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Grow Your Inner Power: 7 Keys to Boost Your Life Energy

Focus on the present and find your life energy

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Grow Your Inner Power: 7 Keys to Boost Your Life Energy | iSTOCK

For centuries on end, man has sought power outside of themselves: gods, parents, sages, statesmen... Now we know there's an inner power that belongs solely to us, through which we can unleash our full potential to change our existence. Find the 7 keys to grow your inner power.

Your inner power and life energy

The first Yogi master settled in the west and great guru of Asian spiritual movements in the United States, Paramahansa Yogananda, once said: "There's a hidden power inside me to overcome all obstacles. I shall bring out that indomitable power and energy." What power did he mean?

The first basic premise to grow your inner power is to acknowledge it. Great Pranic sages found that the body wasn't just made of matter, but energy as well, and in fact it's this energy what shapes and brings matter alive. That is, the energy living inside you is in an upper state in regards to matter. But also harder to reach...

And that's the key. Inner power is the life energy you'll only be able to access through controlling your mind, caring for your body, and exploring your spirit. For most people, inner power is hidden, not explicitly revealed, because since they're convinced that their body is nothing but matter, they live to satisfy material needs.

However, the people who find the energetic dimension of their inner me start on a path to rule over the mind and find an inner strength that allows them to overcome any tricky situation. Then, through satisfying spiritual needs, they are able to transcend a physical domain and reach eternity.

The 7 keys to grow your inner power

A material life sentences individuals to remain permanently dissatisfied, anguished, anxious, negative, stressed and depressed. How can we break those dynamics? The keys to grow your inner power are an exciting, life-changing road.

1. The great premise: self-analysis

Inner power growth is a self-knowledge road that allows you to see your greatness. Social dynamics of industrial societies submit individuals to a constant competition and stressful duties that make inner selves smaller, and hide the true greatness of self behind fears and frustration.

That's why the first premise is to take the path of self-analysis. There's no greater advantage than knowing yourself, so you need to perform some introspection to see your strengths and weaknesses, in order to make your virtues take and rule over flaws.

From then on, the task is to work hard every day to attract positive thoughts into your mind, bringing out your strengths and weakening your flaws' power over you.

2. Start on a giving-up path

To obtain something, first you need to give up. Without this statement in mind, you won't reach your goals. And to reach something as valuable and abstract as your inner power, first you need to give up material pleasure and satisfaction.

Unnoticingly, you're starting to control your mind. To do that, it's very important that you learn a basic yogic law: circumstances can't rule over your willpower. Controlling reactive processes is basic for you to increasingly take control over yourself and the circumstances for which you can't exert decision power.

What's that about? For instance, weather. You can't choose whether it'll rain or not, but through controlling reactive processes you'll stop that rain from affecting your mood or your original plans. Thus, through detachment and equality, you've reached a second stage of power where no one can steal your bliss or your peace.

3. Work on your mental strength

There's two essential concepts you need to internalise to work on your inner power: concentration and determination. Concentration is the ability to focus all your energy into one single task, avoiding distractions from other shallow issues. Determination is the trust in the achievement of a feat, no matter how hard.

The road to spirits is a curvy road full of obstacles, a massive task that requires your full concentration and determination. You need to set new challenges in your everyday life, and take on new dynamics that bring you closer to excellence. Only by being demanding with yourself will you overcome your own limitations.

By doing this you're developing your mental strength, a previous step that you absolutely must take if you want to find your true inner me. Also, you're working on a sense of attraction that calls on the universe's forces to reward your efforts.

4. Love heroically

Despite the efforts to stay away from environmental circumstances and to control our mental strength, it's inevitable that every now and then we'll be shaken by doubt and personal issues. In the hardest times of your life, the only answer to despair is heroic love.

What's heroic love about? The relentless will to give all your love without expecting anything in return, and against any adversity. When you get nothing but hate and resentment from others, or when you're treated unfairly, loving unconditionally turns personal love into divine love. 

Heroic love is the final consequence of detachment and controlled mental strength. When you can love others without expecting anything in return, you'll realise you've reached an upper state of being.

5. Focus on the present

In that long, winding road to growing your inner power, there's many factors that might get you off-road and lose focus. Great spiritual masters have found that one of the major distracting factors that hinder your progress is obsessing over the past and being anxious about the present.

Obsessing over the past makes it impossible to progress. Focusing on what you can't change is a useless loss of life energy. Being anxious about the present is an empty concern for something that you can't reach. All you've got true power over, all you can really change, is your present.

Focusing on the present means you break free from the chains of your past and the anguish of the future to change your real existence. If you wish to redirect your energy into the present, you'll feel your past and future becoming something in permanent renovation.

6. Embrace change

All this process implies a deep sense of transformation. You need to be aware that changing is your ultimate goal, which means you need to leave things behind and find new ways and experiences. It's essential to embrace change.

Embracing change implies a change in mindset to activate new potential, to admit the uselessness of your current way of life, and the potential awakened with the new way to conceive your being and existence. Embracing change means giving all previous points the power of occurrence.

To complete your inner power growth you have to connect with a dimension that's in an upper state to where you are. To do that, you need to accept change and break ties with your inner me the way you've known it up to now, and to receive your new me with gratitude, hope and determination.

7. Find your connection to divine light

Your material existence keeps your inner power hidden, but it doesn't go away: truth is eternal and superior. Change occurs when you connect with your truth and authenticity at a unique, once-in-a-lifetime, eternal instance. 

Even though we live in an increasingly confusing world where spirits and inner power are enslaved by material things, through meditation and a relaxed spirit you can find light, peace and love to work on your life energy. When you find these virtues, stay close to them and don't give them up.

There's no set path to connect with cosmos and the divine light, and each of us has their own way to overcome our mortal being and connect with our immortal soul. Through the steps we've taught you about, you should be able to find your own path to grow inner power and put it at the service of your life changes.