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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Lice

Find out the meaning of dreaming about these parasites

Lice and a comb
Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Lice?

Who, as a child, has not ever had lice, either by getting infected at school or at the playground?  Getting infected by these tiny parasites is something very common, although we immediately associate them with dirt.

That is why it is easy to see them when we fall asleep and get to the land of dreams. And, when we wake up, we might scratch our head for a while just by thinking that the lice are crawling in our hair and laying their eggs there.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Lice?

Going to sleep and dreaming about lice is not a very pleasant idea. Actually, in most cultures, lice are a problem that should be solved as soon as possible.

As we already know, getting infected by lice causes a lot of discomfort and restlessness, as well as the rejection of the people around us, since they tend to get away from us for fear of getting infected.

Therefore, the Dream Dictionary suggests that dreaming about lice may represent the people that drain you of your energy or those who tire you up.  They can also be considered a copy of all the problems you have to face in your daily life and so, these parasites would represent them.

Likewise, lice may mirror the bad decisions you made, that wrong step that led you to miss your goal or even an important expectation, either regarding your work, family or social life.

Dreaming about Lice: Different Types of This Dream

We have already said that generally speaking, in dreams, lice are a symbol of that thorn in your side that causes you so much trouble, that constant pain in your daily life.

However, depending on the way you interact with them, it is possible that your psyche is giving you more clues about the decisions you should make in your life, which people you should stay away from and other aspects of interest.

Dreaming about Red Lice

According to the Dream Dictionary, sometimes lice symbolise great wealth, of which you will not be able to benefit. Moreover, if they are red, it means that sorrow and disaster will come to your life.

Dreaming about White Lice

Dreaming about red lice predicts a tragic situation, but if you dream about white or golden lice, you can smile openly, because  it predicts prosperity or even great profit.

Dreaming about Lice in Your Hair

Are you the one who suffers from the itching of lice in your dream? Then, this suggests that you are a slave to one of your projects. And, as you may imagine, this will only bring you a big headache.

If, in your dream, your problem with lice is so great that you can consider yourself infested by them, you should worry when you hear your alarm clock, because you are being exploited, either by the person to whom you entrusted your money or by someone who is living at your expense. 

Dreaming about Lice in Your Hair (and Killing Them)

Perhaps, in your dream, you are the one who is infected by lice and nits, but you manage to get rid of them and kill them. If so, it may mean that the end of your troubles or worries is really close,  more than you imagine.

You may face problems, such as a co-worker who does not let you advance in your career, a hard-up economic situation, an illness that keeps you from having a normal life or a broken relationship that is fixed and strong again. You, better than anyone else, will know what does not let you sleep (and why your dream fills up with lice when you finally get to do it).


Dreaming about Lice on Your Body

Have lice not only infected your head? Then, the Dream Dictionary has another message for you. And that message is that it is time to get away from someone close to you that symbolises the dirt, impurity and discomfort that lice cause. It is time for your life to be clean and healed, either in a physical, spiritual or emotional way. 

Dreaming about Removing Someone Else’s Lice

Perhaps, in your dream, you see yourself holding a nit comb and removing someone else’s lice, such as a friend or a relative, someone you know. If so, this is the universe’s way to tell you that person needs you when you wake up, because he or she needs your help.


On this basis, it is clear that lice represent the problems related to people that are close to you, such as co-workers, relatives or your partner, and that you should pay more attention to their actions.

This might be the time to say goodbye to a friend that was not so close to you or to selflessly help your brother, who has not told you that he is going through a difficult time.

Finally, it must be said that all these dreams interpretations reflect the life in the western world,  where lice are not an insurmountable problem. In fact, we have already explained that children are often the ones to bring these annoying guests from school or summer camps, where it is easy to put on someone else’s hat or use your friend’s brush.

However, our experiences with lice are still limited, and other cultures around the world integrate lice in their lifestyle and see them from a different perspective. Therefore, dreaming about lice in a developing country will have different meanings.