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Ways To Surprise a Man Based On His Zodiac Sign

If you want to leave the boy you like speechless; we will tell you how to do it based on his zodiac sign.

Falling in love is wonderful. There is no better feeling than spending every day with someone who brightens your smile and makes you feel like the best person in the world. The mystery and anxiety from the beginning, those butterflies in your stomach, those 'first times'...It's all fun and games until you have to prepare a special night for your significant other. That is when the real problems start. 

What does he want? What is the best way to guess and make sure that everything is perfect?  If you are getting ready for a unique date, and you want to know how to surprise a man based on his zodiac sign, Magic Horoscope will provide you with all the necessary information. 

Discover ways to surprise a man based on his zodiac sign

The first thing you must do is realize that there are no two persons alike which means that you will need to focus all your efforts on getting this right. The good news is that if you know the zodiac sign of the object of your affection, it will give you all the clues you need to leave him speechless. Do you want to know what these clues are? Then let's get started!

aries logoARIES (21 March - 19 April)

If the man you are trying to surprise is an Aries, then you must remember one crucial word: passion. You must remember that the Arian man loves challenges, being free and being a leader. Therefore your plan for that special night must be exciting and adventurous. 

Ideally, the perfect date to take your Aries man on will be packed full of extreme activities. Sky-diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, surfing, there are hundreds of options to get both his heart rate and his interest for you, up! 

If you are not as brave as your man, and you'd rather surprise him with an exciting gift instead, Magic Horoscope recommends giving him a bicycle, sports attire, or tickets to a sporting event of his liking. He will go crazy!

taurus logoTAURUS (20 April - 20 May)

Hold on, sharp curves ahead!  If Taurus is the man you have to impress, then you've got quite the challenge on your hands.  Passionate about luxury and being comfortable, the Taurus man needs a mature partner, and if you want to earn yourself a spot in his heart, you will need to please his five senses. Easier said than done.

Lust is an essential element in any date with this zodiac sign, their passionate nature and thirst for sex are notoriously insatiable. So, if you want to know how to surprise a Taurus man, it would be a good idea to get a room in a nice hotel. Your credit card might take a hit, but the passion you'll live together will be well worth the price. 

If you are on a tight budget and you need an easy yet effective solution, you can offer him the experience of a sensual massage, one that you'll give yourself. Temperatures will skyrocket! Or perhaps a good bottle of wine, or a scarf to protect his neck (his most sensitive area), these too can be successful gifts that make him feel lucky to have you by his side.   

gemini logoGEMINI (21 May - 20 June)

How to surprise a man based on his zodiac sign if he is a Gemini? Luckily, dealing with the men of this sign is not as difficult. Want to know why? It's because those born under the Gemini sign have incredible adaptability and generosity that makes  everything you suggest look like a fantastic idea. They're much like overgrown children!

So all you have to do is remember what used to make you happy as a child. Remember that feeling you got the night before you went to an attractions park? Bet you could barely fall asleep because of the nerves! Well, this is what you need to do if you want to impress a Gemini man: take him to the best amusement park that you know of and let him enjoy his childlike side. 

If you want to put a smile on your Gemini's face by offering him a gift, then a board game would make him truly happy. Alternatively, you can appeal to his communicative side or his multi-tasking one by giving him a quill pen or a state of the art mobile phone. 

cancer logoCANCER (21 June- 22 July)

If the man you are interested in is a Cancer,  then you are in luck as this is the sweetest, most tender sign of the zodiac. The planets have endowed Cancer with an extraordinary ability to love, and this is why the people closest to Cancer will be the most important ones in his life. 

You also have to keep in mind that Cancer men have an active imagination and they are playful people. So to get to a Cancer's heart all you need to do is plan an afternoon retreat and prepare to have the time of your life. 

Regarding the exciting gifts you can give them, there is an endless array of possibilities. You could appeal to the Cancer's emotional side by offering him an album full of your best moments together. Or better yet, something to go with his 'water sign' status such as a fish tank. Another great idea would be to get him a tent that you can both use on your mountain treks and disconnect from the world. 

leo logoLEO (23 July - 22 August)

If you were lucky enough to get a Leo man and you're wondering how to surprise him, then you need to know that  the best date involves loads of adventure and risky situations. And if on top of this you also bring his friends, then your Leo man will have a tough time letting you go. 

The most obvious choices would be to suggest paintball or going to an adventure park, this will drive your Leo crazy. No idea what that is? Perhaps the title 'MXC' rings a bell? (original Japanese title: Takeshi's Castle). An adventure park is an outdoor location where teams of people compete against each other in various races and activities. The winning team is the one that manages to be victorious in most of the tracks. Guaranteed fun! 

If you want to give your Leo a gift, your best options are a trip in a hot air balloon (so he can see the world from up above and feel even more like the king of the universe), a food basket filled with delicacies, or a brand watch that will turn heads everywhere he goes. 

virgo logoVIRGO (23 August- 22 September)

Virgo's shyness will play an important role when it comes to  surprising  him. A Virgo will always choose the most straightforward and most modest plans but, at the same time, he will make sure to select the most entertaining ones too. It's better to keep things simple for your Virgo and not jam his 'perfection radar' too much. 

Therefore, if you have fallen for a Virgo, Magic Horoscope recommends sticking to basic, yet effective plans.  A day spent in the countryside or on the beach would be the perfect date and the ideal place for your partner to reconnect with nature.

