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Earth Signs: Find Out About Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Which are the earth signs of the zodiac? Learn about their main features.

If we classify the twelve zodiacal signs by the elements that are associated with them, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are included as elements of Earth. The earth is the second element, negative, feminine and introverted.

Earth signs features

In symbolism, the Earth follows the Fire, and converts the conquests of it, making them durable, adaptable in matter and forms. The Earth brings to the three signs, as a protector, a calm, realistic, sometimes materialistic, rigorous and laborious temperament.

One of the features of earth signs is that they help to build concrete things, and they feed material security. Their perception of reality is correct and allows good investments, profitable objectives, a good chance of material success.

Earth signs are intimately related to physical things and the material world and are characterized by remarkable pragmatism, they have an extremely logical and rational, methodical spirit. This triad of signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) set goals that they often reach without difficulty and enjoy a job well done.

As features that aren't so positive, we find that the Earth brings certain coldness, its signs are detached and lack flexibility, lightness, fantasy and even tolerance. Its too realistic side makes it a kind of modern Saint Thomas, that is, it only believes what it sees with its own eyes, or what it can feel with its own hands. It doesn't trust the gossip of others, not even people from its closest circle.

We must understand that the signs of Earth are often blamed for their coldness and their apparent indifference towards others, but in reality, it's a parapet, a shell in which they take refuge; in fact, they are able to have patience and can endure very difficult living conditions, even more than other signs.

Which are the earth signs of the zodiac?

As already mentioned above, the three earth signs of the Zodiac are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and it's a triad that shares its attachment to the material world, as well as its taste for things and concrete results. They are quite far from the world of emotions, which the natives of other signs don't always understand. Discover their signs and their specificities.

1. The earth element in Venus: Taurus

The planet Venus is patient, balanced and natural. Named in honour of the goddess of beauty and love, Taurus brings a great capacity to wait before judging or acting. They express their emotions and their passions, they grant creativity and inventiveness.

Taurus is the first sign of the Earth, and likes to create concrete experiences and manipulate matter in its purest form; it could be said that they are, in a certain way, artisans, esthetes who put beauty before any other value, and live with it according to goodness; in fact, they are very friendly and sociable. The influence of Venus helps this Earth sign discern what is good in everyone, including their own enemies.

2. The earth element in Mercury: Virgo 

Those born between August and September that are from the Virgo sign have Mercury as the ruling planet. This protective star brings sociability to those born under this horoscope, so much so that they can become anxious about multiple encounters and different contacts... And all because of the simple pleasure of communicating!

The Earth element,  Virgo, is mobile, available, and sometimes elusive; they want to remain free to start relationships. They have a nervous temperament and curiosity about everything and good critical sense.

3. The earth element in Saturn: Capricorn

The influence of Saturn makes Capricorn love solitude, discipline and discretion. The god of agriculture contributes to this sign of Earth that governs a serious character, cautious, durable and sometimes stoic or solitary.

Capricorn doesn't trust appearances and never speaks in order to say nothing, or spreads their opinions in vain. They hate agitation and instability because they are basically calm. They are intelligent, hardworking individuals with full control of their destiny, they know what they want and they also know how they would like other people to behave.

Of course, if they become unhappy, Saturn can make Capricorn become austere, rigid, uncommunicative and even pessimistic.

What are the Earth signs like in love?

In their love stories, people with an Earth sign usually search for two things: sensuality and security. On the contrary, the natives of these signs (who, by the way, aren't scared by the routine at all) find the stability and tranquillity they covet.

The love needs of the signs of Earth are often paramount: they look for a great sensuality, but also security, stability and tranquillity. They enjoy family life and seek to start a home from their youth.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn take their time to decide because they want to ensure their long-term relationships with a minimum of risks,  surprises and changes. However, that need for security may worry their partner, as they may consider them possessive. These signs, on the other hand, don't understand what they're doing wrong if they like to take their time to commit themselves; and it's important for them to find a person to always trust, no matter what.

The day that Cupid throws his arrows to a native of Earth and they meet at the end the person chosen by their heart to undertake a long journey together, it's probable that they will soon aspire to form a family and enjoy a peaceful and quiet life. Because what they want to find in their life is a sure value.

This doesn't mean that they're insensitive to physical beauty; in fact, aesthetic criteria and beauty, in general, are important for terrestrial signs.