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Fumitory: Benefits of the Magic Plant of Love

Discover the magic properties and medical uses of the fumitory plant

Fumitory is a medicinal plant with multiple uses and strong magical powers.


The fumitory plant was used by witchcraft for rituals and spells to protect and attract love. Moreover, it has many health benefits that are good for our body. Discover all the advantages of this medicinal and magical plant.


Fumitory, the magical plant of love

Fumaria officinalis, commonly known as fumitory or earth smoke, is an herbaceous plant  with medicinal and magical properties used to regulate digestion. The name fumaria comes from the Latin fumus (smoke), a name attributed to the tearing caused by the juice extracted when its leaves are squeezed.

This natural plant of the European continent belongs to the Papaveraceae family. Fumaria officinalis grows up to 60 centimeters and has pink flowers composed of lanceolate leaflets. It also has rounded fruits with a flat side.

It sprouts once a year. Fumitory grows in unproductive soils of calcareous nature  but it can also prosper in cultivated places. It is collected by hand, cutting the entire plant, and left to dry in thin layers on canes at an optimum temperature of 35 degrees.

Its leaves contain toxic but also medicinal substances that give it, within the world of natural medicine, a privileged position as a detoxifier and purifier of various organs. Furthermore, for its traits, the fumitory plant was used ancestrally to attract love.

Fumitory magical properties and medicinal uses

According to pharmacopeia, fumitory is a natural herbal drug whose effects come from the alkaloids contained in the dried flower part. Among the many alkaloids described, the most important is protopine.

1. Fumitory health benefits

Fumitory is essentially a detoxifying plant, as it helps to eliminate toxic elements from organs such as the liver and kidneys, helping to purify them and favoring their cleaning. But not only that. It also acts as a preventive, protecting these organs and strengthening them before the appearance of eventual problems.

The action of fumitory in the kidney prepares this organ for kidney stone problems, and it prevents the accumulation of fat around the liver.

Since antiquity, fumitory is a plant used mainly to promote digestion. Its properties have therapeutic effects on the smooth musculature of the intestinal tract and accelerate peristalsis (contraction movements of the digestive tract which favors the progression of content from the stomach to the anus).

Also, in the digestive system fumitory fulfills a diuretic function and helps to regulate digestion, favoring the work of the organs in the stomach and facilitating the elimination of liquids and its purification.

Another medicinal use of fumitory is its application to the skin for all types of infections and pathologies, such as eczema, dermatosis, herpes, and acne. It is also used as a complement for the treatment of hypertension.

The fumitory plant is toxic and in high doses it can cause paralysis of the musculature and collapse of the respiratory system. It should, therefore, always be used under the supervision of a specialist.

2. Fumitory magical properties

For millennia fumitory has been considered a plant with magical properties. Its gender is feminine, its associated planet is Saturn, and its corresponding element is earth. It is a plant used for the attraction of love.

Its connection with that dimension gives it power for the attraction of love, and that is why it is often present in many rituals and spells for falling in love. It is ideal to attract the person you like or strengthen a relationship. It is believed that the plant has the ability to give attraction to the person who uses it.

Also, being associated with the earth fumitory enters the group of magical use plants with power for the attraction of money and the favoring of prosperity and wealth. In this case, the protective property of the fumitory plant is promoted, requesting the creation of the suitable conditions for the good progress of our homes and the material sustenance.

Fumitory rituals and spells

For the attraction of money and the favoring of prosperity and economic growth. To get the attention of the person you like. To clean the bad energies of the house or to scare away the bad spirits. These are the most effective fumitory rituals. 

Love spell

The most effective fumitory love spell to get someone's attention is done with a little of that herb and a picture of the person you love. Do you want that person you like to notice you? Pay attention.

Fumitory is a plant of feminine sign, reason why you must realize the spell in a night of full moon. You must have three candles (one red, for passion; one green, for hope; one white, for the angels' power) in triangles. Prepare a bowl in the center, next to a photo of yourself and one of the other person.

Light the white candle and say a prayer: To you, the angels, I ask the help of love for the peace and happiness of this soul. Tonight you will come to me, and remain in me forever, for the goodness of love and the greatness of life.

Do the same with the green candle: I request the moon contest to consolidate a future with the person who lives in my thoughts. May the magic of love unite our lives. May the future be a path of love and prosperity.

Finally, light the red candle and ask for the passion power: I light the passion fire to burn our bodies. Show (the name of the person) your higher forces and guide them through the path of desire toward me.

Once this is done, burn some fumitory with the flame of the three candles and pray a prayer in the ash that falls into the bowl. Finally keep some ash, dry smoke leaf and the two photos in a linen bag tied with red string. Always carry it with you, and you will soon notice the power of love.

Money spell 

As it is linked to the earth, fumitory has powers over fertility and reproduction, which in the economic sphere translates into growth and prosperity.

To apply for the wealth power and protect the home from crisis and recession, prepare a fumitory tea with cinnamon and orange peels, and light a green candle. Wet the fumitory bouquets in the infusion and, while the candle burns, sprinkle the rooms of your house while you say a prayer.

Open the ways, O divinities, angels and spirits, that I may walk through success and prosperity. O Lord, be the light that guides my steps toward the destiny of happiness. Give me clarity and perseverance, work and satisfaction. Then leave the candle burning for an hour, and do not blow it out.

Home cleanse spell

In the same way that the fumitory substance is detoxifying and purifying the organism, its magical properties also act in the cleaning of the rooms.

The fumitory plant is ideal to protect from evil spirits, counteract an evil eye or clean the bad energies. To do this you need to burn a little quick-ignition charcoal in a sturdy bowl. When the charcoal is red-hot, pour a little dried fumitory leaf along with rue plant and myrrh essence.

Let the smoke invade the room while you say a prayer: May bad energies and evil spirits leave this house now and forever. May the angels and saints protect this house from misfortunes and evils of the eyes. May the Lord allow me and my family rest, peace and prosperity.