wildfire

The opposite effect is achieved when we dream about an all-consuming wildfire. Its a sign of problems to come that will endanger your inner harmony and stability. The primary meaning of this dream is chaos:  it foretells uncontrollable changes, or better yet, it reflects a chaotic state of mind, and it urges you to control your emotions. 

Dreaming about arson 

Your brain is reproducing the  feelings of rage and mistrust  that you've been experiencing during the day. These negative emotions have taken over your whole being and have turned you into a bad-tempered person that always thinks the worse of others. Dreaming about arson is a representation of your fears and suspicions, and an invitation to purge your soul of negativity. 

Dreaming about starting a fire 

Ever since the dawn of time, fire has represented an element of protection: our ancestors used it to defend themselves against predators or evil spirits. It's also a powerful instrument in white magic, used to purify spaces. By having fire dreams, our brain is preparing us for a difficult period when we might need protection. 

Dreaming about being burnt in a fire 

Any dream in which your physical integrity is endangered is a sign that you may have a self-confidence issue, that you may be feeling vulnerable and exposed to danger. Your insecurities are taking their toll on your state of mind and you're left to wander life feeling weak. The burning fire is only a warning: take control of your emotions and strengthen your character. 

Dreaming about your house burning down

Dreaming about your house burning down in a fire can be a troubling experience, and even though it may appear to be a nightmare, it carries a positive significance: leisure and enjoyment in your inner circle. In a broader sense, it can also transmit the notion of fulfilment and happy home, and more specifically, when it relates to your significant other, it has a phallic meaning: you are entering a new stage of sexual pleasure. 

Dreaming about fire in your workplace 

As strange as it may seem if you dream about a fire in your workplace it is a good sign. You're in the process of discovering hidden talents and skills that give you a competitive edge. Fire represents  leadership and excellent work ethics, your professional evolution, the rising flames representing your ascending career. You're about to start a process of renewal that will place you on the road to abundance. 

Dreaming about fire and water

In the case of these two opposing elements, fire takes on a negative dimension suggesting destruction while water is given a positive meaning, as the solution to end all problems. Our brain projects the illusion of a struggle between fire (a stage in your life filled with problems) and water (the solutions to those difficulties) and urges  us to optimize your resources and strategies to cope with certain conflicts that you may be experiencing.  

Dreaming about fire and smoke

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Having this type of dream is a manifestation of our problems and a warning sign to deal with their consequences. The positive aspect of this dream, however, is that it depicts fire as the driving force behind our purification and renewal. The smoke coming out from the flames is an extension of our wisdom and maturity. 

Dreaming about a fire explosion 

Waking up suddenly and out of breath is a sign that we may have dreamt of an explosion. When this happens, it usually represents a bad omen primarily because it represents our state of mind: we're nervous and anxious. Secondly, it foretells family problems or an unexpected financial crisis. 


As an expression of a vital state, fire acts as an invitation to change and embrace new and better opportunities. It expresses the discovery of hidden talents and skills, the beginning of a new stage in your life, overcoming a negative experience from the past,  protection from harm and a general guide for avoiding adversities. 

Fire keeps bad energies as bay and lights the way through darkness: from this point of view, fire is a friendly symbol, a powerful tool, an invitation to optimism. It could also be interpreted as a sign for a future trip you're going to take, either physically or metaphorically: an exciting adventure into unexplored territories, or new life paths that lead you to happiness. 

However, when we get burnt by fire in our dreams, or it has a devastating effect, it foretells chaos and loss of control, but it also acts as a warning sign: not all is lost yet, we simply have to take the reigns of our lives and lead it on the road to prosperity. 

Make the most of the flames' powerful renewal effect to further your positive growth.