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Five Signs a Leo Man Likes You

As pompous and narcissistic as cute. Find out when a Leo man likes you.

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When a Leo man falls in love, he is very intense.

Do you know what the exaggerated intensity made person is? A Leo man in love! There's nothing as intense, expressive and pretentious than this sign when he is in mad about someone. 

So if you're wondering lately if that's what's making that friend of yours more eccentric than usual when he sees you... you're probably right because when a Leo man likes you, there is no doubt about it; you and the rest of the world are clear about that. When it comes to attracting attention, no one can beat him!

Five signs a Leo man likes you

Follow the trail of these evident signs that the Leo man leaves in its path so that you can get the hints.


1. Clumsier than ever 

And we can assure you that it's the last thing they would want to be since they just want to impress you. Because when a Leo man likes you, the pressure he feels for wanting to arouse your interest is so high that he doesn't get anything right. He is not exactly a discreet person, so he ends up making a scene. It's all about getting your attention, isn't it? So there you go: Mission accomplished!

2. Jealousy scenes

Just like the real king of the jungle,  when a Leo man likes you, he also shows his most territorial and possessive side. And as he assumes that you, who he can't get out of his mind, are his, he keeps marking territory, especially if he feels there are possible competitors near. 

As you've already been warned, don't be surprised if, from now on, you witness some ironic (and somewhat childish) tone when you're chatting and a friend of yours comes by to say hi to you. It's also highly likely that you laugh about the situation; beware, it may be offensive! You have to understand; he is more sensitive than usual...

3. Vanity made person

He looks like a chicken more than a lion... a peacock, we mean. Because when you are dating a Leo man, he needs to unfold all the exuberance of his plumage to enjoy seeing how he dazzles you with his attractiveness.

He feels more interesting than ever, more than anyone else, he can't feel more handsome... He doesn't kiss himself because he can't reach. And he won't miss the slightest opportunity to try to make you see it.

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4. Your private bodyguard

Do you feel observed? It might have to do that lately the feline of the zodiac has become your shade, because  when a Leo man is falling in love with you, from within emerges such a protectionist eagerness towards the woman they adore that he doesn't even realize to what extent he can be absorbing, even asphyxiating.

But it's not something you perceive only when he tries to be with you wherever you go, but also in the way he tries to protect you, to make sure you're OK and even to exaggerate by worrying about what he wouldn't have to worry about. But isn't he cute? Yes, he is.

5. Romanticism overload

We can't forget that the element of this sign, the fire, is also a trigger of its highest passion. And when a Leo man likes you, he's a romantic who even goes too far. Well, it all depends on the amount of romanticism you like.

He will try to surprise you with details that he could have heard in a conversation with you; he might organize something that he knows you love, or, perhaps, just take advantage of a moment to share with you.

In any case, the most impressive attentions, surprises, and demonstrations of his most intimate emotions won't be missing for the person a Leo man likes.

We're sure that after going through all these clues, at this point, you'll know. And if your conclusions indicate that he likes you, get ready...  because that's not the end of it. Because when a Leo man likes you, after making you follow the clues he has left expressly to let you know where he wants to take you, he will shout it out loud.

Do not doubt that it's a matter of (little) time that this impetuous and warm man openly tells you that he likes you very much. You will soon see it with your own eyes.

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