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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Horses

We uncover the meaning of dreaming about these beautiful animals

What does it mean to dream about horses? Find out its meaning in our Dream Dictionary.

Horses are beautiful and strong animals that inspire in some way romanticism  since they were the ones to carry the knights who went to rescue fair ladies in the best known medieval tales.

Either by being on horseback, in a race, a pleasant ride, or simply admiring them in the wilderness, horses can gracefully enter your dreams.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Horses?

As might be expected, dreaming about a horse, in general, is a good omen, a sign that something good has come to our life or that it will soon do. Therefore, this animal is a symbol of fertility, impetuosity and the triumphant youth.  It is also a display of vigour, virility and sexual performance.

However, not every dream about horses is related to these aspects, since sometimes  this is the way how we dream about a loved one, a partner or even an associate.

Dreaming about Horses: Different Types of This Dream

Our dreams have different meanings and, even though they are about horses, we must analyse the context and the way we interact with them,  as well as all the details that appear in order to have a real interpretation of what happened in our dream.

Therefore, we are going to introduce the main ways you can dream about horses that are included in the Dream Dictionary, as well as their closest interpretations.


Dreaming about a White Horse

If the animal’s coat colour is white, the Dream Dictionary predicts the arrival of good news.

Dreaming about a Black Horse

The black colour of the horse is important for those dreamers who have a business, since it predicts success for the company, trade and transactions. Moreover, the black steed represents your wild, mysterious and unknown side,  which will bring you good news if you explore it in the right way.

Dreaming about Riding Your Own Horse

Do you have a horse and you dream about riding it? Then, this interpretation is closely related to love, and  it is a sign that your relationship is on the right track, that you are both doing things well. Moreover, if your horse is well-endowed, you will have common profits and will not experience difficulties.

Dreaming about Somebody Else Riding Your Horse

This dream would be the opposite of the previous one, so it can be interpreted as future infidelity. But be careful, because this infidelity can come from your partner, but also from a relative that may betray you badly.  Dreaming about a dirty horse is another way of conveying a similar message through your subconscious mind, a love betrayal. 

Dreaming about Not Being Able to Reach the Horse’s Saddle

In order to ride a horse, you have to get in the saddle, but in your dream, you may not be able to do it. According to the Dream Dictionary, this is a sign of bad luck.

Dreaming about an Injured or Dead Horse

Although, in general, dreaming about a horse is something good,  if the animal is dead or injured in your dream, it means that you will soon lose a loved one,  or that that person will become very ill.

Likewise, it can be interpreted as having lost something which was essential in your life for a while and gave you strength in the past, but now you will have to learn to live without it.

Dreaming about Killing a Horse

If you dream about killing a steed, you may imagine that this does not represent something good. In this case, it emphasises your selfishness, which makes you hurt a loved one.

Dreaming about a Talking Horse

This is something characteristic of fantasy tales, but if it happens in your dreams, do not think it is something good, because  it represents the death of someone you know.

Dreaming about Falling off a Horse

This dream is interpreted as a reality check that will overwhelm your life. There will be a problem that will make you fall down just as the horse did.

Dreaming about a Wild Horse

If the foal is out of control, the Dream Dictionary tells you that you will soon have to deal with a sensitive issue.

Dreaming about Buying or Selling a Horse

Trading with such animals is not done very often. If you dream about this, when you wake up, pay attention to everyone around you, because someone is trying to deceive you. 

Dreaming about a Galloping Horse

This is another ill-omened interpretation related to dreaming about horses. Unless the horse ends up walking at a normal pace, there will be some difficulties in your life,  even a disaster.

Dreaming about a Horse in the Stable

Here, the stable represents your own home, and there everything is fine because there are facilities for you to be happy.

Dreaming about a Horse Performing a Circus Act

We enjoy seeing horses not only in races and stables but also in entertaining family-friendly shows, like the circus. According to the Dream Dictionary, if you dream about this place and a thoroughbred, it means that you will have a powerful guardian, even a patron, who will look after you as a circus tamer will do for his horse.


If you dream about horses, there is something in your way of loving that does not go well  and you should improve it. Be careful, because it does not have to be related to your partner, but also to the way you care for a friend or an associate with whom you share a business.

Above all, try to take better care of the people around you, and be careful not to hurt them by acting selfishly. This animal could also mean that you should be less arrogant,  even if you consider yourself stronger and greater than the others.