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Four Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

It will be hard to know if a Cancer man likes you or not, but if you notice strange attitudes, there is definitely something going on.

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Four signs a Cancer man likes you

Did you know that one of the traits of Cancer is his great fear of being hurt? Hence self-protection is also part of his personality, and hiding his feelings belongs to his nature. Whenever a Cancer man likes you, he will do whatever he can so that you don't realize.

Probably, the day you find out the clues that indicate that he is in love with you won't be the moment when he started having feelings for you. Remember: he protects himself, and what he really feels stays within him. That's why we give you some clues to help you realize it faster.

Four signs a Cancer man likes you

His complicated behaviour is characteristic of this sign. We tell you all you need to know to be able to figure him out.

1. Do you think he acts jealous? It's not your imagination

His insecurity and vulnerability toward the person that drives him crazy will make him get mad whenever someone tries to flirt with you.

What happens is that when a Cancer man likes you he considers you his property. Anyone who dares to get close to you will drive him nuts.

That is the reason why one of the best ways to make sure that he likes you is to observe this kind of behaviour. His body language will be key whenever some other guy is around. If you perceive that he is being too sarcastic, rude, or uncomfortable when you interact with other men, you can be sure that he likes you more than you expected.

2. He avoids you

Put yourself in his place for a moment. He is aware that his emotions are altered under the influence of your presence. How do you think he can feel before all that whirl of feelings within him? Well, very uncomfortable! But don't worry, it's only at the beginning.

Don't forget that he is so sensitive that special moments overwhelm him. And when a Cancer man has a crush on you, this part of himself turns against you, making him feel helpless and fragile in front of you.

Were you looking for signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend?  Well, there's another one. If you notice that he is elusive, even a little sullen, don't doubt that this transitory stage is the beginning of something else. The next thing is to find out if your feelings towards him are reciprocal because he won't risk taking a step towards you if he doesn't see possibilities.


3. Stays closer to you

Once he has more or less clear that you feel the same for him, a little door within his soul opens and does so towards you.

Now that he also perceives that he has possibilities with you, he will dare to get one step closer to you.

That moment when you realize his sweetest and most affectionate side indicates when a Cancer man likes you. He will only  share his experiences and most intimate moments with whoever he feels that can appreciate them with love.

That is the reason why if that Cancer that you like so much dares to tell you personal stuff that he doesn't share with anyone around him, he will trust you and value your discretion. This is one of the clues that you were looking for to tell if a Cancer man likes you.

4. Seeks (and adores) your understanding

Now that you got to know better the Cancer man, you will be aware of his mood swings. Haven't you notices those sudden changes that lead to more than one argument? We are sure that you know what we are talking about.

If you ever are in the presence of one of those episodes, the Cancer man will appreciate having your emotional support, especially if you can deal with the situation with grace.

When his susceptibility gets out of his hands, he will expect that you don't take it badly, and what is more, that you help him solve the situation if it is making you two feel uncomfortable.

If he finds your warmness and your ability to play it down, you will be rewarded with his gratitude, which is very typical of a Cancer man. Do you have any more doubts?

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