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How are you in bed according to your zodiac sign?

We reveal the most intimate secrets of each sign so that you win over the desire of whoever you want

Couple after sex
How are you in bed according to your zodiac sign? | iSTOCK

There are few things that awaken curiosity and at the same time stimulate the imagination so much, and one of them is the search for the key of desire. For this reason, if they ask you how you are in bed according to your zodiac sign, whatever horoscope you are, here we have the answer to the question and all the secrets about what makes you vibrate with sex... and also that person who you want to win over.

How are you in bed according to your zodiac sign?

We reveal the most intimate secrets of each horoscope, so that you win over the desire of whoever you want.


aries logoARIES (21 March - 19 April)

“I'm going to do something to you that you won't even dare to pronounce”

If you want to know how you are in bed according to your sign and you're Aries, surely the first thing that comes to your mind is your own element: Fire. And it's normal: You're one of the most impetuous, active and insatiable signs of the entire zodiac.

As if that wasn't enough, with that dominant point you have so pronounced, it's normal that taking on the domain-submission role can be one of your favorite games.  You know what you want and you want it now, and in your way of imposing it there is something so sexy that there won't be anyone who can say no.

The favorite fetish of Aries? The hair of their partner: They get lost by the wild aspect of a leonine mane for women and enjoy the body hair "strategically visible" (although it should be well looked after) for men.

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taurus logoTAURUS (20 April - 20 May)

“Tongue: Sexual organ that some crazy people use to talk”

When we refer to the natives of Taurus it's easy to get carried away by the impression of being impassive people to what happens beyond their own routines. But did you know that Taurus are the most sensitive signs of the entire zodiac?

If you are of this sign, you must agree. You love touching and feeling as much as receiving those caresses, and something that is especially stimulating to increase your arousal is the sensation of touching the skin of every corner of your body with any area of your partner.

For this reason, the use of oils and lubricants is a real must for your moments of pleasure. And if it's possible, it's better if they are edible; that way you won't limit yourself only to skin to skin, with how sensitive the lips are and how stimulating the tongue can be, who would want to miss it? Not you, Taurus, that's for sure.

gemini logoGEMINI (21 May - 20 June)

“The most knowing conversation? Without words, with looks and everything well tied”

Limits? Those of your own imagination! And we warn you that they are rather few. So if you wonder how you're in bed according to your sign and you are born under the sign of Gemini, you will surely know that your ingenious mind is your greatest ally, because the possibilities of hours and hours of stimulating game when you feel inspired, keep you even more motivated if possible.

For you sex doesn't start when there is contact, but in the looks you share during the previous moments when that person, who will be your bed partner a while later, still doesn't know that you're already starting your game... and that you have included them in your plans.

In addition, as within your sexual preferences there is the immobilization of your partner, any set that includes bridles, handcuffs or straps will be your favorite accessory to lengthen the hours in the bondage sessions that make you feel horny.

cancer logoCANCER (21 June - 22 July)

“Home, sweet (and ardent) home”

The sign of Cancer is home-loving, and you were born under this sign, so you probably have a certain traditional point of preferring to have sex in the privacy of your home more than anywhere else... although the truth is that your fantasies aren't limited to practicing it only inside your bedroom.

Quite the contrary; because if you were wondering how you are in bed according to your sign and you are Cancer, as part of your most intimate fantasy is to exploit your sexuality in each and every one of the most improbable corners of your home.

And that favors that there are  multiple daily situations that stimulate your senses in a natural and simple way, but that from there you get carried away to a more intense excitement in any corner, and you drag with you that person knows how to caress your most sensitive fiber.

Sharing a warm bath with effervescent pumps, the clatter of the falling objects of the kitchen while you make room or stopping in the middle of the stairs because there is too much desire and you don't even get to the bedroom.

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leo logoLEO (23 July - 22 August)

“Show me with your debauchery the best of me”

Who says Leo... says the lion or lioness of the horoscope, king or queen of the zodiac. If this is your sign,  you know that you awaken passions (and you love it), as you also love to be adored. Your thing is to coax your partner to be madly in love with you and prove it to you with real motivation in bed. Recognize it: that insatiable proactivity knowing that you are the one who provokes it makes you feel horny.

But with that point a bit egocentric (that you have, although it's part of your charm and your grace), you also have another source of encouragement, that one of your own image. The perfect fetish? A large mirror strategically located, to capture all its angles... and also yours, narcissus. 

virgo logoVIRGO (23 August - 22 September)

“Something small like a spark that ignites a fire in which we burn together”

There are people who think that the image of the Virgo sign suggests a virginal creature, candid and sweet... and only for that reason it gives them an incredible arousal. But if you are Virgo and you want to know how you are in bed according to your zodiac sign, surely the care of the details for you is essential and your reaction depends on it.

You can go from being horny with the surprise of the appearance of a tatoo in the least expected place, discover a discreet piercing or the existence of a scar that seems designed to dazzle who looks at it, to get rid of the libido quickly when discovering something that means that they've forgetten a detail.

So those who wish to investigate how to get the warmer side of Virgo... be thoughtful so you pleasantly surprise them!

libra logoLIBRA (23 September - 22 October)

“If I have to keep a word from you, let me hear my name between moans”

If something characterizes the balance of the zodiac more than its search for the perfect balance, it's their sensitivity to beauty, and therefore they don't know how to resist something beautiful... or someone with who is really attractive.

So, who intends to seduce you being Libra and enjoy good sex by your side, they will have to work on it and a lot, or taking you to some perfect place that overwhelms you because it's incredible or if not creating an environment that leaves you with your mouth open. Luxury is admitted both in the place (from a late model car to a design hotel) and in the image of their lover.

