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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Fish

Pleasure, wealth and freedom: discover the meaning of dreaming about fish.

You will discover that dreaming about fish is one of the most complicated dreams to interpret: it can mean both riches and abundance as well as forecast an illness or a tragedy. Continue reading if you want to know what our dream dictionary has to say about your fish dreams. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about fish?

Classifying fish dreams is one of the most challenging things when it comes to dreams; this is due to the powerful symbolic value  associated with this animal. To successfully interpret a fish dream, we must pay close attention to details. 

Fish are among the most symbolic elements: in our culture, we associate them with abundance, faith, wisdom and knowledge, and as difficult as it may be to believe it, these are all notions we've internalized into your subconscious. 

The depths of your brain, where dreams are formed, is home to the image of fish that represents the  guardian of our spirituality and knowledge. When you dream about fish, you must start interpreting it from its main elements: energy and abundance. 

Fish also have foretelling attributes and they indicate the approach of a rich and prosperous time, and not only financially speaking. This is why, when the dream turns into a nightmare,  it can anticipate tragedies and illness. On the other hand, however, if you dream about colourful fish, something wonderful is about to happen. 

When the dream is more a reflection of your state of mind than an omen, your brain is using the time you sleep to project happiness. Balance, energy,  fulfilment, wisdom, ambition, confidence and faith are all notions associated with the symbol of the fish. 

Dreaming about fish: different types of dreams

The way in which we see fish appear in our dreams determines how we interpret the hidden message. If we pay close attention, we may find meaningful information. 

Dreaming about a school of fish

This is the classic dream that illustrates abundance, wealth and prosperity. It can be a reflection of your present situation or a forecast about the near future, a prediction of good luck, financial and spiritual growth. Be careful, ladies: if you dream about a school of fish, you might be getting ready for a  pregnancy. 

Dreaming about a fish swimming in clearwater

The dream dictionary indicates that dreaming about a  fish swimming in clear water is an indicator that all our wishes will come true. It not only represents the strength of your decisions and the clear vision that you have about your future, but also evokes a pleasant moment from your life, either with friends or family. The odds are in your favour. 

Dreaming about a fish swimming in murky water

The fish symbolizes inner strength, confidence and faith and the fact that you've dreamt of it swimming in dirty waters reflects the obstacles you'll have to overcome to fulfil your aspirations. Like previously mentioned, fish are a representation of our will and one that is swimming in murky waters will have to filter all the dirt through his gills, which will, in turn, will obstruct his vision. 

Dreaming about dead fish

The image of a dead fish reminds us of putrefaction, agony, and abnormality. In other words, it reminds us of diseases.  Dreaming of dead fish is usually seen as a terrible omen, it predicts a  calamity, either economic or, most likely, physical. One version of this dream is when we see a fish out of the water, struggling to breathe: the person having the dream is feeling anxious and vulnerable. 

Dreaming about fish in your bed

The agony of dreaming with fish in your bed is a bad sign that foretells financial and personal problems and, above all, illnesses.  Although it may seem alarming at first, it only represents an invitation to overcome all obstacles: take action against anything that can bring you bad luck. 

Dreaming about holding fish in your hands

This is the subconscious' way of revealing an inner feeling: holding fish is a representation of insecurity, of something slippery that is out of your control. In this case, the message is that  you're letting an opportunity pass you by, and it urges you to take action so that you cease it. 

Dreaming about multicoloured fish

This is a pleasant dream that symbolizes peace, happiness, fulfilment: when our brain can reproduce vivid colors in our sleep it means that we are full of life,  we have enough energy to channel towards the success of our plans. This dream also indicates emotional freedom and euphoria. 

Dreaming about dangerous fish

When our fish dreams turn into nightmares, it's an indication of a negative shift, and we need to be aware of our anxiety levels. Dreaming of dangerous fish, especially piranhas and sharks indicates a threat:  someone is trying to hurt you and your brain processes it in the image of fish. Stay alert!

Dreaming about eating fish

It's the perfect metaphor for good luck and wealth, but it can also represent enjoyment and leisure. We associate eating fish with something rich and luxurious, which can mean that we'll have luck and a lot of money. On an emotional level, it symbolizes lust and indicates the need for new experiences. 

Dreaming about going fishing 

This type of dream is a clear expression of not achieving your objectives or the search for opportunities. You might be going through tough times, or you might be unemployed: if you manage to find fish in your dream, you will be lucky and if you don't, expect the opposite to happen. Emotionally speaking, if you dream about going fishing, you're expressing your need for love. 

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Usually, we associate fish with freedom, the pursuit of happiness but also with abundance and material and emotional riches. Its positive meaning foretells beneficial events while its negative one, announces tragedies and illness. 

When we dream about a lot of fish together, it tends to be an expression of our state of mind: if the water is clear, we find ourselves in a quiet environment, but if the water is muddy then we face difficulties and obstacles. If we dream about less fish or only one, the significance is more complex, and the dream needs to be analyzed more closely. 

Aa agonizing, dead or putrefying fish represents anxiety and a future riddled with bad experiences and problems, but if we dream about eating fish, the meaning is entirely different: this is a sign of leisure and prosperity. Either way, if you dream of fish pay close attention because  it's the animal with the most potent significance  in the dream world.