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How to Know If a Man Likes You According to His Zodiac Sign

The unmistakable signs that you really attract that person: Because every Zodiac sign is a world

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How to Know If a Man Likes You According to His Zodiac Sign

Surely, you've asked yourself more than once if it's just your imagination or if you have to take notice of your intuition because it's telling you that that person you really know really feels attracted to you. In any case, if you're not sure about it and you want to clear up your questions, we tell you how to know if a man likes you according to his Zodiac sign.

Each sign is different!

How to Know If a Man Likes You According to His Zodiac Sign

Find out about the unmistakable indications of each sign. We tell you about them!

1. Aries

One of the most intense signs of the Zodiac, due to the strength of his element fire, has an innate characteristic that goes with him in every situation: His expressivity. 

But it's in those situations in which he feels more stimulated than usual when this quality of his gets stronger, making him an open book before his eyes and before the ones of whoever is there at that moment. 

That's why, if you ask yourself how to know if a man likes you according to his Zodiac sign and he is an Aries, remember that he is not subtle, and if you want to know if an Aries man likes you, don't worry, the signs will be so clear that they won't go unnoticed. 

2. Taurus

Do you think he is impassive, imperturbable and immune to your charms? Do you? Well, you're wrong. The Taurus man, who not even an earthquake takes him out of his more established routines, has a lot of tenderness under that apparent armor.

The most stable of the signs of earth would seem for many an imperturbable being who nothing seems to move him from his ironclad routines... or perhaps there's something? It may not be so obvious in appearance, or perhaps not everyone is able to caress their most sensitive fiber. Find out if it's you who has succeeded.

3. Gemini

We already know that nobody beats him at charming, because he knows perfectly how to win everybody over only with his presence, that magnetic charm with which he dazzles wherever he goes.

The most dual of the twelve signs of the Zodiac knows how to dazzle anyone naturally. But among the masses will only have eyes for her, her chosen one... So if you want to know if a man likes you according to his sign and he is a Gemini, pay attention to the most eloquent looks of the Zodiac. They don't lie.

4. Cancer

If the man born under this sign is so sensitive as to need protection for his own feelings (and thus avoid suffering too much), surely when you perceive the signs that he likes you it will be a long time ago since he began to feel something special for you. But as it can be a bit complicated to unravel, let us clear up your questions with the endearing Cancer man.

5. Leo

He is always the center of attention wherever he goes, and much more with that innate ability to captivate that characterizes him. But for him, the main character of his warmest moments could be someone else... maybe you. Have you seen him taking out his most intense alter ego when you're around? If you want to know if a man likes you according to his sign and he is a Leo, be prepared because it is not suitable for the most sensitive hearts.

6. Virgo

When the most perfectionist sign of the Zodiac is captivated by someone, he feels exactly the same overwhelming feelings than any other person, but he isn't a particularly expressive person. For that reason, it won't be easy for you to discover what is inside that heart, we prepare your senses so that you are an expert observer.

So, if you want to know if a man likes you according to his sign and he is a Virgo, refine your intuition and watch carefully.

7. Libra

Sociable, good conversationalist and all expressiveness, that's Libra. And since words are his thing, you can prepare yourself, because he will display his art with his communicative abilities to get closer to you. And don't doubt that you will see him coming because he will be straightforward. An advance: He usually goes more revolutionized than normal.

8. Scorpio

Do you want a word that defines those born under the sign of water? Intensity. So if you are the center of his thoughts, start preparing yourself to discover strong emotions. We warn you: you will perceive very strong changes around you, more than you imagine and without subtleties that count.

9. Sagittarius

The most sophisticated of the three signs of fire is a case apart when it comes to expressing his passion and his impetus: Much more subtle than his brothers of the element, he will play hide and seek in order to make his intentions clear, to surprise you at the most unexpected moment.

The magic of his seduction style is in his ability to mislead. So, if you want to know if a man likes you according to his sign and he is a Sagittarius forget about the impulsiveness that is so associated with the signs of fire because he burns in another way

10. Capricorn

Ambition: this is a good word to define the personality of this sign of the Zodiac, and prevails above constancy and composure, characteristic of the signs of earth in general. But, what does this trait have to do with his love issues? Well, a lot, because it determines in great measure his behavior when getting close to the person he is mad about. A hint: He doesn't play to lose, he tries everything.

11. Aquarius

When the natives of this sign are put the world upside down by the arrival of a love to their life, you discover the most decentered version of one of the signs with more tendency to forget about things of the Zodiac. If you want to know if a man likes you according to his sign and he is an Aquarius, don't doubt that you will see it clearly: He goes crazy when he falls in love!

12. Pisces

And last, but not least, we have the very nice Pisces, for who the word "flow" seems to be created. This water sign is an expert in letting himself go, naturally and yes, also enjoying what may be happening at any given time.

When someone interesting breaks into your life, it's such an emotional shock that runs through this sensitive water sign that transforms your vision of reality into an idealized version of it. We already warned you that you will wish to be the main character of his wishes so that, with that injection of life that is so his, it will make you flow too.