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The 3 Best Places to Live for GEMINI

The favorite destinations for this sign to visit and live

If you are a Gemini and have ever wondered which are the best cities to live in, you should guide yourself by the qualities you have been blessed with by the stars and by your instinct. If you were born between May 22nd and June 21st, these are the favourite Gemini destinations where you will feel like home.

Gemini is the most dynamic sign of the zodiac, because they can't stand boredom. The influence of Mercury makes them communicative and very social, and the element of air makes intelligence their thing. Discover the best cities to live for Gemini.


Perfect places for Gemini to live

They run away from routines and get carried away by new experiences. They are not very methodical, they never finish what they start, and they are usually fun people. These are the perfect cities for a Gemini to live in!

1. Cancún (Mexico)

The nature of Geminis coincides with the spirit in the air in this paradisiacal place of the world, Cancún, known for its dreamy beaches, its tourism and a busy nightlife. Can you imagine living in Cancún, Gemini?  An ideal city to devote yourself to the pleasures of life and forget about the most tiresome obligations.

Although it might be challenging to imagine, because you would have to be a millionaire if you wanted to live here, you should think about going on your next holidays. You will have some time to relax on the beautiful beaches, have a drink without having to think about anything else and meet people from around the world: You would make a lot of social contacts there!

In fact, one of Gemini's great qualities is their natural gift for business and especially sales. Well, in Cancún, you will find not only an ideal place to relax but also a succulent source of business to make commercial contacts.

2. Ibiza (Spain)

Another perfect destination for Gemini, this one more within your reach, is Ibiza, the favourite place for many Spaniards to spend their summer holidays and forget about everything. This island located in the Balearic archipelago is known for being the place in Spain with the liveliest nightlife: Geminis have many pubs and discos there to dance and never get bored.

It is also a heavenly place with many beaches to relax and feel how life flows without haste, without burdens. This city is an ideal recipe against stress, and for someone so inclined to enjoy the pleasures of life and undertake new exciting projects, this is a perfect place.

In Ibiza, Gemini can't only exploit their communication skills by meeting people from different cultures, but also do what they do best, talk to others and convince them in the commercial and business world.

3. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

A city of the world that seems made for Gemini is the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, a very dynamic metropolis with a frenetic pace where you never rest. The hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and the excellent work of its people, always so friendly and welcoming, will make Gemini live a very active life there.

One of the characteristic features of Buenos Aires is that there is a lot of social life on its streets: the people that live there like to meet in cafés and listen to the radio on the street talking to the neighbours. Besides, the city has always had a very active and interesting intellectual bohemia, and this surely attracts Geminians.

Argentinians like to enjoy their free time as much as they like to work, and they also have a personality very similar to Geminis: they are tricksters and great wizards of the word, capable of selling you ice at the North Pole.