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What Is the Gemini Woman Like in Love?

How many faces do you think the Gemini woman has? Here's a hint: She's multifaceted but unique

Twins: one sad and one happy.
The Gemini woman in love is characterized by having a dual nature.

Ethereal, fascinating and enchanting with words. Who could resist the charm of the Gemini woman in love? We discover what her personality is like in love and what the person who really manages to conquer her should be like.

What is the Gemini woman like in love?

We could say that she has a double personality because  the Gemini woman in love is characterized by being contradictory in her way of being and loving. 

She may seem that she's approaching, loving and receptive to her partner, but at times she may confuse who shares a love story with her, with her attitude, as she may seem distant at times.

The reason? Well, Gemini is an air sign, so her tendency of escaping mentally from herself is part of the way she is. She always has a creative imagination, and she's always thinking about a thousand different things. 

Sometimes she can be connected with the present moment she's living and show herself devoted; she can get to feel like this while being with the person that inspires those emotions. But she may also be wandering around in her own world of ideas and can't connect with her more romantic essence at that moment. But that's it, nothing to worry about.

Those women born under this sign, have some exceptional social abilities; they have great ease to relate to people making them feel comfortable right from the beginning. And that is something that gives her a significant advantage in love matters, as she has no problem breaking the ice with the opposite sex when she is in a place where she doesn't know many people.

The Gemini woman in love is a charmingly ingenious person who conveys instant sympathy, keen intelligence and a great deal of curiosity for the person in front of her, and that makes the moment to meet her and treat her for the first time a real adventure.

It's also true that one of the main characteristics of her is her ability to be as adorable as cutting sometimes, and this is something to do with her dual nature, due to, on the one hand, her sensitivity (which changes her mood) and, on the other hand, to her natural tendency to escape mentally from the present moment.

Even so, what predominates most about her is the sweet essence with which she leaves her mark when she deals with someone, who she goes impregnated with great vitality.

Her love relationships

The functioning of the Gemini woman in love will be very determined by the way in which her partner bears two very characteristic aspects in her: on the one hand, her great sociability (she connects with both people from the same sex and from the opposite one) and on the other hand her mood swings (frequent due to the duality that is the personal mark of this sign).

If her partner is an absorbent, controlling and overly meddlesome person, the Gemini woman will feel suffocated  in the relationship because she needs to have the same naturalness with which she develops, but this time in the way of being seen by her partner. She can't stand suspicious glances when she's merely having a friendly conversation with someone.

Regarding her fluctuations in the aspect of emotions, it's true that they are due to her tendency to "escape" from reality, either to delve into some subject or simply to digress. In any case, the Gemini woman in love also needs to get away from the person she shares her life with sometimes,  so she can attend her own concerns. 

If her partner gets to understand her, they will be able to enjoy the incredible and brilliant moments she offers them, as compensation, sometimes. 

The ideal man for the Gemini woman

When it comes to choosing her partner, the Gemini woman requires that her partner is adaptable enough to her changes of mood, but not because she is incredibly irascible, but because of the constant ups and downs in her character due to her dual nature (remember that she likes being in her world and also in the rest of the people's).

Not everyone can adapt to that particularity, so what could be a great relationship between the two a priori, wouldn't go very far if her partner doesn't know how to deal with her and is not patient enough to get to understand her.

But this incredible woman, with her vital energy, is really a vice for whoever tries a bit of her enthusiasm.  Perhaps there are stories that won't get to anything else than that slight flirtation that this woman loves so much, but who could resist someone like her? She makes it very complicated with a lot of charm.

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