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Find Out Your Feminine Wiles According to Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has a favourite method to get to the heart of the person she desires. Do you want to know what your feminine wiles are? Magic Horoscope will reveal them to you!

There are no specific rules for love,  and each one of us has a particular way of getting closer to the person we desire. Some of us are quicker and more direct while others are shier and usually take their time before making a move. Being able to catch the attention of someone we like has become an art and,  in the end, only those who manage to find the right strategy succeed.

However, when it comes to flirting, there is clearly something that determines our way of behaving and interacting with other people: our zodiac. Therefore, this article exposes the wiles women use according to their zodiac sign,  so you can find out which ones are yours and use them more efficiently. No man will be able to resist you! 


Find Out Your Feminine Wiles according to Your Zodiac Sign

What is your method of winning someone’s heart? The first thing you have to do in order to get it right is to know yourself. Only then will you be able to discover your strengths, then you can improve them and turn them to your own advantage. If you manage to analyse yourself thoroughly and find out the way to take advantage not only of your virtues but also of your flaws; there is no doubt that you will succeed!

Therefore, without further delay, we present you the best feminine wiles according to your zodiac sign:

aries logoAries: Having Doubts? Never!

Aries women know it for sure that the time they waste deciding what to do is time they could use sharing with their loved ones and enjoying their company. Therefore, when it comes to flirting, “doubting” is not something they will do. So, their best feminine charm according to their zodiac sign is making the first move and going directly for what they want.

The best thing about this method is that they are not beating around the bush nor driving crazy their loved one, since they are making clear what they want at all times. In this way, they avoid uncomfortable moments and speculations, because when they glimpse a lack of interest, Aries women will not doubt to make a clean break and go on their way.

Therefore, for those who are interested in flirting with a woman of this zodiac sign, you have only one thing to be worried about: her great enthusiasm, which can knock you out in no time. 

taurus logoTaurus: Easy Does It

Taurus’s persistence is particularly noticed when it comes to winning someone’s heart.  Rushing things is never a good idea, especially when it comes to love. You should not dive right into it without thinking it carefully, because you might be disappointed.

For this reason, when it comes to using your feminine wiles according to your zodiac sign, Taurus women will slowly get closer to the person they desire  and will not dare to take another step until they are not sure that the man in question returns their feelings. Therefore, they will earn their friendship with patience and care,  and when the path is safe (never before that), they will dare to throw themselves into the arms of their loved ones.

Having said that, you should know better than to get in their way while they are in the process of seduction, because Taurus women are very jealous and possessive. Moreover, they are as stubborn as a mule, so it will be very difficult to make them give up their purpose, as  they will fight tooth and nail to reach their goal.

gemini logoGemini: The Poetess of Love

Do you want to know your feminine wiles if you are a Gemini? The answer is something as simple and effective as your rhetoric skills. Gemini women will manage to seduce any man using only their words.

It is truly impossible to get bored with someone of this zodiac sign. Their restless imagination helps them to never go blank, and their great intelligence makes them experts in any subject they propose to study. Therefore, if you have a date with a Gemini woman, you must be ready to talk, because she will not stop doing it.

Moreover, their childish character gives them a surprising perspective of life,  which makes their dates be amazed by the way their psyche works. But, be careful with their changing character and their dual personality,  because a word out of place can turn them from angels to demons in no time.  

cancer logoCancer: A True Gem

Cancer women are very fortunate, because they do not need any strategy. In fact, if a Cancer woman wants to find out her feminine wiles according to her zodiac sign, all she has to do is be herself! This is due to their intuition, which is ruled by this sign’s deep emotions. Therefore, it is really difficult for Cancer women to be mistaken, whatever they do.

There is no doubt that the affection of Cancer women is so pure and wonderful that it makes you addicted to it. It is like a drug for anyone who dares to taste it. Apart from being the romantic of the horoscope, Cancer women give you a unique sense of protection and loyalty, which is something that makes the opposite sex lose their heads.

However, you should carefully deal with Cancer women, since their strong emotions may turn against them and make them sensitive. Needless to say, this slight inconvenience is worth it due to another great attribute of this zodiac sign: her absolute rejection of conflict. Therefore, they will always try to deal with problems from a peaceful and caring perspective.

leo logoLeo: The Most Irresistible Beauty

Watch out, there comes Leo! The queen of the zodiac has a peculiar weakness for power and domination,  which becomes apparent when it comes to seduction. It might be difficult to pin down her feminine wiles according to her zodiac sign, but if that sign is Leo, there is something that stands out and that is ostentation.

A Leo woman becomes a real whirlwind when someone of interest crosses her path and she will not doubt to make the first move from the very beginning. Therefore, if the person she likes tries to lead the way, he’d better give it up as soon as possible,  although there is no doubt that Leo’s physical appearance for seduction will be enough to knock him out.

Her love of luxury will stand out and be shown through a daring but, at the same time, suitable look. A Leo woman will make everything she can to delight her partner through all his senses, and she will make him feel from the very beginning the pleasure she enjoys so much in her daily life. In short, if you catch the attention of a woman born under this zodiac sign, you can be sure that you will fall into her trap… because there is nothing you can do to avoid it! 

virgo logoVirgo: Less Is More

Someone as shy as Virgo may have some difficulties when it comes to love. Their insecurity leads to their desire to remain in the background, which can give an advantage to other zodiac signs that are more daring.  Despite this, one must not forget that one of the best wiles of Virgo women is precisely the loveliness derived from their discretion and modesty.

Therefore, when it comes to pursuing love, Virgo women will always choose to be the ones pursued. What can be more appealing than trying to captivate a heart so elusive? Nothing at all! So, any man will be charmed by the honourable and funny character of Virgo women. It is simply impossible to resist their sweetness!

