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How to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign

Discover what awakens the fire of desire of who shares their love, their life and their sexuality with you

Young couple man and woman intimate relationship on bed kissing
How to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign | iSTOCK

Knowing the way to stimulate the desire of the person who you share your life with is something vital to take care of the romantic relationship between both of you, because love and sex, even if we want to see it or not, walk hand in hand together. If you wonder how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign, here are the 12 keys so that whatever their horoscope is, you are convinced of getting it right with them.


How to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign

Discover what awakens the fire of desire in the person who you share your love, your life and your sexuality with.

aries logoARIES (21 March - 19 April)

Is your life partner Aries? Well, if you wonder how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign, start by remembering that you have before you the impetus made person, someone with a great sexual appetite and insatiable as few.

Prepare a surprise attack in which you get all their attention: Bring your wildest side out and make them clear with your own image that you are burning and it's because of them. If you have long hair, let it go and mess up your hair, have the color red in some element (on your lips or on some garment sexy enough to get their attention), show yourself with a great disposition to play and excite them until you turn them on.

And as soon as you manage to light your wick enough so they return your attack, the moment will come: Surrender and let yourself be dominated by your partner.

taurus logoTAURUS (20 April - 20 May)

When it comes to the Zodiac bull, which many believe too cold to be easily turned on, it's only a matter of remembering what the key to their natural ignition is: Touch, both, theirs and the one you use to awaken their libido.

Because if you want to know how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign and they are Taurus, don't neglect even a small corner of their skin, because every area of ​​their body is completely erotic.

A good start can be from the soft but deliberate caress of one of their hands while you speak, the casual rubbing of their legs with your foot if you are sitting at the table, or if you are relaxed sitting on the sofa, a massage on your partner's head can be the spark that starts the ignition of his desire.

Don't skimp on time when it comes to recreating yourself in the caresses that come later; use oils that allow you to use the different parts of your body to caress each other and, why not? Have a good bottle of chocolate syrup handy to indicate them the path you want them to travel with their tongue over your skin.  

Ggemini logoEMINI (21 May - 20 June)

When it comes to Gemini, if you wonder how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign, start by working on the preliminaries, stimulating their active mind and their powerful imagination (of a feverish tendency) with Trivial questions of erotic content.

It is also possible that you know beforehand the intentionality of carrying out this game as something that can be bidirectional to each other, under the exclamation of the word "trivial" before throwing your fiery dart between complicit and direct glances loaded with intention.

And if you start a mutual game, take advantage of the temperature rise to let yourself be carried away by passion and have at hand a long and soft handkerchief with which to bandage their eyes (if you wish) or to immobilize them while you're entrusted to torture them with pure pleasure.

cancer logoCANCER (21 June - 22 July)

When it comes to discovering how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign, remember that their house is like their temple and they feel better in it than anywhere else. But who says that you have to use only the bed?

Any corner is perfect to experiment and test the most unlikely positions that provide facets of pleasure until then unexplored for both of you.

And if you also remember that the predominant element of this sign is water; don't miss the opportunity to create a half-light environment in the bathroom, using candles as the only source of lighting and scented oil balls that melt when touched by hot water. Nothing like having sex in such a place to discover the most sensual side of your Cancer partner and please their senses.  

leo logoLEO (23 July - 22 August)

When it comes to the lion of the horoscope, don't doubt it at all; to know how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign and this is Leo, nothing like feeding their famous narcissism.

It's time to dramatize the situation: Make them feel that they're the center of your universe, the master of your desire and that the way they please you is unique.

Take out the actress/actor that you have inside and multiply by 1000 the reaction that your caresses provoke, so that they notice from your part a feed-back of the most intense in relation to your showing of desire. You will put them cardiac, you'll untie the beast that they have inside and they won't stop until they fall exhausted.

Remember to have a good mirror from which you have the best possible views of your ardent encounter. Their image pleasing you is a true aphrodisiac for them. Our advice: Try to have enough energy, because you will need it.

virgo logoVIRGO (23 August - 22 September)

Unpredictable, this is how Virgo is sometimes in matters of sexual preferences... it's the complex thing of this sign, but also stimulating enough to keep alive their partner's interest making them to have to rack their brains to deduce what may be desirable on each occasion.

What is a sure bet is to discover their aesthetic preferences to be clear about what turns them on and what repels them in that sense to play to surprise them with small, insinuating and unexpected details: a piece of lingerie of the most sensual hidden under the less sexy garment you can be wear, the detail of small drawing made on your skin or a message written with an eye liner and the mark of some arrows that indicate you where to go... all this as a reward for their curiosity.

