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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Tornadoes

Find out about the tornado's meaning as a premonition sign

The tornado has a negative meaning in real life because it embodies destruction and death. But on the contrary, its premonitory traits can be seriously helpful to us when it shows up in our dreams. If you're wondering what it means to dream about tornadoes, you should think of a sign of change that can help you rearrange your inner chaos. What does it mean to dream about tornadoes?

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about tornadoes?

When we think about tornadoes we are ambushed by panic because we connect this natural phenomenon with death and destruction, a force of nature that rips apart everything on its path. However, when you ask yourselves what does it mean to dream about tornadoes, your perspective needs to change: something that rips everything apart could imply change, an inner revolution.

More than anything, these sorts of dreams always relate to an altered mood. If you dream about tornadoes you might be having a chaotic time in your personal life, with emotions running high and crazy feelings. What does it mean to dream about tornadoes, then? A chance to rearrange chaos.

In the same way that a tornado moves around ripping everything from the ground up and making a clean slate out of everywhere it goes, in our life, this premonition dream warns us about deep changes that will help us start over and leave the past behind.

Because it is a distressing dream, there are many people who just try to forget it as soon as they can. However, this dream has very useful information in order for you to face transformational challenges at an individual level. Only by stopping to analyse the details of your dream and applying them into your real-life will you be able to take advantage of it.

Coming up, don't miss out on what it means to dream about tornadoes, depending on the variations of this dream.

Dreaming about tornadoes: dream variations

The appearance of a tornado in your dreams could hide a positive or negative message, but at its core, it reports changes and unpredictable situations. The arrival of turbulent revolutions occurs in different senses depending on the variations of this dream.

Dreaming about a tornado destroying your home

In the dream dictionary, dreaming about a tornado destroying your home represents insecurity and anxiety because of your fear of losing what you've got in love, health or money. In our dreams, our home represents preservation and safety, and the tornado embodies threat against what you've already got. It could also mean you're afraid of being alone. In any case, it encourages self-protection.

Dreaming about being inside a tornado

Being in the middle of your dream sets you on the front row of interpretation: you're trying to control the chaos in your life. Normally this dream comes when you're ambushed by issues you want to confront, and it talks about your determination and courage when trying to take charge of your life. At the same time, it warns you about a greater effort to set some things straight.

Dreaming about escaping from a tornado

Dreaming about escaping from a tornado has an opposite meaning to what we've said before because your subconscious points out you're running away from problems instead of trying to challenge them. In this case, it's an expression of the urgent need for you to take on your responsibilities and fight adversity. If you manage to find shelter in the dream, this is the representation of a very farsighted personality that offers you great advantages.

Dreaming about a sand or fire tornado

While the tornado in itself represents the arrival of turbulence into your life that could create productive transformations, dreaming about a sand or fire tornado takes a more dangerous meaning: it implies serious, huge issues in your life. When it comes to big issues, you've got no other choice but to face them with a firm decision and as soon as you can.

Dreaming about a water tornado

In the world of dreams, water means calmness and introspection. Your ambushing issues and the changes you experience don't just require you to control them and set them straight; you also need to do some exploration of yourselves and new situations to find lessons that help you evolve. You need to do some introspection to grow and evolve with changes.

Dreaming about a wind tornado

It's the most common dream when dreaming about tornadoes. The wind is a highly powerful force, but in the whimsical world of the subconscious, it doesn't connect to the destructive forces of nature, but the metaphorical dimension of important, renewing changes instead. Dreaming about a wind tornado doesn't only predict change; it also embodies the urgent need to take control of them and make them work for you.

Dreaming about a tornado with rain

In the world of dreams, rain is the dream agent for sadness. Therefore, dreaming about a tornado with rain represents radical changes that sink you into a feeling of nostalgia, melancholy and deep sadness. You're on the verge of depression, and this dream is encouraging you to have an extreme attitude makeover, to try and overcome adversity with optimism.

Dreaming about electric tornadoes

When you dream about electric tornadoes you're experiencing anguish at its finest because it's a feeling that completely escapes all chances of control. You're a passive agent that, when trying to control changes, could be electrocuted. In this case, the dream encourages you to stay calm and patient and to wait for the tornado to go away, adapting to changes as best as you can.

Dreaming about witnessing a tornado

Dreaming about witnessing a destructive tornado that rips everything apart around you usually embodies your powerlessness  to changes happening around you. The dream points out that things are changing, and situations are escaping your control, and that makes you anguished and powerless. Try to be more of a leader in things that happen around you and get more involved in changes.

Dreaming about a tornado destroying everything

In this case, dreaming about a tornado destroying everything means that, after the period of change, evolution and transformation you're going through, nothing will ever be the same. In some way, your subconscious encourages you to accept that the past is the past and that there are things you need to give up, while embracing a future full of hope and excitement, no matter how scary it looks.

Conclusion: if you dream about tornadoes, pay attention to changes

If you wake up drenched in sweat because of the distress of having a nightmare where you could see a huge column of hurricane winds, you need to know that dreaming about a tornado means that there are sudden changes that bring radical transformation to our lives.

Sand, fire and electricity tornadoes are bad omens because they predict there are  huge issues coming, sometimes so big, they escape your control. Dreaming about wind, water and rain tornadoes gives you the chance of facing incoming issues with patience and calmness, and through an introspection exercise, bring out your own conclusions to use changes in your favour.

When you're inside the tornado, you're facing issues with courage and bravery, while witnessing a tornado could mean powerlessness, weakness and a lack of control. Under a general scope, dreaming about tornadoes connects to insecurities and fear of changes, but it gives you the chance to dominate them.