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Four Signs An Aquarius Man Likes You

He's not being weird, he just likes you too much!

Saying that  Aquarius natives are unusual  is an understatement. No one can deny that Aquarius men have a way about themselves that is difficult to resist. When a native of this sign likes you, however, you are bound to find out because of their even more peculiar behaviour. 

The truth is if you're looking for signals of an Aquarius man in love you will need to look quite hard because they're difficult to read. It's not because they don't care or because changes in their lives don't affect them. On the contrary. 

The trick is that if you're not familiar with the contradictions of this sign,  it's almost impossible to interpret his behaviour  and decide whether he likes you or not. 

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Four signs an Aquarius man likes you

The excerpts below aim to answer the question "How do Aquarius act when they like someone?".

1. Strange situations

Those who have a well-developed sense of humour and can take the strange things that happen around them with a pinch of salt will benefit the most from being around Aquarians and will feel inspired by them. When life puts you in absurd situations, you must be able to laugh at yourself  and them. It's that, or you drive yourself crazy too.

This is precisely what happens when an Aquarius man likes you - he's already quite unpredictable, but now that he's on this emotional rollercoaster, he will lose it even more.

Therefore, if you find yourself confused and wondering what is going on, it could be because you're picking up on his attraction for you; he's completely smitten when you're around. 

2. Managing his emotions

Something needs to be very clear: Aquarians don't deal well with understanding their new feelings, they might be aware that something is happening but they might not be able to control it. It can be the opposite because when an Aquarian man likes you, he will realize that he is the one being controlled by what he feels for you. 

One of the best clues that suggest he has feelings for you is that he will look for any possible moment to spend time alone with you. These are the times when he can analyze his emotions and clarify what his feelings are for you. 

3. He sees you in a new light 

By now you should already know how bizarre Aquarius men can act, you must have learned it as soon as you met him, but we're willing to bet he's never looked at you as strangely as he does now. 

Don't be worried, if you notice that the way he looks at you has changed compared to when you first met then it means he's past the stage of labeling his emotions and  has accepted that his feelings for you are inevitable. 

For him, this is the time to find out if you're his best match - after all, you are an extraordinary woman that makes him feel wonderful. His eyes will be stuck to you anytime you'll meet, he's intrigued by you and quite frankly, crazy over you.  

4. More than just friends 

Because Aquarians are not a very demonstrative sign when it comes to love you need to remember their inner element is not fire but wind. Although his energy can bring a freshness to your relationship (if you get to that point), Aquarians will never possess that intensity that perhaps other signs have in similar situations. 

His approach will be to  maintain a steady friendship or take small steps toward a more intimate relationship - the perfect example of an Aquarius in love. He feels comfortable being your friend but at the same time, he would like to get closer. 

The Aquarius compatibility with other signs is tricky because he will often behave more like a friend than a lover.  You may find yourself confused by his attitude and believe he wants nothing more to do with you; and the next moment he'll surprise you with a tender moment, which is what he truly desires. He just has trouble expressing it better. 

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