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Four Signs a Pisces Man Likes You

The Pisces man will idealise you, get you on top of a pedestal and worship you like a goddess.

A man and a woman hugging each other
Four Signs a Pisces Man Likes You

Looking from a distance, you can clearly see how the appearance of a romantic interest changes the life of native Pisceans. Although their watery element allows them to let go in their usual environment, falling in love will shake them as if the world crumbled below their feet. How can you tell when a Pisces man likes you? Here are some secrets to find out yourselves; it's more obvious than you can imagine.

Four signs a Pisces man likes you

Pisces men have a sense of high-running sensitivity that makes them seriously shy while allowing them to show their most charming selves.

1. They feel intimidated by you

When a Pisces man likes you, you see their shiest side, something that might make it hard for them to express their emotions clearly, thus making it hard for you as well to see how they really feel about you.

Piscean men usually express themselves more through social networks, because avoiding direct eye contact with their crush takes some pressure off their shoulders, and they feel more willing to be clear about their feelings. Fortunately, these are digital times, and things are much easier for them.

So if you see Pisces shier than usual around you, at least when you're in person, think about whether they could be overwhelmed because they like you.

2. They appreciate anything related to you

With that classic sensitivity, how could they not detect any small gesture or detail that might have your name or essence on it? When a Pisces man is falling for you, it can be safely said that he truly cherishes anything that reminds them of you or that has to do with you in any way.

Their senses are always sharp, ready to find the slightest clue that you might like something, or whether there's a story that connects them in any way to you... Any trace or experience that has your flavour on it which they can savour when they miss you.

So, if you find out he's investigating your closest environment or trying to catch all the little details they can while you share a calm conversation, there's no doubt that you're becoming (if you aren't already) their favourite person.


3. They idealise and worship you

Native Pisceans never run short of imagination. Therefore, they're pretty prone to making things bigger and bigger no matter how simple they are. And the truth is, when a Pisces man likes you, they're not any different when it comes to the person they love, the one they see as the embodiment of all their virtues, and who seemingly has absolutely no flaws.

When it comes to the person who stole their heart, there's no doubt about it; they'll feel more motivated than ever before when having to investigate and rejoice about every new discovery related to them. They love fantasising about the deity they create in their mind, and if you're the lucky one, you'll know what it feels like to be admired by someone like never before, with absolute love.

However, there might be a problem when acting that way. On the one hand, they might feel too small to be up to par with you (after raising you so high) and feel like they don't deserve your attention. On the other, there's also the risk of them losing their interest when they find you're different from what they've tried to believe.

4. “As you wish”

With their close attention and great politeness when dealing with people, how could you imagine he wasn't going to be as charming with you?

Niceness is part of everything they appreciate about others, and they offer it first. They love creating a positive environment in that way.

This might make it harder for you to find the telltale signs that a Pisces man likes is in love with you, but the truth is it won't be hard for you to notice how different they treat you, and how much they try to make you like them through their attention and obedience.

Let's remember The Princess Bride for a moment. Do you remember Westley saying "I love you" without that exact wording to his beloved Buttercup? With the classic line "As you wish", and all the intentions hidden behind those three simple words, he expressed his love for her. Who says he's not resorting to their own language to make you see what they feel about you?

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