If you see surprise and desire in their expression, don't hesitate in continuing the game you have already started... it's time to succumb to the most passionate kisses and the use of your tongue... to explore other places.

libra logoLIBRA (23 September - 22 October)

If in your case what you want is to please a Libra and you wonder how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign, we suggest warming things up before seeing each other through sexting: Nothing like turning the person you want on through messages that can range from the most insinuating to the most explicit and descriptive to stimulate their imagination, their libido and their desire for you.

Prepare your ardent encounter and incorporate some visual element, such as a sexy but elegant photo that makes them want your skin more than anything. In this way you will appeal to their sensitivity to beauty and their natural need for communication at the same time you connect them to you through desire. Try to dose that delivery and gradually increase the intensity of the shared content.

And the moment you meet, don't hesitate in continuing with the same register that you used in your messages to excite them (innocent, spicy, aggressive, passive ...) only that now it's in person. And of course, Libra being a sign of word, don't doubt that they will expect that you make reality that fantasy that you have proposed previously and that "you feed their sight" from the moment you appear.

scorpio logoSCORPIO (23 October - 21 November)

If your partner is Scorpio you have to know that it's the most erotic sign of the whole horoscope, so when it comes to thinking about how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign, think that you have the bar set very high, but also that you will enjoy a lot of what you do together.

Remember that they're very sensitive, that with the minimum their mood changes... but also for good, because if you surprise them with a certain dose of dramas with which to start the game of seduction, they will easily follow you where you want.

The best sex with Scorpio? After the expected reconciliation after a good deal of anger. This is how intense they are!

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS (22 November - 21 December)

When what you want is to know how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign and you share your life with a Sagittarius, remember that it's their thirst for adventure what moves them at every step.

For that same reason you have to be creative and improvise, because there's nothing for Sagittarius like the possibility of being surprised to put their entire senses alert, and nothing like dragging it towards something new and unexplored to find them in their most intense version.

Nothing of predictable sex, don't let them see you coming... they will prefer that in the middle of an excursion in nature you surprise them with your insinuations of being burning with desire so that your partner launches without hesitation to find a place where you can get carried away and test the adrenaline of the emotion of being discovered.

Although there is also a game that Sagittarius adores: That you play a different person than you always are... at the moment they least expect it, and that you simulate a fictitious situation in which, either you alone or both, you flirt as if you were two strangers who have just met and who both desire each other. That will give free rein to your imagination to be able to change the habitual dynamics that you have together in sex, as if it were trying to seduce a stranger.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)

Surely being the sentimental partner of a Capricorn you will have already realized it, but if not, did you know that this sign is the most ambitious of the twelve? So if you wonder how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign, don't hesitate; they always want the best of the best.

So you have to discover what the things to which they give more importance and value in a general way in life are, and seek, in some way, to feed those concerns related to sex. For example, if they are someone with a materialistic spirit (which is usually typical of this sign), luxury and everything that suggests it (bedroom decoration, the lingerie they wear, accessories they wear, the places they visit...) will suppose a plus in your well-being when you meet intimately.

Also, they need to feel that you have everything under control, always, and in bed too, so if what you want is to please your partner, focus on awakening their interest at first and once you're enough motivated, don't miss the opportunity to make them take the reins, leave everything in their hands and focus on enjoying, they will already be enjoying.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS (20 January - 19 February)

The magnetism of Aquarius is something more than known; as a free spirit that always seems to be letting go, they are the most seductive in a natural way. Surely, they will awaken with great ease your attraction for them, with that peculiar way of living.

As you probably already have sexual attraction for them, you have to stimulate their most primal instincts, but for this you must first conquer their more spiritual side and stimulate their mind through a conversation connected to their interests and as you go deeper In confidence, begin to distend the topic.

Keep in mind that, as an air sign, they have an enormous capacity for reasoning and their ideas are a fundamental part of their own essence. So without previously conquering their intellect you won't be able to reach their most carnal side.

When the moment comes, help yourself with the elements that encourage the relaxation of the senses, such as jazz music... or the soft and sweet aromas of perfumed oils that are used to set a room or to put on the skin can awaken their hidden passions and let themselves be dragged by the moment and your company.

A game that could be truly erotic is to share a creative and sensory moment as could be bodypainting to each other, so that touch, sight, creativity and relaxation that will lead to other types of later moments are stimulated. Also a clay modeling session together could connect you in a curious, sensual and funny way to the Ghost style.

pisces logoPISCES (20 February - 20 March)

And finally, if you want to know how to make your partner happy in bed according to their Zodiac sign, don't forget that with Pisces you will get to bed together from their heart.

So being your partner, the person who you are united to by the noblest feelings of love, you just need to let yourself be carried away by what you feel for them and express your emotions in the most tender way possible.

At the moment that, as romantic as they are, you make them feel that for you there is nobody as special as them in the world, you will count on their disposition and absolute dedication. From there, it's only about paying close attention to their changing nature and being able to follow their own movements and intuit their desires. Let yourself be carried away by them and flow in the same way they do.