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Five Signs a Gemini Man Likes You

Do you really want to know when a Gemini man likes you? One look in his eyes will tell you everything you need to know

Face of a man
When a Gemini man likes you, his eyes speak volumes.

This zodiac sign is the personification of charm and perfect company for those who enjoy good conversation. When a Gemini man likes you, his eyes speak volumes. 

If you want to find out more about Gemini men, follow the clues given in this article.  

Five signs a Gemini man likes you 

Would you like to know what the man with the most piercing look in the zodiac feels about you? We'll give you a clue: if you've noticed that he gazes at you without saying a word, he might like you more than you thought. 


1. He can't stop talking 

Geminis have incredible people and communication skills, so when a Gemini man is interested in you, he will become an even more avid conversationalist. You don't need to worry as the time a Gemini spends with you will always be well enjoyed. 

It could be a part of his aesthetic, but something in his appearance changes: his eyes light up and spark when he's in your company, and his smile is broader than his face. 

Simply put, he's having the time of his life by your side and you can tell by his movements and gestures that something inside him has changed.

2. From pleasant to wonderful 

Yes, it's difficult to spot the difference between someone who is good company, whom they enjoy simply talking to, and someone who they like a little bit more. Don't give up and sharpen your senses; you will be able to see it eventually.   

The difference, although subtle, is that when a Gemini man likes you, he will go from being merely pleasant to someone who is so fascinating that you won't be able to resist his charm. His look captivates you and his words hypnotize you, and by the time you realize it, all your doubts will have dissipated. Things are a bit clearer now, aren't they? 

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3. His eyes speak to you (and you like what you hear)

"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze". The same phrase uttered by Gustav Adolfo Bécquer could also be said by the person that sparks a Gemini's interest. 

When trying to decipher a Gemini's behaviour toward you,  don't forget to look out for those moments when your eyes meet  and say more than any word could. 

Could things be more clear after such a declaration? 

4. Wherever you go, he will follow 

Especially if he is part of your close circle of friends and knows your plans. If he is not, then he will invest time and energy into visiting potential places where you may be, so that he can ''run into'' you. 

Either way, remember that Gemini natives don't lack plans, their reputation as social butterflies procedes them. So if you start bumping into your Gemini man in places you least expect, don't shrug it off as a coincidence, it's what he does when he likes you. 

Remember, he can choose the places he goes to and his company, but the difference is if he does it. And if your Gemini man has been doing everything he can to be around you, then that's your answer. 

5. When you least expect it...he will admit it 

Perhaps it happens during one of your deep and meaningful chats.  Or maybe while his gaze is fixated deep into your eyes, or maybe during those quiet moments, charged with the weight of unspoken words. Wait for it because any moment now, your Gemini man will confess what you have been suspecting for a while: he is head over heels with you. 

Now, we wouldn't want to dull the shine of your romance, but we do have to warn you that he is a bit of a blabbermouth. To avoid doubting his sincerity, try and keep this in mind: sometimes he lets himself get overwhelmed by his emotions and confesses to everything he may be feeling at the moment; without waiting to see if his feelings are real. 

We don't mean to have you on guard for an "I like you" but do be aware of a premature "I love you". It might feel earthshattering and impressive but try to keep a level head and evaluate for yourself if the feelings could be durable over time. If they are, then enjoy because you're in for a ride. 

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