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Hands on Healing: The Power to Heal With your Mind

Learn how to perform hands on healing and unleash the inner power of your mind and body to aid others

Hands on Healing: The Power to Heal With your Mind | iSTOCK
Since ancient times there have been people with a special gift, who knew how to heal with their hands. People who had the power to go beyond what others could do, because they knew how to heal with their hands, and how to heal with the mind.

In the following article we will enter the world of hands on physical therapy, how to heal with your hands. It should be noted that hands on therapy has an illustrative purpose only. At no time should a healing massage should replace a medical treatment.

How to cure with your hands: an introduction

How to heal with your hands, how to heal with the mind through our limbs? This question has a simple answer. With power, understanding this as the ability to do something. And we must be aware that energy flows through us, and that it heals us  through the recreation of diseased or destroyed tissue. Energy cleanses impurities and nourishes our cells, and if we know how to channel it with the power to heal with the mind, we can achieve optimal well-being.

The first thing you should know is that the hands have an energetic polarity, since the right and the left are different. Thus, the left hand receives cold energy while the right hand carries warm energy. Thus, for infections or burns, for example, the left hand will have the greatest power.

You also have to work your own light: it is something fundamental in hands on therapy. Some visualization techniques, the opening of chakras or a rhythm of life close to nature will allow you to accelerate this lighting and your own regeneration.

You have to keep in mind that healing with your hands can sometimes take away your energy, since you give it to another person in order to promote healing, and well-being. So, it is important to stay connected to your own energy source during a hand healing session.

You can imagine that there is an immense focus of light on you, and that it descends throughout your body. The sky is open in you are basking in the Sun’s rays.

At the end of a session, when you feel that the energy has flowed, rinse your hands with cold water, as this will expel the energy that absorbed them.

How to heal with your hands: what are the steps to follow

If you want to know how to heal someone's mind through your hands, the first thing you have to do is breathe deeply and eliminate all the darkest thoughts from your mind. Do not wonder if it will work, if it is useful, if you can really help the person who needs it.

Connect your mind with your source of energy: imagine, as we have said, a spotlight on you. Then rub your hands over your head.

Next, place the most suitable hand (left or right) on the head of the person you want to heal, about 20 or 30 centimeters away. Then let it slowly descend to the specific area you want to heal: the back, the knee, the neck, any part of the body can receive energy!

When you feel that your hand stops in the area in need, leave it there and wait for a few moments while breathing deeply. Sometimes, your hands may turn slightly in small circles, and you will feel a tingle in them.

The process of healing with the hands does not end in the affected area: you have to continue to an exit point, a limb such as one of the hands or one of the feet.

This series of movements can be repeated as many times as you want, repeating this ritual, which should always end with you shaking your hands and washing them in cold water below.

Heal with the mind and hands: a few last notes about it

We all have a radiant physical and spiritual energy which is much richer than we think. This energy can become activated during meditation, as well as in everyday life. In the end, energy and light are the same, and to improve our mental and physical well-being, we can build and increase the strength, light and wisdom in us. Thus, we will know how to cure with the mind, how to cure with the hands.

Hand healing techniques are popular in movements such as Reiki or Magnetism. Currents, in short, that use the energies of the universe around you to heal wounds and heal the soul.

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Energy has a peculiarity and is that it has been universally recognized in all cultures in different ways, nobody knows how to define its essence. However, it has a healing potential for the body, which can be put into practice by healing other people, although we can also heal ourselves.

If you think you have a special power in your hands, you can try to develop it with the ritual described above, or with many others. You have to try, or else, you can never take the energy out of your hands and use it to make the lives of others better.

In addition, it is said that everyone has energy in their hands and can use it if they learn how to do it correctly.  If this is your case, trust yourself, it will work very well and you will be surprised to discover that you know how to do it. The connection with Earth will allow the healing process with the hands to be a success, but as it happens with everything in life, it is a matter of practice.