It is also true that, until they do not completely trust their partner, Virgo women can be a little conservative and not so passionate. But once their partners break down their walls and earn their trust,  they discover a side of this zodiac sign that will totally surprise them  and make them lose their heads over the Virgo women.

 libra logoLibra: No Routine, Thank You

It is particularly striking that the zodiac sign of perfect balance is the one looking for the most active and different love relationship. Having a Libra woman in your life makes you go through an emotional roller coaster, but the good news is that these are all nice feelings.

This zodiac sign is naturally optimistic and has always a reason to be happy, which is why their cheerful and friendly character is their best attribute.  Clearly, such qualities endow this zodiac sign with a singular charm. Moreover, if we bear in mind that they bluntly despise all that is related to conflicts and cruelty,  they should be even more cherished.

Their great sense of justice makes them accept their mistakes gracefully, which is a quality that is most appreciated and difficult to find nowadays. However, this could also be considered as a weakness if it means that they lack of courage to face other people. 

scorpio logoScorpio: Turns Heads Wherever She Goes

When it comes to Scorpio women, one of their best feminine wiles is their great passion for life. The heart of a Scorpio woman can be earned only by the boldest and bravest ones, since they will have to deal with all the passion and sensuality of this zodiac sign.

This is a zodiac sign that leaves absolutely nothing to chance and tries to have everything under control using her persistence and intuition. In short, Scorpio women are completely infallible and can win the heart of anyone they want  due to their determined character and their strong inner power.

Her inexplicable magnetism and her eccentricity, which is able to leave even the most prepared person speechless, should warn anyone who wants to get romantically involved with a Scorpio woman not to hurt her.  Otherwise, she will wake up the beast, her sting will poison her victim, and her resentment will persecute him to death. 

sagittarius logoSagittarius: So Passionate That Burns

There is no place for the bored, the monotony lovers or the self-possessed people in the life of the whirlwind Sagittarius. The women born under this zodiac sign will only feel interested in someone who is willing to become their adventure partner.  This person should have enough energy to keep up with their routine and, if possible, to have some more for the next life, because one life is not enough for all the energy this zodiac sign has.

Therefore, it becomes clear that Sagittarius’s energy is her best attribute. Moreover, the women born under this zodiac sign avoid oppressive relationships, since it is well known that they love freedom and that they look for someone to complement them, not to control them  or place himself above them. 

The only difficulty when it comes to finding a partner is that Sagittarius women need to be constantly on the move and travel. That is why it is quite complicated to find a period of stability in their life. However, if their soulmate is willing to leave it all behind and travel the world with his beloved, they will be the happiest women in the world and their inner fire will dazzle everyone wherever they go. 

 capricorn logoCapricorn: Always One Step Ahead of the Rest

Do you want to know your feminine wiles if you are a Capricorn? As you may imagine, the women born under this zodiac sign are as methodical in love as they are in any other aspect of their lives.  Their obsession with planning and organization oversteps boundaries and becomes particularly important when it comes to love.

While it is true that, in some cases, they may leave room for improvisation, this is only the exception that proves the rule. Actually, a Capricorn woman will get a notebook (or a diary) and a pen and start writing down the entire development of her relationship, marking the goals she wants to achieve and how she intends to do it. In short, they are hard-working and disciplined in every aspect of their lives, and they have nothing to fear when it comes to taking control of the situation. 

One of the strengths of Capricorn women is their cleverness, which provides a significant advantage when it comes to competing against another person for the heart of their loved one. Usually, the women born under this zodiac sign have won the battle before even starting it,  because, apart from what was mentioned before, they can also offer loyalty and stability as only few zodiac signs can do. 

aquarius logoAquarius: The Limited Edition of the Horoscope

Anyone who meets an Aquarius woman knows that, actually, they do not need any plan to win someone’s heart, since their best feminine wiles according to their zodiac sign are defined by their gestures and the actions they undertake without even realising it. They are as original as few and so uncomplicated that being with them becomes as easy as breathing.

Therefore, there is no wonder that any man can lose his head over a woman born under this zodiac sign, since they are able to reduce problems as big as mountains to issues as small as sand grains that can vanish into thin air. They can do all this without the need to look for people to blame or criticise, since tolerance and idealism are two of their natural values.  They are good friends and even better confidantes, who add value to anyone’s life.

Clearly, the lucky men who manage to catch the attention of an Aquarius woman will have to prove that they really deserve her love and earn her trust little by little, so she can unconditionally surrender to his love. If they have enough patience and manage to get to the end, they will receive the best gift the Universe can offer them.

pisces logoPisces: As Cuddly as a Teddy Bear 

The feminine wiles of those born under the Pisces sign can be considered to be double-edged. A Pisces woman’s sensitivity is so great that, even if she is able to empathise and understand anyone, she can also get seriously hurt when she is not treated as she deserves. Anyone is able to see that the kind and tender heart of Pisces women is crying out for someone to love  and cherish it in the same way.

Therefore, Pisces women are so lovely that they sweeten every moment or situation, even the hardest ones, and they make their dates struggle between kissing and pampering them all day, and protecting them from the very moment they meet them. These women quickly connect with everyone and they will do everything they can to make the people around them happy.  This simply means that their absolute surrender will charm anyone that falls into their trap.

Despite their most sensitive and emotional side, Pisces women have a great advantage over the rest: their more spiritual and mystical side,  endowed with incomparable intuition, which allows them to avoid any obstacles in life, even blindfolded. Their love of fantasy and mystery gives them a childish look, which is why no one is able to deny them anything.