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How Can I Forget an Impossible or Forbidden Romance? 5 Rituals and Spells

Here's how to use magic to leave that person behind... forevermore.

Love is a many splendorous thing, but when it becomes impossible it can be really painful. When you can't get that person out of your mind and you're desperate, magic can be quite a useful and efficient resource. The following spells and rituals to forget a forbidden or impossible romance are easy to do and they can help a lot. You just need some items, good vibrations and focus.

How can I forget an impossible or forbidden romance? 5 rituals and spells to do it

Forgetting about love is the last thing we consider when we fall head over heels into it, but sometimes we cling to that love story, to the extreme of staying clung and hooked onto it when it fails, despite the fact that it's impossible to make it go on any longer...

Then, our life is miserable. We can't forget about that person, and everything reminds us of them. We suffer because we know we won't get another chance to be with them. Or we try to create the image of a relationship with someone who can't be there for us. And even if we know that we won't be able to have anything going on with them. we cheat ourselves and live the lie. Both one situation and another stop us from moving on with our life.

If all this sounds familiar, these are the best spells and rituals to beg magic and angels to help you get that person off your mind once and for all, to be able to progress on your enlightened path. Here are the best spells to forget a forbidden, impossible romance.

Candle spell to forget love

In order to perform this love-forgetting ritual, you need a calm area. Make sure you cleanse bad vibrations properly so that your energy field can absorb and, at the same time, convey all the strength it can, and connect to the ritual. Only if your mind projects your wishes clearly and passionately  will the spell work.

On a glass table, set two candles: a white candle on the left will represent healing, and a red one on the right will represent strength.

On a piece of paper, write the name of the person you're trying to forget, and visualise on your mind how their image shatters and disappears forever. Next, seal the paper shut and burn it off  with the fire from both candles. While you're doing it, summon the angels to make your wish come true, praying to them and restating your wish:

I hereby burn your name and order you, (name of the person) to leave my life forever, with the help of the angels and the light of the Almighty. Go away and don't come back.

Garlic ritual to get rid of an impossible romance

Garlic is a powerful item which has been always used in white magic to repel. For example, it was used in houses to send bad spirits away and keep spaces safe from evil influences. But it is also purifying: thanks to its power, not only it'll drive you away from that impossible romance forever, but it will also help you cleanse your soul and open a path to a new life.

In this case, you'll start the spell by burning off a picture  of that person in a metal bowl while visualising their image on your mind and shattering it apart. While you're summoning the presence of the forces of good to help you, repeat this prayer:

Leave my heart, I release you from my pain. I release you from me forever, and I start a new life.

Put the garlic on your chest and focus. Attract energy with your mind and drive it into the garlic, so that it brings out from your body the evils of that romance through its repelling force. When you're done, touch your forehead with the garlic and wrap everything up, the garlic and the ashes, in a handkerchief.

Bury it somewhere far from your home and you'll stop thinking of that romance.

Magic to end a forbidden romance

In this case, you'll only need a piece of paper, a pen, a red candle, two white candles and matches.

Write the name of your forbidden romance with a red pen on a piece of paper. Next, put a red candle on the ground, and the two white candles on the left and right of the red one. Make sure you created enough space on the ground to make a powerful energy circle. Sit in front of the candles and burn the paper with the person's name off, while you're visualising them.

Next, pray to the angels to get the strength to forget while driving that person away from your life forever with your mind. Meanwhile, burn the paper off until it becomes ashes.  Again, put the ashes in a red handkerchief and bury them away from home.

A spell to forget with river stones

In order to perform this spell to forget an impossible romance, you'll have enough with 5 river stones, a litre of water and a pot. Pay attention, it's very simple.

Put water to boil in the pot and the stones inside it. The stones will disperse their energy and strength within the water. After a few minutes, take it out of the fire and let it cool down. Drink that water as if it were tea, and while you recite a prayer to send that romance away forever, receive the energy of stones inside you like a purifying force.

You can do this ritual and then burn off white rose petals on a metal bowl while saying a prayer. Watch the smoke of the burning petals and visualise the soul of that person leaving your life forever.

A ritual with rue to forget and open pathways

We finally come to the fifth and final ritual. It is one of the best spells to forget an impossible romance indeed.  That's the case because it brings out the purifying magic power or rue, an age-old medicinal herb with powerful esoteric powers. You'll also need some basil, black paper, white marker and a piece of red ribbon.

Make an incense powder with rue, basil and garlic to cleanse your home. Create an energy space to sit on and write the name of the person you want out of your life on the black paper. Leave it on the ground and surround it with the rue incense as you say a prayer.

Rue, basil and garlic are powerful repelling agents that create a barrier between you and that person as you use the power of words and thoughts. Finally, to complete the ritual, burn off the paper and bury its ashes somewhere far from you.