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10 Gemini Celebrities

Find out what celebrities are Geminis and how the horoscope affects their career

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie | GTRES

Gemini gives its natives an elegant gift in all circumstances.  They are people that dress correctly, without making too many efforts, and who are always attentive to the details and who know how to improve. 

At work, Gemini is an essential element that stabilizes, motivates and always shows that they have a practical mind  and a natural sense of economy.

These and other features of this Zodiac sign we can find in the following list of 10 celebrities that are from the Gemini sign.

10 Gemini Celebrities

Let's begin with the list!

Angelina Jolie

In Angelina Jolie, we will find an example that sophistication and persuasion can go hand in hand. Few are those who resist her charm, and behind her apparent strength there is still a beautiful fragility, which she tries to hide from a distance, and that she uses to protect herself and her beloved ones.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is a pragmatic person, with her feet on the ground. This Australian actress, also included in the 10 Gemini celebrities, is an excellent communicator, she's always in good company, and she likes to laugh.  In love, she looks for stability and protection. She is curious in nature, and that is her strength.

Clint Eastwood

The Gemini man is often intellectual, and Clint Eastwood has shown again and again that his mind, in constant action, pushes him to analyze, conceive and dissect what surrounds him. He is one of the most acclaimed directors and actors in the world. He chains the actions of shock and dares to rebel with what seems unfair to him.

Natalie Portman

The actress who won the Oscar for "Black Swan" is an example of virtues of Gemini, among them, she is sentimental, although realistic, and she always has her feet on the ground. She'll never put herself in danger for anyone, especially if she thinks that it's not worth it. A clear example of control of her emotions, meticulous and good at business  (in her case, when choosing a role), what makes her prosper in her career as an actress.

Lana del Rey

Lana del Rey is a woman with an excellent taste, attentive to details and her instinct tells her what she has to improve in. This Gemini celebrity is meticulous when working and she doesn't leave anything to chance; her long career cosigns this point. She doesn't like questions without answers,  and she always works to find the solution to everything. 

Morgan Freeman

The actor of 'Seven' and other films box-office drawn is also Gemini and shows that the natives of this sign of the Zodiac are endowed with a high sensitivity, which if he manages to express, can turn him into a great artist. In spite of this, he is easily anguished and needs to feel loved to be calm.

Peter Dinklage

Known for his role as Tyrion in 'Game of Thrones,' this American actor is also one of the 10 celebrities from the Gemini sign that we have reviewed. From his personality, according to his horoscope, we can note that when he is in love, he is generous, attentive and has unlimited admiration for his partner.

Courtney Cox

For many people, Courtney Cox will always be Monica, the maniacal main character of the series 'Friends.' This Gemini actress exemplifies how the natives of this horoscope hate routine and will still prefer change to stability. In particular, they appreciate travelling, which seduces their independence, as well as their need for freedom and discovery.

Chris Evans

Gemini's ease of communication often makes them seductive, and it can't be denied that this actor, known for his superhero movies, raises passions. From its characteristics, we can highlight his intelligence and his taste to keep up with the latest trends.

Hugh Laurie

Does this British actor, who incarnated for years the unfriendly Doctor House and who entered our homes through television, need a presentation? Despite his ingrained role, as a Gemini, Hugh is said to be charismatic and that he attracts the attention and sympathy of people who he spends time with, without any effort.

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