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Four Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

If you think that the Virgo man is not capable of feeling anything at all, you got him wrong.

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Four signs a Virgo man likes you | .

The Virgo man is the authentic personification of perfectionism. It won't be easy at all to find out if he has feelings for you because of his understated behaviour. His search for stability and steadiness is so restrained that even when he is in love, he does whatever is possible so that it doesn't show. However, there are things that will show his real self in the end.

Four signs a Virgo man likes you

Pay attention: even if it is not excessively evident, you will notice that there is something different about him whenever you are close.

1. He is all ears

Although those born under this sign are not especially prone to endless chatter, they sure are good listening carefully. You will perceive this virtue much more when a Virgo man likes you.

Not only does he pay all his attention to your words, but he also has the capacity to create a space of trust with his attitude that will help you feel comfortable, confident and feel really good in his company.

But although his behaviour usually invites you to share your thoughts with him, when a Virgo man likes you, you will have that feeling more than ever: He wants to know more of you. Actually, he enjoys doing so.


2.  His touch in shared moments

But his touch in a figurative sense or literally? Well... both! Although those born under the sign of Virgo are not characterized by being particularly passionate, they do have a great sensitivity that allows them to experience things in a much more intense way than others. However, they live much more intensely than we could imagine.

As far as their feelings are concerned, they have a great ability to appreciate nuances of all kinds, both emotionally speaking and in a sensory way. They don't usually show much affection, but if you notice that he is always trying to find excuses to touch you, know that his desire to get closer to you surpasses him.

Therefore, remember that one of the signs a Virgo man has a crush on you is when he lets you know with kindness and affection, without saying it out loud.

3. Mr. Perfection

Did you know that one of the main characteristics of this sign is its perfectionism? Yes, although it is not easy to know whether it is a virtue or a flaw.

But what we can tell you is that it can be a sign a Virgo man likes you. You will perceive if he is much more attentive than usual, and takes care of his looks. Have you noticed? 

He is meticulous, careful and thoughtful in a natural way. However, imagine how he can be when he wants to seduce someone. He becomes even more charming, and he believes that his looks are never good enough for you.

So, if you believe that he is taking special care of himself when he knows beforehand that he will see you, you might have found one of those clues you were looking for to know when a Virgo man is falling for you.

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4. Light the fuse and see what happens

Because of the fact that we are in front of one of the most stable signs of the zodiac, which indicates that he is in love with someone doesn't show easily. It takes a deep knowledge of his behaviour to discern between what is normal in him and what shows new and exciting feelings.

We warn you: discovering the signs a Virgo man likes you is not easy at all. But there is something you can do... if you want to, of course.

First of all, ask yourself a question: Do you really like him? Be honest. Well, if the answer is yes, think about it, do you have anything to lose? Not really, if anything, you might win. So be brave and let him know that you like him.

However, don't use words. Instead, use the secret language of glances. Look directly into his eyes when you are next to him, tell him that you like him without actually having to say it out loud. Your body language will help your communication, and you will finally get to let him know that you like him too.

And when the time comes, use the sense of touch. Awaken his reactions by touching his arm from time to time  and then going on to caress him subtly as you two talk. Your glances will generate more closeness, while he perceives all these obvious signs that you like him.

Then observe, perceive, feel: Do you think he's trying to protect himself? Or he is more receptive to your affection?

If this were the case, here you have another sign that tells you the Virgo man likes you.

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