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What is Gem Therapy? Gem Uses, Benefits and More

Find out everything about this alternative therapy and how it can benefit you.

What is Gem Therapy? Gem Uses, Benefits and More

Since ancient times, gems were thought to have magical powers. Some were used to predict the future, others to heal the mind and body,  and others as lucky charms.

In this article, we take a closer look at gem therapy. We'll find out how this practice that uses crystals, quartz, and minerals found in nature, can be therapeutic  on a physical and spiritual level.

Of course, this article is simply informative. Neither gem therapy, crystal healing, nor lithotherapy should replace a physician's recommendations.

What is gem therapy?

Gem therapy is a natural way to care for the body with minerals and crystals; it's that simple. This is an ancestral technique used to relieve pain, harmonize and balance the mind,  reduce stress, or for self-healing.

Considered an alternative energy medicine by many, this technique is simple and effective, and highly accessible. However, the mineral world is known for its wide variety of properties that can help to improve a plethora of pathologies.

Gem therapy gained popularity in the  70s when the New Age was in full throttle. As we stated in the beginning, the belief in healing stones dates back to the dawn of time.

For example, in Ancient Rome people bathed in hot water, and then, lied down on cold marble right after, to avoid certain types of pain. Native Americans and Australians used stones and aromatic plants in saunas,  and in the Shang dynasty in China, healing methods were also used. One widespread application was to place hot stones on your womb to fight menstrual pain.

The benefits of gems

According to gem therapy (as well as other types of alternative medicine), some physical issues that we have are due to improper energy circulation in the body. This has a lot do with the chakras or energetic points that we have in our bodies.

On this note, using gems and crystals correctly can help to get our energy flowing again.  To achieve this, we need to place certain stones in the right places.

The therapeutic effects you can expect vary, depending on the composition and color of each stone.

So, to give some examples, granite brings energy and vitality and strengthens the heart; diamond protects us from fevers and is a shield against harmful energies; pyrite improves the respiratory system and could help when it comes to quitting smoking, and pearl contributes to our well-being by fighting decalcification.

How gems are used in gem therapy

Each stone, crystal, or gemstone, has a unique use. Also, depending on the purpose we want to use it for, you can work with each one differently.

It is quite common to use a gem as a lucky charm. To do this, you can wear it as a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet... There are even people that carry their favorite stone in their pocket. You can also use more than one at once, but, if one is incompatible, you should just stick to one at a time.

To use stones for the chakras, place the stones in strategic locations (the first chakra located near the tailbone, at the base of the vertebra; the second between the pubic bone and the belly button...) and leave it there while meditating and repeating a mantra that's fitting.

There are stones like coral or amethyst that you can place under a pillow to protect you from nightmares. Also, aquamarine is excellent for decoration and to bring a positive environment to the home.

Crystal healing, gem therapy, and lithotherapy: What is the difference?

Within the alternative medicine spectrum, there are a few disciplines get confused easily. This is particularly true when it comes to magical gems, quartz, crystals, and other natural elements. So, first of all, you should make sure you know the difference between these terms.

Crystal healing

The use of uncut stones or pure minerals to improve well-being is known as crystal healing. In this therapy, semi-precious stones are generally used (agate, amethyst, jasper, opal, pearl...)


Defined by the use of cut, polished, unique and beautiful stones like you find in a bead or jewelry shop to optimize our state of physical and mental well-being.

Gem therapy

Experts often use the terms lithotherapy and gem therapy interchangably. However, for many, gem therapy focuses exclusively on the use of precious stones  (diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire), whereas lithotherapy employs stones like quartz, tiger's eye, and granite.

Don't forget that neither lithotherapy, gem therapy, nor crystal healing  replaces  the use of traditional medicine (nor psychology),  but they can complement these conventional treatments.

It's also worth noting that the efficiency of these alternative therapies using magic crystals and gems varies greatly and depends mainly on two factors: the severity of the problem and how sensitive the person is.

Cleansing crystals

As we've explained, gem therapy states that the crystals that we use absorb negative energies that we retain inside of our bodies, which provoke pain and unwellness. That's why every once in a while it's a good idea to clean and purify them.

There isn't just one way to do this, and once again, it's essential to keep the composition of each stone in mind when deciding to use one treatment or another. Generally speaking, distilled water with salt is the best option for cleaning magic stones.  After cleansing, place the stones in the light of the moon if your mineral is sensitive to heat, otherwise, you can place it in the sun.

There are also other methods to recharge your magic stones with energy  after cleansing them. The first involves burying them in mud, or placing them on top of a geode or crystal.