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Can a gambler’s fortune be influenced by their zodiac sign?

Can a gambler’s fortune be influenced by their zodiac sign?

Any gambler will tell you that there is a certain amount of luck involved in any game. And as such, there is also a lot of superstition. Players in the middle of a hot streak will do anything they can to keep it going: wear the same clothes, sit at the same spot, order the same drinks.

They pay attention to what happens when things go right – so they can replicate the situation – and what happens when things go wrong, so they can avoid it next time. Players have walked away from a table because the wrong song played on the radio, someone in a black hat walked past, or they found an odd number of coins in their pocket. These little rituals might sound odd, but another superstition is much more common and widely accepted: checking your horoscope.

Why do people believe in horoscopes?

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Can a gambler’s fortune be influenced by their zodiac sign? | .

Horoscopes go through cycles of popularity, with a resurgence seeming to have happened in the last few years. Most people are aware of their zodiac sign, even if they don’t regularly check their horoscope, or believe in astrology. But few people are aware that there are deeper layers to these beliefs.

Natal charts and Solar-Arc charts consider the placement and movement of many astrological bodies and can provide detailed information about not only your personality, but how you behave in different situations, which type of people you find it easier to get on with, and how important success in certain aspects of your life is to you. You can’t change your zodiac sign, but understanding it may help you to discover the best ways to approach problems. And this can also be true when looking for a bit of luck in a casino.

Which star signs are good at blackjack?

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Can a gambler’s fortune be influenced by their zodiac sign? | .

Blackjack, in particular, is a game which requires a good blend of skill, nerve and luck. It is not a good game for emotional signs, like Pisces, as you shouldn’t base your in-game decisions on how the hand makes you feel. It takes a level head, someone who can calmly assess the situation, calculate the odds – maybe even count the cards – of getting the right combination.

A little bit of luck helps, which is good news for Virgo and Sagittarius as these signs are set to have a very lucky 2019. If one of these star signs is yours, you should definitely try your luck and play blackjack at 888 Casino one of the best online casinos out there. It’s worth a try – if only to test whether your luck’s definitely in.

While these signs may prove naturals at the casino table games, that doesn’t mean that the other zodiac signs should stay away from gambling altogether. In fact, they possess many other qualities which will stand them in good stead in a casino. For example, Scorpios are said to be very confident in their choices, meaning that they can excel at games like keno and slots where they won’t suffer from constantly second-guessing every decision they make. They can shrug off a loss and wait patiently for the bigger payout.

Which star signs are good at poker?

People born under different zodiac signs are considered to have different talents and personality traits. Some are lucky, some more determined, others better at knowing when to walk away. Understanding your zodiac personality can help you maximise your chance of winning by directing you to the kind of game that you’re most suited for.

Take Aries for example: this fire sign is traditionally competitive, but can also be hot-headed and stubborn. They enjoy skill-based games, like poker, where they can pit their wits against human opponents. But an Aries gambler would find something like keno frustrating as they have no real influence over their chances. This frustration might lead them to make repeated bets, striving for the perceived success of a win, but in all likelihood, they will just end up annoyed and broke.

Other zodiac signs who would enjoy competitive games against other players – again like the many varieties of poker, are Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Virgo. What these signs have in common is the patience to study up on the rules, learn the basics, and become skilled players, in a relatively short amount of time. They enjoy the challenge of playing against real opponents, even though this reduces the chances of a victory. They don’t mind losing so much if they can recognise that they’ve simply been outplayed.

Which star signs are good at roulette and craps?

Taurus and Pisces  gamblers are almost exactly the opposite. They don’t like to take a big risk, so want to be sure that a gamble will pay off before they stake their chips on it. Games with frequent low wins and even-money bets are perfect for these players.

Find them around the roulette wheel or the craps table, where they can play the probabilities. That’s probably where you will feel most at home if you are a Gemini  or a Cancer  too, as these games are social events with large crowds cheering on the wins. Both of these signs enjoy the social aspects of gambling more than the game and are happy to have a go at anything as part of a good night out.


There have always been questions about the validity of star signs and how much people should really be reading into their horoscopes. Some people check with the stars almost religiously, basing their life decisions around what their horoscopes say are the best days for success. Other people think they’re a bit of fun, and might find some of the information interesting enough, without using it as a basis for major decisions.

But like the plethora of internet quizzes out there that promise to predict your perfect holiday destination/celebrity partner/what dog breed you would be, if viewed as a bit of fun, using your horoscope to choose your perfect casino game just might lead you to a new favourite hobby. After all, if you haven’t any idea where to start, matching to your zodiac sign and personality is a reasonable place to start.