When it comes to gifts and Virgo men, your best bet will be something practical. So sign him up for a course that will allow him to expand his knowledge on a particular topic, or perhaps get him a nutrition book (Virgos love leading a healthy life), or a ticket to a natural reservation, a place as lovely as your Virgo man. 

libra logoLIBRA (23 September - 22 October)

Libra is one of the most sophisticated and civilized signs, yet he can lose his head because of excesses and good food. Therefore, if the object of your affection is a Libra man, the way to his heart runs through his favorite place: his stomach. 

What's better than a feast, a great bottle of wine and meaningful conversation? Magic Horoscope is here to tell you that there isn't anything better out there. Therefore, if you want your Libra man to go crazy for you, book a table at a good seafood restaurant and let yourselves be swept away by the romantic and aphrodisiac flavors of the place.  

Don't be fooled, though, Libras don't only enjoy eating. Their eye for beauty and harmony together with their unique sensibility, make Libra men one of the most elegant and cultured people in the zodiac. So once you've found your Libra man,  a sure way of surprising and delighting him would be to offer him either theater tickets, formal wear or sign him up for a poetry course.

scorpio logoSCORPIO (23 October - 21 November)

Passion reclaims its throne once again for your date with the Scorpio man. It won't be your only date so to constantly surprise him you must prioritize pleasure (in any of its many forms), sensuality and one particular trait that not everyone will appreciate: Scorpios are the zodiac's greatest social butterflies. 

So if you want to make a Scorpio man happy and show him that you admire his intellect and magnetism,  something as easy as going to the cinema to watch a good movie will bring you closer than ever. Want to know why? It's because of the fat chat you will have afterward! Allow him to express himself whichever way he wants, soon enough he will open up and reveal his insecurities and those many layers that make up his enigmatic personality. 

If you are looking for a present for your Scorpio native, then think of a good cologne (it will turn everyone's heads), or a telescope to feed his mind with new information, or a punching bag, so he can release all that intense energy he carries within. 

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS (22 November - 21 December)

Sagittarius men are genuinely passionate about traveling and feeling free, which is a big clue if you want to be successful in planning something with him. And if you were wondering how to surprise a Sagittarius, you must know that he has an adventurous side that governs his entire being, so points for adding that element of excitement to your date plan.    

Knowing all of this should give you an indication of the best date that you can plan with your Sagittarius man, which is going backpacking. The two of you and the great outdoors, loads of adventures to go through, just like two excited kids. There won't be anything that brings you two closer together. 

If you need ideas for what to get your Sagittarius man, you can go with a book on extreme sports which he'll love, or with something more practical like a surfboard, so he can enjoy the freedom of the ocean waves. Another great idea would be to get him tickets to a stand-up show; we all know that laughter brings people closer together. 

capricorn logoCAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)

Capricorn men are extraordinarily demanding and figuring out how to surprise them can be a difficult task. Despite this, because Capricorns are known to be workaholics, any plan that you may have that involves the outdoors will probably get them excited. 

The important thing is to help him disconnect from his busy life; Capricorn men have such a deep seeded sense of responsibility that sometimes they forget about their own enjoyment. Therefore, if you want to surprise a Capricorn man and sweep him off his feet, your best bet would be booking a night at a famous tree house. 

If your man can't get away from work, you can still manage to win him over and surprise him by giving him a famous autobiography by someone he admires, or tickets for a concert (Capricorn men thoroughly enjoy good music), or maybe sign him up for a golf course and buy him some clubs. Your man will love trying something new and every time he'll play he will think of you!

aquarius logoAQUARIUS (20 January - 19 February)

The sign that best represents honesty, kindness, and understanding: Aquarius. The natives of this sign are the most loyal, honorable and determined  personalities of the zodiac and if the man you want to surprise is an Aquarius, it's important that you aim for his most humble side. 

Wouldn't you like to launch a humanitarian project with an Aquarius? We're definite that it will make you see the world from a completely different perspective. Aside from continually learning, being with an Aquarius will help you become a better person and teach you to live in a more spiritual manner, more focused on helping others. 

However, if you don't know each other that well or you prefer a simpler option, you need to know that a sure way of making your Aquarius man happy is giving him something hand-made; this way he will see how much he means to you. Another great idea to impress him is to get the analytical and logical Aquarius a gadget or a smartwatch. 

pisces logoPISCES (20 February - 20 March)

Last but not least, we have Pisces. The zodiac's most sensitive and tender sign. If you want to surprise a Pisces man you must treat him as you would a precious jewel because that is exactly how he treats his loved ones. 

Pisces have one big flaw which is worrying about the wellbeing of others more than about their own. This is why your ideal date must have your Pisces man in the spotlight and even though he might prefer to go by unnoticed, he will enjoy receiving some of the energy he's been giving to others.  What better way to celebrate him than organizing a party for your Pisces man. This way you will bring all of his loved ones together, and he will see that you are the right person to have at his side. 

Pisces have a very active imagination, and they enjoy daydreaming. Therefore they will be delighted if you give them a video game especially if it's a mystery one. On the other hand, buying them a jacuzzi (or a day at the spa if you don't have the budget) or a musical instrument and music classes (he might not admit it, but he has a sensibility for music) will impress your Pisces man and make him want to stay by your side forever!