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Four Signs a Taurus Man Likes You

Is your intuition sharp enough? Test it to find out what the Taurus man feels about you.

A man putting a coat on his girlfriend
Four signs a Taurus man likes you

Do you think they really are unchangeable? Do you? Well, you're dead wrong. If you want to see just how much the zodiac's bull can change for their crush, pay close attention, because although the signs aren't absolutely obvious to anyone, when a Taurus man you know well likes you, you can see for yourselves how they could adapt to your personality if that brings them closer to your heart.

Test your intuition with the following key facts we're giving you.

Four signs a Taurus man likes you

Investigate further and let yourselves go mellow for this hard-shelled earthy sign.

1. Close to you (but don't let it be obvious!)

Because this sign can be highly discrete and conservative, any minor change in their behavioural pattern should be enough of a reason to call your attention, because that's how you'll find out whether a Taurus man likes you.

Think about it for a second: visualise the distance at which this person usually stands from you when you're near. Now, picture them shortening that distance between you, and let that be your only visible sign!

A little strange, isn't it? Well, it's common to Taureans. They want to get closer, but not too obviously. They try to cover it up, but they're also trying to control themselves. They're actually terrified about everything happening around them, and in order not to alter too much (or too quickly) the world around them, they go to extreme lengths to hold back the inevitable progress of their feelings. As if they could actually control them when it's nearly impossible!

So, there: you'll know a Taurus man likes you when you see them carrying out their clumsy and badly covered (yet incredibly charming) attempts to getting closer.

2. Changes just for you

Who says Taureans can't change? If you wish to see a Taurus man properly motivated and ready to change their behaviour, just wait until you see them in love.  When a Taurus man is falling for you, you see their most proactive selves. But of course, without going too far, because they're themselves in the end.

Still, you might get an initiative from them to go for a plan that's different than usual, you might see their agenda suddenly changing, and including new moments tainted with other tastes. Now's when they deserve acknowledgement for trying to do their best and trying to earn your attention and good connections. Aren't they charming? Yes, very much so, and they do it because they love you.


3. Slightly overpowering

Did you know that one of Taurus' classic features is their perfectionist side? That's right. What sets them apart from everyone else is the fact that someone could make them experience emotions intense enough as to turn that specific trait into something more visible, an attitude bordering on possessive.

That's why, when a Taurus man likes you, you'll see their most dramatic side when trying to watch out for you, and perhaps you might perceive them as too controlling and territorial.  You might see foul glances aimed at someone who gets too close to you, them getting physically closer to you when they're around and someone else wants your attention...

These are pretty innocent gestures, but by reading their body language we can see they're nervous about what could happen or what you could eventually feel for someone else. Don't you think that, if you like them back, it's time to give them pointers so that they stay calm?

4. Open heart

They are the complete opposite of gossip, and so protective of their personal life that you'll hardly ever see them explaining themselves freely when telling you personal stories... but of course, when a Taurus man is falling in love with you, they turn into an open book before you, and no longer act as the reserved individuals you thought them to be.

Suddenly, they start sharing some areas of their life with you that you weren't acquainted with, or couldn't even find by intuition. In some way, you realise that not only they feel comfortable around you, but also that they really like you, and you can see that the best way to know and find out more about the essence and true colours of that incredible man is reaching his most sensitive emotional spots. So, enjoy the person before you who gives you their open heart.

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