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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Pregnancy

Discover what it means when you dream about being pregnant

Just as an actual pregnancy suggests the growth of a new being inside of you, dreaming about being pregnant is a metaphoric representation of  new feelings and ideas that are taking shape within you. A positive image of personal development and if you'd like to know more about the significance of pregnancy dreams continue reading our dream dictionary. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about pregnancies?

If you're going through a rough time in your life, experiencing many changes or maybe just one significant difference, it might be possible that your brain projects that in the form of dreaming about a pregnancy. You wake up wondering if you're really pregnant. 

Dreams are personal experiences which have to be analyzed given their context, but in general terms, pregnancy dreams carry a positive sign  of change  and personal growth. If you dream of being pregnant it might be because you are harbouring new hope, ideas for new projects and fresh objectives, in short, you are evolving as a person.   

A pregnancy is usually a positive event in a person's life, and the brain processes it as a parable for a promising situation. Depending on the context of each dream, things may get complicated because there are various meanings possible. In some cases, the details of our dreams are intended as messages that we need to improve certain aspects of our lives. 

Fear of new responsibilities, drifting away from your partner, uneasiness due to physical changes, failure in certain personal projects or the anxiety of being a new mother could all be interpretations of a pregnancy dream. Even men can dream of being pregnant. The best way to understand what our brain is saying is to have a look at the dream dictionary. 

Dreaming about pregnancies: different types of dreams

Gravidity in a dream is a sign of new things in your life which ties in perfectly with the idea of hope for future endeavours. Depending on the circumstances of the dream we can associate different meanings to it, but they're not all favourable. 

Dreaming about your own pregnancy

Dreaming about pregnancy is associated with a new change in life: you're facing new challenges in a personal or professional project, and your enthusiasm is reflected in your dreams as an image of gestation. It could represent getting a new job, a promotion, new opportunities in life, a new love, personal change, etc. 

Dreaming about another woman's pregnancy

Dreaming about another person's pregnancy is a sign of personal shortcomings and frustration. You've realized that you tend more to other people's needs than to your own, to the point of becoming unhappy. Even if it may be a negative significance you can still learn something from it: you need to channel your inner strength toward positive things. 

Dreaming about a friend's pregnancy

In this case, the meaning comes to us indirectly: there aren't any changes happening with your interior self but the dream does foretell positive things that will help better your life. This type of dream also indicates that you are  filled with good energies, and you find yourself in a great moment of your life with friends and loved ones bringing you joy. 

If you're a man and you dream about being pregnant 

It's a strange dream to have as a man but they do happen. If you are a man and you dream about your partner being pregnant, it means you are either going through an evolutionary stage in your relationship or you have overcome a conjugal crisis. But if you are the pregnant one, your subconscious is expressing your paternal instinct and the need to have a child or feelings of hope and excitement over new your objectives. 

Dreaming about having twins

The idea of twins introduces a new concept in our dreams: contradiction. If you dream of being pregnant with twins you may be going through a confusing stage in your life where  two real worlds, the material and the spiritual, fight for supremacy. In this period your need for balance and taking the right decisions translates into anxiety, which generates the dream. 

Dreaming about having a girl

The girl in our dream symbolizes jealousy and is related to our closest circle of friends: have a closer look at your personal life, you may be frustrated, and you're projecting it through jealousy of others. On top of foretelling problems in your marital life, dreaming about having a girl could stem from the anxiety of not being able to fall pregnant in real life. 

Dreaming about having a boy

Pay close attention: if you dream about having a baby boy then we must congratulate you because this is an excellent sign, you are filled with positive vibrations. You may have started on  a new path in life, with great intentions, doing things you didn't know  you were skilled at.  It could also represent a successful project. 

Dreaming about being pregnant and giving birth 

This type of dream is the reflection of all your hopes and aspirations, and it announces instant success. If you dream about being pregnant and giving birth then you've successfully ended a stage of personal growth, and you're ready to enjoy your new achievements, or you're in the final stages of an exciting project that will yield a good result. 

Dreaming about a family member's pregnancy

Your subconscious mind is telling you that someone close to you, in this case, a family member, needs  your help to finish a challenging endeavour. In some cases, however, the meaning is not so positive: dreaming with a family member's pregnancy could represent deception, frustration, guilt or an unfinished project. 


If you pay close attention to the context of each dream, and you analyse the images that are reproduced by your subconscious mind, you will get to the significance of the dream. Generally speaking, if you dream about pregnancy, it doesn't mean that you will get pregnant or that you already are, but that you are harbouring new feelings inside and new challenges  that will help you improve your life. 

This dream can symbolize an instant success, should you dream about giving birth or nursing, or better yet, a contradiction between two interior worlds that struggle for power, should you dream about having twins. In other cases, our pregnancy dream could represent  difficulties, or our marital life, a call to help our friends  and family, or on the other side of the spectrum, frustration and jealousy. 

When you are going through such a critical moment of change in your life, dreams can serve as general guidelines or powerful tools for personal discovery. Analyze the context of your dream, and you'll find the distilled knowledge that will help you perfect your personal growth.