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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Money

We uncover the meaning of dreaming about money, either banknotes or gold bars!

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Money?

“Money makes the world go round” as the song says. Indeed, money is the cause and solution of a great number of problems we are confronted with around the world, both on a general as well as an individual basis. That is why it is quite common for both men and women to dream several times about banknotes or coins or money in general.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Money?

According to our Dream Dictionary, when we see money in our dreams, it makes reference to something that shines or lights up, and it is related to exchange and trade. In the land of dreams, money is a universal representation of the supposed richness of the dreamer’s mind, of our psyche.

When we frequently dream about money, many of us think that we will make a fortune, that this is a prediction of how well things will go for us, of the upcoming income shown on our bank account. However, this is far from the truth and, many times, this kind of dreams has nothing to do with the economy.

Understandably, money is usually related to something positive, and this is the case most of the times since dreaming about it evokes prosperity and success in what we do. Recognition in our job position, a magical moment in our personal life, or an improvement of our self-confidence, these are just some examples, although it certainly depends on the kind and function of the money.

Dreaming about Money: Different Types of This Dream

It is known that dreams convey ideas, messages that come from the depths of our subconscious mind, and their correct interpretation might open our eyes to something we already know, but we do not want to accept.

Therefore, we are going to present you with a summary of the main ways in which you can interact with money while you are dreaming, and what the Dream Dictionary says about your actions.

Dreaming about Gold Bars

If you dream about money in the form of shiny gold bars, it foresees that you will be able to save up in your life (which, no doubt, is quite great!).

Dreaming about Stolen Money

This kind of dream has a special interest for you if you are a broker o something similar. Dreaming about stolen money means that your investments will vanish, that they will be lost.

Dreaming about Black Money

According to the Dream Dictionary, black money is not a good warning. If you have dreamt about black money, it is better to dismiss any financial transaction for the time being.

Dreaming about Finding and Counting Money

Have you ever dreamt of being a pirate who finds a chest full of coins and starts counting how many there are in total? Apart from having fun in your dream, you should know that finding money and counting it is a sign of hope. Of course, when you achieve what you long for in your life, you should act accordingly and so, avoid financial difficulties.

Dreaming about Earning a Lot of Money and Spending It

You will have to face many troubles!  This is what the Dream Dictionary says about making a lot of money in your dreams.

Dreaming about Burying Money

Going back to the pirate spirit, if you dream that you bury money, it means that there will be an indiscretion in your life, that you will try to hide an affair,  something that you do not want others to know.

Dreaming about Banknotes and Bringing Them to the Bank

Nowadays, few people like banks, right? So, if you dream about bringing banknotes to the bank, it is fate’s way to tell you that you will make bad savings.

Dreaming about Money and Giving it Away

You can be generous in your personal life, but if you are also generous in your dreams, you can relax, because this suggests prosperity.

Dreaming about Lending Money

One thing is to give money and another, to lend it. So, if you dream about lending your earnings, it is fate’s way to tell you that you will lose some money.

Having a Nightmare about Money

Money can appear in a nice and quiet dream or in a frightening nightmare. In the latter case, it is bad luck, because it foresees poverty. So, you can start taking care of your finances.

Dreaming about Eating Money

It is known that each one of us has his own culinary tastes, but if you dream about eating money, it means that you will suffer a loss, that your savings will be devoured.

Dreaming about Stealing Money

According to the Dream Dictionary, even if you are the robber in your dream, beware of those who love other’s belongings.

Dreaming about Counterfeit Banknotes

Have you ever dreamt about money that is illegal, about counterfeit banknotes? Then, this is a warning against false appearances, either of your co-workers who do not want you well, or a relative that would be able to sell you out. It might even predict problems with an inheritance.


Dreaming about Spending a Lot of Money

According to Freud, this reveals that you have too much sexual energy. In the same way, the founder of psychoanalysis pointed out that the lack of money suggests a lack of love and affection. There are also other experts in the analysis of dreams who would point out that the amount of money you handle in your dreams is the importance you give to your libido. 


Money is a way of guaranteeing your well-being at every basic level of your life since it makes sure you have a roof over your head, food, and the chance to look for solutions to the health problems that may affect you.

Therefore, generally speaking, if you dream about money, you should analyse your strengths and weaknesses,  and think about the possible difficulties that may assail you overnight.