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Four Signs a Libra Man Likes You

Everything you need to know about a Libra man in love and signs a Libra man likes you.

A man and woman in the gym.
Four signs a Libra man likes you.

A Libra man is the king of the party that makes everything come alive and spices things up. But, a Libra man in love will make you the centre of his attention  and put you first, always.

Don't wait any longer to find out if a Libra man is serious about you. Here we give you 4 signs a Libra man likes you and this way you'll know if you've turned his world upside down or if you should keep scoping out your other options.

Four signs a Libra man likes you

Let us help you find out whether this air sign is interested in you. Here are all of the signs a Libra man likes you that you should look out for:

1. Getting to know you is an adventure for Libra men

There's nothing like a stimulating conversation to win the heart of Libra men. Their curious minds are always cooking up ideas, so you'll be at an advantage if you strike up interesting conversations with natives of this sign.

Libra men aren't just looking for a pretty face -they also care a lot about getting to know all of the details about their crush. One of his main interests is satiating his thirst for knowledge, and when a Libra man likes you, you'll become his main interest.

But, it won't be easy to slow down this busy body. Libra men won't do this for just anyone, so it will take someone extra special to slow down their pace and get them to focus on just one person, as much as they want to keep broadening their horizons.

The first of the signs a Libra man likes you is when getting to know you becomes an adventure for him since he'll be dying to hear all of the details about your life. That's why you shouldn't be surprised if he constantly asks you questions about yourself.


2. He'll fool around with you until you're confused

Another one of the signs a Libra man likes you is if he seems like a boy again and is in touch with his playful side since he loves to fool around with the person that he's most attracted to.

It's worth noting that natives of this sign are often indecisive and have a certain duality that causes confusion. Libra men could make you feel like they're interested in you and then you could suddenly have doubts about it until you feel like you're going crazy and you won't even know anymore. It could even get to the point where you'll ask yourself if he ever really liked you or if you were just another person for him.

Don't let this confuse you: Making you ask yourself this is all part of a Libra man in love's game. If he flirts with you, it's obviously because he's interested (even though sometimes he'll want you to think that he isn't).

3. A Libra man in love succumbs to beauty...and you 

Did you know that natives of this air sign are highly sensitive to beauty? This is definitely a Libra trademark. It's hard for them to avoid getting caught up in all things beautiful. And of course, beautiful women are one of their weaknesses. And so they set the bar very high in this area.

Do you think that this makes Libra men superficial? It might seem like it, but this actually couldn't be farther from the truth. The way they judge people goes far beyond the physical. But, let's just say that one of the signs a Libra man likes you is if your beauty makes you stand out among the rest, and he finds your presence especially inspiring. And if you end up in a serious relationship this would make you their muse and lover.

So, if this guy can't hold back all of his compliments for you then you should know that not only does he like you... you're also a candidate for all of his personal inspiration.

4. He'll make time for you

Finally, the last of the signs a Libra man likes you: you know how busy he is, they always want him to go here and there since he is one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac. So, with all of the places that he's wanted, with so many different people, do you really think he doesn't have other plans? Of course, he does. Libra men always have a full agenda, and it's hard for them to find free time.

It's easy to see that natives of this sign are always running all over the place since they never have enough time for everything since they hate missing a single beat. So, they end up a bit stressed out in their attempt to make it to all of their soirées. Although they realize that this is the price they have to pay for not being great at making choices and saying no, and instead, trying to do it all.

Now just think, considering how busy Libra men are, don't you think that him taking time out of his day to be with you is a symbol of love? You shouldn't doubt it, because this is certainly the case.

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