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Four Signs an Aries Man Likes You

Don't let the Aries man confuse you: Even if it seems that he likes all of them... there is one he likes more than the rest

Let's start by remembering that the essence of this sign has a fire nature, its element. And the fire is responsible for the Aries personality: his carelessness and the most evident expressiveness. This is why, when an Aries man likes you, it won't be complicated for you to discover, because if there's a fire burning in him for you, the signs will just appear before you. 
  • What Is the Aries Man Like in Love?

Four signs an Aries man likes you

Since you already know this man born under the sign of Aries, and you know of his inherent expressiveness, you may think you know everything about him. But no matter how much you try, there will always be a distance from what we can perceive from this person and what is really happening inside his head. Sometimes his peculiar way of trying to dazzle everyone can mislead you as to how he feels about you.

1. His smile when he sees you

Do you know the smile of people from this sign? This natural gesture in his expression is very contagious, but when an Aries man likes you, you'll have to get ready to feel much more than the happiness he will show when he sees you. At that moment you will undoubtedly feel that he transfers the emotion he feels. 

He might make you doubt about whether this only happens to him with you, and it's completely normal that you don't have it clear because if you get to know the Aries men, it might seem that they like all of them. That fieriness is noticeable at a distance almost in every interaction with the opposite sex.

However, one of the signs an Aries man is in love with you (or likes you) is his smile.

2. His body language betrays him

You can usually identify those born under this sign easily because only with his way of moving, you can perceive the element that flows in his veins, fire. 

And even when we don't want to communicate... we also communicate, so that is what they do: they express with their way of acting and their movement that their personality is very warm, and when an Aries man likes you, and you're in his field of vision, you perceive the attraction he feels for you.

3. He marks "his territory"

Although he says he is the defender of equality, his dominant instinct comes out when he perceives he has rivals (and, sometimes, it also plays tricks on him). 

He, who has this perception of himself as the flattening man who dazzles everyone in his path, something he loves and feeds his ego even more, he feels a particular vulnerability when the person of his interest is surrounded by "flies": It is something that makes him mad and makes jealousy come to the surface.

When this happens, we can clearly see his territorial way of wishing to "mark what belongs to them." This is the reason why, if you see him acting as he wants to catch your attention when you are with other people, this means he has more interest in you than you thought at first. Because when an Aries man likes you, he wants to be the main character of your desires, your dreams, and your reality

4. He keeps information about you

He will have many virtues, but his egocentrism is incredible. From there, knowing that for him, everything begins and ends with himself, how would you value the interest he may feel for you if you discover that  he keeps even the smallest details he has about you in his mind?

Because something that happens when an Aries man is interested is that, apart from everything that has to do with himself or in any way affects his own person (directly or indirectly), he becomes interested in everything that has to do with you: your favourite colours, the movie you went to see last weekend or how you like to drink coffee. And he usually doesn't even take any notice or cares about all this!

So take note if you perceive that he remembers things that you don't even remember mentioning, because there won't be another explanation for it than the attraction he feels for you.

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