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A First Date With Each Zodiac Sign

Find out how to make someone you like fall in love with you from the first date

When we have a first date with someone we like, we are stricken with doubts.  How should we act? What is it expected from us? Do we have to try to please or is it enough for us to be true to our personality?

How is each zodiac sign like on the first date?

Astrology provides very good tools for getting to know people according to their zodiac sign’s profile. Therefore, this article will analyze the behaviour of each zodiac sign on a first date.


A first date with Aries

Aries likes to take on challenges. Therefore, on a first date with a Ram, you should provide information about yourself in dribs and drabs. You can give him (or her) the impression that he or she is the only who handles the whole situation. Who is seducing you, although it can really happen the other way around!

You should know that nothing melts Aries’ heart more than a good game of seduction; a conversation that gradually heats up on a first date is something that really turns them on.

A first date with Taurus

Astrology describes Taurus natives as people who love beauty and elegance, so play these cards to make them fall in love with you on a first date. They will thoroughly analyze the way you got ready for your date, and they will let themselves be guided by the first impressions.

They will pay close attention to details, such as the perfume you use or the jewellery you wear. You can be natural on a first date with Taurus, because, despite everything that was mentioned, they hate eccentricity.

A first date with Gemini

You will find it very easy to communicate with Gemini natives on your first date. However, their attitude can become a double-edged weapon, as they will test you in order to see how much attention you pay to what they tell you.

You can get to their heart through their good sense of humour, since they enjoy deep conversations and, for them, the sexiest thing about the other can be that person’s culture.

A first date with Cancer

Cancer natives are often very reserved in matters of love,  and it is difficult for them to throw themselves into the unknown. It may cost you more than you think to have a Cancer agree to have a first date with you. You will have to be enterprising and take the first step, even be the first to open up (but with restraint).

If you earn their trust, they will give their best to get to know you a bit more. For your date, choose a modest appearance, because they do not like eccentricity. You do not have to be too talkative, and they will appreciate your spontaneity.

A first date with Leo

Leo has a very great natural charm, and you may have to double your efforts on a first date with him (or her). They pay close attention to appearances, and they always like the other person to have a sexy air about them. 

You will have to let them participate in the conversation because they enjoy being the centre of all attentions. Things will go wrong if you tell them how complicated your life is or you talk about your past love relationships. You better focus on your successes and use your good humour to make them laugh!

A first date with Virgo

You have to be very tactful when you have a first date with Virgo natives. You are wrong if you think that you will make them fall in love with you from the first moment. They will need a lot of time to admire you and become fond of you because their thinking is very analytical and they like to label everything.

When it comes to your looks, you can be elegant but without overdoing it. It is better to be restrained and leave the fascination for conversations.

A first date with Libra

Libra is a zodiac sign that is represented by a pair of scales. In order to be successful on a first date, they have to feel that the other person has that sense of balance in all aspects. Make clear your approach to life, but leave the door open to spontaneity.

Despite constantly seeking fairness, they hate routines and preconceived ideas, and they value surprises and the enthusiasm for life. 

A first date with Scorpio

Caution is one of the distinguishing features of Scorpio natives. So, it may be a little difficult for you to earn their trust on a first date. On your date, they will take their time to see what your intentions are and they will look at you with very analytical eyes. 

To keep everything flowing between you, keep a relaxed attitude, follow their game and answer their questions very tactfully. If you want, play the card of mystery to get their attention.

A first date with Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives like to head for the most unknown paths of life, and you will feel the same about exploration when you have your first date. They will try to get to know your life and learn more about your tastes or concerns.

If you want to catch their attention completely, talk about your trips, about those places you want to discover, bring out your spirit of adventure and avoid talking about disappointments or defeats, because Sagittarius is optimistic by nature.

A first date with Capricorn

Before you have a first date with Capricorn, you should know that they like to go straight to the point, which will be made very clear to you in a more or less subtle way. They like to have a stable life  and they look for a partner that does not tend to fantasize.

If you want your date to be successful, try to be punctual, and direct the talking towards your projects in life, either studies, jobs, future trips, etc. Although they may seem cold people, do not hold back when it comes to being funny and playful.

A first date with Aquarius 

When it comes to a first date with Aquarius, you should know that this is a very non-conformist sign. So, the best way to get to their heart will be through lively conversations and topics that may catch their attention. You will have to be witty, but without going too far.

Astrology reveals that Aquarius natives are very interested in the world’s problems, such as ecology, politics, the tendency to create different associations, and also paranormal matters!

A first date with Pisces

No one likes to suffer in this life, much less Pisces! So, show them your safer (and more confident) side when you have your first date. Try to adopt a balanced attitude and bring out pleasant conversation topics, such as family, travel anecdotes, childhood memories, etc.

Play with the most sensitive and dreamy side of your date and the odds will soon start to tilt in your favour.