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Four Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You

Piercing glances, 'you-centredness' and scorpion stings. Find out when a Scorpio man likes you.

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When a Scorpio man likes you, you're the one who will feel the world is turning upside down.

You won't be surprised if we tell you about the high-running emotions that define the personality of Scorpio natives, born under a water sign. And you won't be surprised either to find out that, when a Scorpio man likes you, you're the one who will feel the world is turning upside down, because we can assure you that this intense zodiac sign can do that and so much more.

If you need clues to assess if you're the star of their plans and dreams, here's 4 suggestions for you to find out more about their true intentions with you.

4 signs a Scorpio man likes you

Get ready to rumble and have fun if you enjoy extreme emotions, because you'll definitely be feeling them with a Scorpio. And if you're not too mentally prepared, hold on real tight.

1. A piercing glance on you

You might be getting acquainted with the feeling of being observed... and for a good reason. Probably you'll meet his piercing glance aiming straight at you where you least expect it.

One of the inherent features in this sign's nature is their emotional intensity. This is an individual with great sensitivity who perceives every single emotional variation that could occur within their body. How can they not be intense, if they feel the rawest qualities of each emotion?

A Scorpio man feels the same way they look at you. And that's why this is one of the clear signs that they feel something about you.

Long gone are the times when they might appear to be shier when letting their emotions out because right now they embrace the way they feel and don't need (or find sense) to hide what they feel inside, whether it comes out as a glance or their body movements.

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2. You are their beginning and end

When a Scorpio man likes you, you're not only the center of their full attention; their interest in you also starts to go up quite a lot.

As soon as native Scorpios can recognise and embrace their emotions, they place you on a privileged spot in their lives. And you can be sure you'll feel like you're standing on a pedestal, because the way they care about you goes beyond anything you can imagine.

All we have left to say is that you should savour and enjoy every single moment with them because they'll make you feel like a god. Are you still doubting what they feel about you?


3. Welcome to his inner world

If you know them well, you're probably aware of their extreme sensitivity, and therefore, you are also acquainted with his self-protective instinct bouts, through which he keeps the best of himself within to create that inner world he's carefully watched for his whole life, which he would not share with just anyone.

But when a Scorpio man likes you, and by this point, you probably have quite a lot of evidence that's the case, you could be anything but "anyone" to him, because you've seen how he raises you to that unique position, somewhere no one else can go. Thus,  he's giving youthe key to enter that world of wonders engulfed in his soul; he'll be willing to share every single corner of his inner self with you. And that's even more valuable for an individual as vulnerable as he is.

4. The scorpion's sting

He's charming, yes, but also annoying. Aside from being extremely caring and winning your heart over, he's also unique at teasing and he won't lose a chance to do so if he can stir you up emotionally. When a Scorpio man is falling in love with you, stinging is part of his seduction game.

Since you're warned now, try not to take these small conflicts personally, because they aren't that serious; it's just a game native Scorpios enjoy greatly, because they're trying to find an explosive reaction from someone they like just to create the perfect environment to attack once again, but this time in a much more passionate way.

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