But what is essential to unleash that rich imagination (typical of an air sign like yours) is to provoke them with words: They love that you look into their eyes while unfolding your most sensual voice  to tell them what you want to do or what you want to do to them.

Do you want to make them horny? Well, discover that personal aspect that they love about themselves and don't stop talking about how much it excites you. It will mean such an excitement that they will take care of that detail you like.

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scorpio logoSCORPIO (23 October - 21 November)

“Come in… and make me forget the world”

When you are so sensitive as to catch something extremely sensual in a daily gesture and thus be able to light your wick, it's clear that the emotional roller coasters make you feel horny. If you are Scorpio and you want to know how you are in bed according to your zodiac sign, let us tell you that you are (by far) the most erotic of the twelve horoscopes, Scorpio.

You love the exciting and impossible stories, and for that reason, what you enjoy the most is to recreate any fictitious situation with great doses of theatricality in the strictest intimacy.

Your best allies will be the costumes to give more realism to your roles, and everything that helps recreate an atmosphere capable of making you forget that reality is still there, behind the bedroom door. So also go for bedding of silky textures and dark tones that evoke the mystery with which you want to impregnate the room. Don't forget about light and its ability to create shadows; they can go a long way...

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS (22 November - 21 December)

“Give me adventure, a carpe diem and I will take you to a paradise in which to sin”

Everything that is synonymous of adventure is appealing to those born under this sign, and as their element is fire, it assumes that their have a passionate spirit that burns with intensity... but always under the appropriate stimulus.

Sagittarius takes life as a story that is written with each step taken, and the more twists, surprises and new situations they encounter, the more their desire to surrender to the moment with real passion increases. And since it's a vital attitude, it's also the same in sex.

What most excites Sagittarius is their ability to be surprised, that's why it's an incessant explorer capable of detecting (and surrendering to enjoy) the risk, the arousal and the adventure, authentic treasures that for the ones born under this sign, they hide behind any step in your day to day.

Do you want to seduce Sagittarius? Skip the usual and stimulate their interest in an original way so that they want to follow you. If you succeed, you will soon discover the fire of their essence. In the middle of nature, surprises at the office, adrenaline up on a motorcycle ride... Because there is no greater aphrodisiac for this sign than discovering an adventure between the everyday, always at the hands of very creative mind.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)

“If I fall into your trap, make me believe that it was unintentional”

Don't leave things to chance, nor in the hands of your partner. If you want to know how you are in bed according to your zodiac sign and you are Capricorn, recognize that control makes you feel horny, exercise it and feel it in your hands at all times.

That's why you enjoy assuming a completely dominant role with your partner from the moment you're the one who chooses the restaurant where you will have dinner that night and the sequence that will follow that moment, and also for that same reason it's difficult to surprise you, as you don't get carried away easily

But if your partner has a mind as strategic as yours and wants to drag you to your land, you will enjoy discovering the other side of the coin; so, give them the reins from time to time, let them know that you would like them to change from time to time, unexpectedly, the course of the situation.

Let them understand that they should have something thought (although more than thought, perfectly planned) for when the moment arrives, so that they are able to introduce their own dynamics of the game and break your more rational schemes and discover the animal that beats under your skin.

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aquarius logoAQUARIUS (20 January - 19 February)

“We are friends, only sometimes we get confused”

The most ethereal air sign and unattached from commitments, it may also be the most promiscuous of the entire zodiac, but not with the desire to harm anyone, but because their mentality of life is a kind of collective, comprehensive and inclusive delivery. Therefore, the idea of forming a stable couple to be faithful forever collides with its essence of free spirit.

Although as Aquarius you aren't particularly passionate about sex, the absence of certain limits that most people impose when considering or discarding a person as their partner, you are one of those who bases everything on how you feel about that person in that moment that you share with them, and if you feel really well and you notice a spiritual connection... the right moment and the person to continue feeling that good are those.

The biggest aphrodisiacs of Aquarius are therefore all those elements that help to relax the tensions and a quiet but deep talk, like dreaming aloud and in a shared way. The aromas of oriental origin help greatly to create that atmosphere  conducive to be carried away by the wishes of Aquarius. 

pisces logoPISCES (20 February - 20 March)

“This is not sex: It's my desire to put all this love well inside you”

We are before the siren of the zodiac or the king of the seas, and knowing that water symbolizes life and the world of emotions, we dare to say that Pisces would be synonymous of flowing, because its sensitive essence is full of registers with rich nuances that others lack, that intensify with the interaction of the right person (if they know how to awaken those varied facets).

For that reason, beyond what is self-imposed in their daily lives to achieve their goals and want to be governed by the most straightforward and rational attitude possible (with which to force themselves to be cerebral, when it really isn't), the Pisces' true nature is highly emotional. And ignoring this fact means going against themselves and squandering the true potential of their personality.

So if you're one of them and you wonder how you are in bed according to your zodiac sign, you should know that you're part of the elite club of those who are difficult to win over, because even in the most carnal matters they first have to seduce your emotions, caress your sensitive fiber and make you feel beyond your five senses.

That's why it's not so much about what they do to you, but about how that magic happens, and believe us when we tell you that it depends more on how sensitive that person also is than on something that can be described in a list of tricks or manual sexual practices. No, Pisces, you're much more sophisticated than all that.

It is not so much what they teach you to provoke you, you drink more than what your body language communicates and an expressive look to the point of being able to speak without words. You enjoy reading between the lines what you awaken in that person through their attitude when they are with you. Even in the most intense moments between sheets you can notice how your sensations are able to explode in new heights before an unexpected turn and change of your partner's attitude.

Accept your emotional essence and let it express itself, because the right lover will know how to capture the best of you and what makes you vibrate. And yes, don't doubt that also in sex